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Expert Profiling

Please be careful at the Airport

•South Africa is a crime ridden country and all travellers whether local or foreign, should be aware of this fact and take the necessary precautions at all times.

•Try to keep your luggage as inconspicuous as possible – expensive luggage and large quantities of luggage draws attention.

•If at all possible try to store your luggage – or expensive items – in a safe place – this may help overthrow a criminals’ plans.

•Try to take an unusual route home – i.e. not the obvious or easiest route, this may help avoid a hi-jack situation.

•If possible avoid going to your destination immediately, this will confuse the time line and expectations of anyone who may be intent on robbing you.


Wishing everyone a wonderful festive season and a kickass 2015!

I found this passage from Nick van der Leek's book so moving And so relevant! A perfect summary of Oscar's testimony!

I found this passage from Nick van der Leek's book so moving And so relevant! A perfect summary of Oscar's testimony!


Some feedback on the article below from one of our readers.

Dear Ms. P-J:
Re your latest article in the Standard, on DPD, allow me to say how much I appreciated it and learned from it. Actually, there have been very few if any of your essays in the local press, since the first that I saw, which I have not read with great interest and some benefit. (That first was on the ugly subject of rape, to which I added a few published observations of my own a week later; far from taking umbrage you actually called me on my cellphone in Serowe and we exchanged pleasantries.)
The fact is, my family in Botswana has a sufferer from Dependent Personality Disorder - though having no psychiatric training, I did not know that it had a recognised name, and that evidently cases are not extremely rare. Some small comfort in that, without doubt. Actually, our "case", afflicting a man in his mid-40s, is not too dramatic or disruptive - thanks to the patient elder sister with whom he lives and for whom he works to a certain level. They are both single, though with children; the man had a
partner and two daughters before he was affected at around age 25. He's had a session or two down at Sbrana Clinic - I know no details - though not so many as his late mother who was sadly schizophrenic. A link? I couldn't say. Anyway, things could be much worse, and without regular medication in this case, they probably would be. Disregarding his affliction, our man is a most pleasant fellow - and even retains a real and infectious sense of humour. It's a funny old business, the human condition...
On a very different matter, I have been following your "take" on the O.Pistorius trial, and would imagine that your reading of his character would not vary much from mine. From an early stage I got the impression of a very unpleasant man : totally self-centred and self-pitying, arrogant and aggressive, unconnected with others'
feelings, and lethally violent. I don't think that his truly remarkable background, and personal triumphs, are any justification for what he did, and though I would not commend him for capital punishment (if there were any in SA), I would certainly take him out of circulation for 20 years. How soft on Odious Oscar will the presiding judge prove to be?
Anyway, thanks again for a fine series of articles. Among the plethora of political, litigational, promotional and general dross in our wonderfully free press, your items set a high standard of interest and literacy. If you ever have occasion to take a
break at our ###XX - or indeed at the local ###### Bar - give us a bell and I'll be happy to stand you a half.
Kind regards:
Ralph ###XX.


Back in South Africa next week. I am not sure what is happening to our posts but they are not visible to me! Weird!


Bear this in mind when posting photo's of your kids on the net!

There are two types of sexual cyberpredators. First, there is the SITUATIONAL sexual cyberpredator. This person does not have a true preference when it comes to a child as a sex partner. The victim to this person is incidental, rather than targeted. These offenders are less likely to have multiple child victims in their past. Some seek child victims as a pattern of their other violent behavior and others hunt for child victims for their own sexual experimentation. A few of these individuals do progress to become serial predators and are at times difficult to apprehend. They minimize their exposure to the risk of getting caught, are experienced in committing crimes, and have better control of their emotions than some other criminals.
Secondly, there is PREFERENTIAL sexual cyberpredator. These people have a true preference for sexual contact with children, and usually have multiple victims in their lifetime. They go to great lengths to gain access to children (employment, volunteerism, marriage.) There are two types of preferential offenders: Sophisticated and Introverted. The sophisticated offender possesses the social skills necessary to relate to children and the introvert lacks confidence, patience, and ability to seduce or trick children. The preferential predator is highly motivated to commit child sex crimes and has a high recidivism rate. This type of person is a manipulator, who will use conversation, gifts, trick, and lures to secure victims. He/she uses sexual fantasies to focus on children and may engage in collecting, producing or trading child pornography. While the computer has a certain appeal to all internet predators of children, for the introvert, it supplies him/her with anonymity, security, and total privacy. He/she is in an unsupervised environment, has easy access to stored material, and the offense provides nearly instant gratification. Cyber crime investigators must understand that the computer is a tool that facilitates the predator’s interest in children. Investigators must understand that the offender is the target of the investigation and not the computer. The computer opens the door for these hunters to identify and locate potential victims anywhere in the world. It also gives them the opportunity to disguise their identities when communicating with children.


Watchimg Oscar Pistorius in court today was very sad. He sobbed through most of the proceedings and sat with his head buried in his hands. The prosecution has a very strong case. They did not oppose the motions by the defence team to have Oscar moved to the Brooklyn police station cells or the postponement of the case to Tuesday and Wednesday to allow the defence time to consult with Pistorius. The forensic evidence appears to be damning. Defence attorneys present expressed the opinion that he should attemp to plead out the case and hopefully get a lighter sentence. More to follow.....


If anyone is studying Criminology please let us know and we will keep you informed on our upcoming seminars and events!


Back at work today! Wishing everyone a prosperous 2013 and a super year. I hope we can keep you guys informed on the justice system and share some of of views with all of you. I will post some articles that may be of interest to everyone later in the week. Have a fantastic day!


Zack Malcolm Smith, Kurt Misrole, Eric Boes, Jimmy and the rest of the crew and pacs on the fallen Dakota, we will miss you RIP. Gone but not forgotten my friends!

LKP Criminological Services

LKP Criminological Services

Here is the Article I wrote for CI channel on new Series Britians Darkest Taboo's

Here is the Article I wrote for CI channel on new Series Britians Darkest Taboo's

Here is the Article I wrote for CI channel on new Series Britians Darkest Taboo's


Report of an attempted hijacking/smash and grab at Grayston offramp north bound. Please remain vigilant.

Beware of this woman! A more current photo of Gertrude Nyamugure. See the post below for more detail!

Beware of this woman! A more current photo of Gertrude Nyamugure. See the post below for more detail!

WE RECEIVED THIS FROM A DISTRESSED CLIENTPlease can you circulate these pictures of this evil woman. She appears to be t...

Please can you circulate these pictures of this evil woman. She appears to be the sweetest person, very religious, she loves reading her Bible. But let me tell you she is praying to God that she is successful with her next robbery. She is rotten to the core. Don't be fooled, like I was. She stole jewelery worth more than R20k, a Nokia cellphone and we are still counting. On Friday she intentionally burnt our clothes, said nothing; only for us to discover this after she had left. She moves alot. Last month she was residing in Hammanskraal, this month in Mamelodi. For all I know she is on her way to Zimbabwe with a small fortune. I was very vulnerable, i.e I had a baby last month, plus I have an 18 month old. God has been with us as my kids have not been harmed. I have been very busy, and also very tired. While I've been busy, she's been spinning her web. Unfortunately I got caught, and I am having a difficult time getting over it. It's not so much the stuff, but more her attitude since this happened. I have pressed charges.



This is one of the big debates on the Internet. Is it safe to share photos of your kids and your family on blogs, forums and other public venues? The answer is probably yes… and no.

What Are the Risks?
When most people think about posting photos of their kids online, they are generally concerned that a pedophile or stalker is going to hunt down their kids. While this is certainly a possibility, it just isn’t very likely that someone will see your children and become so enamored with them that they will hunt down your address and cross the country to find them.

The more realistic concern for parents should be that the photos are available for other people to see and, in most cases, download. Pedophiles do download photos and store them, so if this makes you feel uncomfortable, just don't put the pictures out there. In addition, there is the chance that other people will “borrow” photos to claim as their own or to use in other forms of media.

One family discovered that their annual holiday photo was being used as a storefront ad in the Czech Republic . In another story, a teenage girl discovered that her photo was being used as an advertisement for Virgin Mobile, halfway around the world. While this is not something that is a rampant problem, it should be something parents take into account.

The bottom line is that your kids are unlikely to be harmed physically by you posting their photo online. But if you're not comfortable with people you don't know seeing it, keep it offline.

How to Protect Your Family Photos
If you're concerned, keep them private – share only with family and friends
Add a digital watermark when you do post things online
Read the Terms of Service before posting – by posting photos on other websites, you may be granting permission for that website or its users to use your photos online and in print. This is especially true for contest and "talent search" websites.

Protecting Your Kids When Sharing Photos Online

In addition to protecting your photos, protect your children’s privacy as well:

Avoid posting pictures that will embarrass your children later. You may think it's cute; they won't. Imagine if someone posted embarrassing pictures of you without your permission.
Never share information about your kids that they wouldn’t share themselves – everything you post becomes public record.
Avoid giving out their full names, schools, names of friends, or other information that gives away their location.
Adjust your Facebook or other social media settings to protect your photos.
Ask family members and friends to follow the same precautions when they discuss your family online.

Another option, which is one I personally love is flickr. Flickr allows you to create online albums that are completely private. The only way people can view your images is if you send them a "guest pass," which allows them to view the link of your online album. The guest pass can be taken away anytime you feel like it and it is completely private because you are in absolute control of who views your pictures.

It is also important to monitor the images your children place on social networking sites. Many older children have their own facebook accounts, where they can post anything they want if parental monitoring is not conducted. Warn your children about the consequences and dangers about posting personal information and photos online. Always monitor what your children are posting to keep them safe.


WARNING:Please avoid the area around JHB International Airport. There is violence in the area. Strikers are pulling vehi...

Please avoid the area around JHB International Airport. There is violence in the area. Strikers are pulling vehicles off the roads and burning them!

Pre-sentence Reports


The primary purpose of a pre-sentence report is to assist the presiding officer in gaining a enhanced understanding of the offender, and the reasons for his or her crime. Experts in the field of human behaviour can be of immense assistance in determining a just individualised sentence. A pre-sentenc...


This is not an easy question to answer. Historically, 90% of profiling has involved murder (65%) and rape (25%) cases (Holmes & Holmes 2002). 70% of all serial murder is sexually motivated (Newton 2000). Not all crimes have been the subject of profiling, but the ones which have include: child molestation, kidnapping, extortion, obscene telephone calls, and suicide. Bank robbers have been profiled as young (age 26-30), white (61%), unemployed (56%), high school dropouts (49%) who have no criminal record (only 15% do) and commit fewer than four offenses (Haran & Martin 1984). Arsonists have also been extensively profiled (Rider 1980) as have anonymous letter writers and telephone callers (Casey-Owens 1984). Geberth (1996) reports that the following crimes are "most suitable" for profiling. It is probably not a good idea to limit or delimit the kinds of crimes for which profiling can be useful. Conventional wisdom holds that some cases are more suitable and appropriate for profiling than other cases, but mileage varies, and it probably depends upon the actual techniques used.


"To make judgments about another, relative to possible criminal activity, based on a number of overt and subtle factors which may or may not include things such as a person's race, manner of dress and grooming, behavioral characteristics, when and where the observation is made, the circumstances under which the observation is made, and relative to information the officer may already possess." (Fredrickson & Siljander 2002: 15) Just as reactive profiling is over-glamorized, proactive profiling is over-criticized. It seems whenever proactive profiling is discussed in the context of police activity in areas where a significant number of inhabitants are ethnic minorities, the charge of racial profiling is raised. Likewise, so-called "broken windows" policing (which pays attention to little things like vandalism, graffiti, broken windows, abandoned cars, and ill-kept property; on the assumption that such things broadcast a message that crime is welcome here) sometimes raises the charge of racial profiling because of the aggressive patrol and stopping of suspicious people involved. However, broken windows policing was very successful in cleaning up New York City when consistently applied to the crime problem there, at least according to most accounts (Carlson 2002)
DO you think proactive profiling could be used in the South African contect to reduce crime?


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