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IMPORTANT! Parents of special ed students in the LAUSD!How is your child with special needs being served by your L.A. pu...

IMPORTANT! Parents of special ed students in the LAUSD!

How is your child with special needs being served by your L.A. public school? Please fill out this survey to best identify needs and gaps in support and help find ways to make instruction better, more meaningful and more efficient for our special kiddos. It will only take a few minutes of your time and can make a big difference in being heard to effectuate positive change. Thank you!

Is your child with special needs being well served by your L.A. public school? Fill out this survey to let us know and to help us find ways to make it better.

Finding Cooper's Voice

Finding Cooper's Voice

To the woman who stayed...

A week or so ago I found myself in a pretty tough situation out in the community. We were at an orchard with our family and friends.

My son Cooper decided he was done. He was done with the apples and the tractors and the noise and sounds. And walking. Which is fine. He had done amazing. Except we were a mile away from the exit. His decision came out of nowhere. And we were stuck.

My sweet misunderstood boy is 9 years old. Almost 10. He is autistic. He has autism. He is learning to navigate the world around him. And it's not always easy for him. He does his best.

His progress in the community outweighs his struggles by a million. But. And it's a huge but. He went fight or flight on me. And I was trapped.

When he realized I couldn’t snap my fingers and transport us to the exit, he dropped to the ground on me and sprawled out and started kicking.

I dropped down with him protecting his head, absorbing his kicks.

He went onto have unsafe behaviors towards himself and me.

I am tough. I can handle it. He is tough. He can handle it. But I will admit, I felt my internal panic start to rise. I didn’t know how I would get us out of this situation safely.

I tried everything I knew. I wasn’t succeeding and I knew I had to wait him out.

When it dawned on me that we were still in public, I looked up and saw people staring. See I go into Cooper’s world when this happens. He is my only focus.

I saw the crowd watching us. Some people averted their eyes. Some watched us with curiosity. Some scurried away as fast as they could to avoid a mom and her 9 year old son struggling.

I looked down. Feeling trapped. Tears in my eyes. We were on full display.

When suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up. It was my neighbor Kate. While everyone else ran away she came to me.

How can I help,' she said?

And just like that I was back to reality.

''I need to get him out of here. And fast. I need you to help me Kate. Can you hold my purse?'

For the next 20 minutes she moved with us. She never left.

She held my purse. She deflected stares. She stood over me, shielding me while I protected my son. And she stood tall with me, shoulder to shoulder, once I got him up off the ground, as onlookers stared.

She complimented me. She supported me. She listened to me too

When we eventually made it to the playground near the exit she stood back, her eyes never leaving us. She watched the whole time, moving silently with us, as I kept my boy safe.

I knew she was there and that she wasn’t leaving.

Cooper will be 10 in two months and I have never had a person stand such guard over me before. Not ever.

Having her near me was everything I have always needed. Even as I type this, weeks later, I feel so thankful for her. She never left.

'Thank you Kate for staying. I know you didn’t know what to do. I imagine you were even a bit shocked and possibly scared. The challenging parts of autism are often hidden and you saw it all. I can never thank you enough for staying near us.'

We made it out. My son did his best. And I saw unbelievable kindness.

Look for the helpers parents. They are out there.

Photo Credit: Kacie Ko

Join me on September 30 for an importantconversation on special education rights.
Just two Dads

Join me on September 30 for an important
conversation on special education rights.

Wednesday September 30th @ 2:00 pm PST!!

Our guest for next week’s show will be special education law Attorney, Georgiana Junco-Kelman. Georgianna was born in Cuba and immigrated to the US at the age of 10.

She has been practicing law for 22 years, initially in the area of criminal defense until the birth of her son Brandon, who was born with a congenital brain disorder, and her personal journey with him ultimately led to the founding of her special education law practice in 2009.

She experienced first-hand, the difficulty of navigating the special education system and the ongoing struggle of securing appropriate placement and services.

Her journey with Brandon who is almost 18 (and whose services have been provided by Mcrory Ped services since he was 6 months old!) inspired her special education career path determined to help as many families traversing similarly daunting, scary and frustrating roads.

Ms. Kelman developed a passion for fundraising and charity work. An active participant in the disabilities non-profit world, she has served a combined 15 years in the Southern California Autism Speaks and Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration Boards of Directors, chairing each organizations’ annual signature galas.

Georgianna has appeared as an expert guest on various national networks from CNN to Univision as well local news networks.

A leading attorney in her field, her reputation as a passionate fighter for her clients precedes her.

ATTENTION Special Education Parents. See below"Our website is dedicated to the Class Action Lawsuit which advocates for ...
Brain Injury Rights Group: COVID-19 ReOpen Class

ATTENTION Special Education Parents. See below

"Our website is dedicated to the Class Action Lawsuit which advocates for students with disabilities who were adversely affected during the COVID-19 school closure.
Parents are joining our class action daily. Visit our website if you or someone you know has a child with special needs."

Welcome to the official website of the National Class Action to Reopen Class for students with disabilities


(Borrowed in parts from and thanks to Jill Simonian - with a few of my own edits and changes to fit my views.)
Feel free to copy, edit and send the below correspondence to Dr. Barbara Ferrer and your LA County Supervisor per your personal experience.

Note: This is not a debate, and any comments in opposition to this suggestion will not be provided a reply by me - this is for the parents who wish to have their kids BACK IN SCHOOL ASAP, especially special education parents whose kids have been given the go-ahead to return. Respectfully please keep scrolling and keep your kids at home if you wish them to continue with the distance learning model. The beauty of this country is that we have the right to disagree and make the choices we deem appropriate for ourselves and our families.

Email addresses are the following (Supervisors depending on where you live, please confirm):

LA County Public Health is [email protected];
Supervisor Sheila Kuehl [email protected];
Supervisor Kathryn Barger [email protected].

Dear Dr. Ferrer:
(Ensure your Supervisor is copied.)
The following is a plea for our kids whose wellbeing is deteriorating daily as a result of your recalcitrant and nonsensical actions. Your team has taken away the waiver process for LA County schools to re-open, regardless of whether they have proven safe and have implemented tested plans that exceed all guidelines. Your actions and that of your Office have stripped children's mental health to bare bones, severely destroyed the livelihood of countless families wellness and strained parent/child/teacher relationships for a virus that yields over 95% full recovery in otherwise healthy individuals under the age of 55, per your own weekly press reports.

You audaciously cite "equity" as the reason for conflicting actions. In the meantime, for the majority of students, and specifically for students with IEPs, learning loss is painfully self-evident, child/teen depression is rising faster than we could have foreseen and our faith in who we previously deemed our most trusted, non-partisan government officials has now been obliterated. Parents have been compelled to resign from their jobs in order to stay home to try and help educate their kids. Teachers who want to return to work have been bullied into neglecting the honor of doing what they love the most by biased school unions with agendas whose priorities are not first and foremost our children. Children and families are tremendously detrimentally impacted -- not from Covid, but from the no longer excusable actions of the LA County Public Health.

LA County has 10 million residents and 88 cities -- some of them with individual school districts. Re-opening schools can no longer be viewed as a one-size-fits-all approach across the county. San Diego has obtained the green light to reopen schools and Orange County officials believe they will soon be permitted to follow. The hospitalization and fatality numbers you have been sharing weekly, for the past several weeks, hover in the double-digits and do not warrant a school-is-not-safe for anyone approach any longer. Irreconcilably, however, we are permitted to stand in line at Trader Joe's, Target, Home Depot, Costco etc. and/or attend any childcare camp+facility+preschool we are so inclined to do. It is inexplicable how it is acceptable for all of the above locations and businesses to be open with proper safety measures and fully operative amidst our double-digit fatality counts. Your arbitrary cherry picking is hurting our kids.

It is shameful that LA County Public Health is stripping the ability of local districts and cities to open our schools -- which are funded by tax paying citizens who are still expected to pay their taxes while an adequate education is systematically denied to our children - and despite the ability to safely do so according to our local data with strategically-created safety plans and the number of decreasing COVID cases in our individual communities.

It is time to open our schools with the already implemented plans in place; at the very least to offer a hybrid option to the families and teachers who wish to return. Your flawed and failed strategies are only serving to significantly further harm Los Angeles County children and families' wellbeing and mental health. As such your continued reckless actions warrant your resignation should you not pivot from this destructive path for our LA community.

Respectfully, FED UP PARENT!

Excellent piece."The stakes, for her and so many other children, could hardly be higher. Behind every worry we have abou...
My Child Has a Disability. What Will Her Education Be Like This Year?

Excellent piece.

"The stakes, for her and so many other children, could hardly be higher. Behind every worry we have about our child’s access to education, there lurks the fear that some lack of crucial support or inclusion now could threaten her ability to find her way into the life she wants after she has left formal schooling behind — these years when a group of well-meaning people still gathers to discuss the resources she needs. This is why it’s so hard to see essential support disappear in this crisis, or to be told to “wait out” the pandemic. Like many parents, we are aware that time is precious, and what’s lost now might not be so easily recovered. We cannot be her advocates forever, and we know that what we fight for is not only her education but perhaps her future happiness and security as well."

Public schools are obligated to teach millions of students with disabilities. But as learning moves online, many services that parents fought for are at risk.

Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration Run, Walk & Roll presented by Wells Fargo starts this morning at 10 am and it’s...
Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration Team Brandon Kelman Page

Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration Run, Walk & Roll presented by Wells Fargo starts this morning at 10 am and it’s not too late to make a donation to support this incredible organization dedicated to literally creating an equal playing field for kids with disabilities. Our playgrounds all over the world serve as vehicles to bring children of all abilities together to foster acceptance, kindness and equality. #TogetherWeAreAble #WePlay2 #InclusionMatters

Help Georgianna Junco-Kelman raise money to support Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration
L.A. County schools can reopen small in-person classes for their neediest students on Sept. 14

County health officials said schools may offer services for small groups of students who have individualized education plans, are English language learners, or need assessments or specialized in-school services. The county will not be reopening the waiver program for students in grades TK-6.

Speak Up

Evening, all. Here is our earlier FB Live session with Speak Up Parents on the rights of special education students during the COVID-19 school closure and distance learning. I hope it is helpful and please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Conversation with Special Education Attorney, Georgianna Junco-Kelman

Join me tomorrow on our rescheduled FB Live Session with @speakupunitedparents to learn crucial information about your c...

Join me tomorrow on our rescheduled FB Live Session with @speakupunitedparents to learn crucial information about your child’s special education rights as the new school year starts remotely.
Go to the Speak Up Parents page at 2:30 pm. #specialkidsattorney #theiepisyourchildslearningplan


Good morning, all. Apologies for not having been able to do the Speak Up Live this am - Facebook technical error did not allow it. We are rescheduling for next week Wednesday, August 19 at 2:30 pm for the English session and at 4:00 p.m. for Spanish. See you then!

If We Knew Then Podcast - Down Syndrome Advocacy and Parenting

I sat down for another conversation last week with If We Knew Then Podcast - Down Syndrome Advocacy and Parenting to discuss school Districts’ responsibility to students with IEPs as schools reopen remotely. There are a lot of misconceptions and downright misinformation being provided to parents - So please listen and understand how to proceed and invoke your child’s rights which have not been suspended despite how legal counsel for districts are spinning SB 117 and the governor stay at home order as well the CDE guidelines. Bottom line - The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is fully enforced and applicable. Join me tomorrow at 9:30 am for a Facebook Live instructional with Speak Up Parents to learn more. 11:30 am in Spanish.

Another informative talk with attorney Georgianna Junco-Kelman. What do parents need to know heading into a new school year amidst COVID-19?


Pleased to have been invited to do an informational Facebook Live Session in English and Spanish with Speak Up to help f...

Pleased to have been invited to do an informational Facebook Live Session in English and Spanish with Speak Up to help families understand and know how to invoke their special education rights during the Covid-19 school closure and distance learning for the starting school year.

Join us this Friday, August 14 at 9:30 am, followed by the Spanish session at 11:00 a.m. Join us at the Speak Up page and empower yourself with as much information as you can to ensure your child’s IEP is implemented to the maximum extent possible during remote learning. There is no substitute distance learning plan in substitution of your child’s IEP. The IEP continues to be your child’s learning plan. Do NOT allow to be told or instructed differently.

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles Unified School District

The new Family and Student Handbook helps navigate the challenges involved in online learning.
The English version is here -
The Spanish version is here -

“About 7.1 million kids get their mental health service at schools...They get their nutritional support from their schoo...
CDC warns Congress of 'significant public health consequences' if schools don't reopen in the fall

“About 7.1 million kids get their mental health service at schools...They get their nutritional support from their schools. We're seeing an increase in drug use disorder as well as suicide in adolescent individuals. I do think that it's really important to realize it's not public health versus the economy about school reopening."

The CDC's director told Congress that millions of children get nutritional and mental health services at schools.


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General information

Our primary goal is to secure high quality educational services for children with disabilities. We hope to empower parents and hold school officials accountable for providing adequate supportive services that assist each child in receiving a free appropriate public education as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004. (I.D.E.I.A.) We are accustomed to taking on the school system and we are armed with the knowledge to compel school administrators to provide the services and accommodations to which a child is legally entitled. We are here to provide guidance and counsel to you on the countless and complex regulations that govern the delivery of educational services to children with special needs. One of our objectives is to help parents understand and gain access to their child’s legal rights to special education. If you suspect that your child may have a disability, call the Law Offices of Kelman and Kelman and we will get you on the right track so that your child may optimize his/her educational potential. If your child is in need we will not turn you away. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act is on your side. Let's invoke it together! Our services include: Client Consultation, Case Review, IEP Preparation and Attendance, Resolution Session, Formal Mediation, Due Process Hearing, Post Hearing Enforcement. Ms. Junco-Kelman proudly serves on the Autism Speaks Southern California Chapter Board of Directors, Co-Founded and Chairs the Autism Speaks' BLue Jean Ball, is a member of COPAA, the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates and is a regular legal analyst and commentator on the topic of special education in various Networks, including CNN, CNN Latino, ABC, NBC, and Univision. Her own journey with her special needs little boy led her to the path of special education law and her mission since has been to offer her legal and personal expertise and experience to every child in need seeking special education services. Learn more by visiting us at

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