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Extensive experience and success in saving or extending clients' careers, or preserving and protecting a client's future. More than 26 years of active duty and reserve legal experience as an Army Judge Advocate. Former commander and felony prosecutor, now in the 24th year of private practice. Specialties
LOD (Line of Duty) Investigations, Show Cause Boards and Boards of Inquiry, Full-cycle MEB/ PE

B/IDES (Medical Disability) defense and representation, Professional license defense for health care providers, commercial pilots, and other licensed professionals; Unqualified Resignations (UQRs) for military officers; hardship discharges; security clearance defense and responses to Letters of Intent (LOIs) and Statement of Reasons (SORs); IRR and TPU involuntary mobilization exemptions; defense of any adverse military action which could result in an involuntary separation with a less than honorable discharge; and comprehensive criminal defense in federal/state courts nationally, and military courts-martial worldwide.

Been a while since I opened this box and wrote something.  We've had some favorable decisions come our way the last few ...
Disability Evaluation System (DES) Representation | Southlake, Texas | Meili Law Firm | military law attorney

Been a while since I opened this box and wrote something. We've had some favorable decisions come our way the last few months. Always grateful for those, and also for the teammates working with me on this stuff. I couldn't do it without them all.

The below link is special. Kid (young Army soldier) was in a tough spot, "dark" in his own mind as he writes about it. Very heavy hearts here in Texas today, and so especially sensitive to the need to be there for others, whatever the problem or answers might be. We have to move forward, and we have to do it together... somehow, someway. If you or someone you know has lost hope about your situation, give us a call or tap. We just might be able to help. Bill Meili, 214 363-1828 or [email protected].

Meili Law Firm - Disability Evaluation System (DES) Representation - [func:testiFunc|Disability Evaluation System (DES) Representation|Disability Evaluation System (DES) Representation| May 2022 Client wishes to remain anonymous Hiring Mr. Meili - military law attorney - 100 S.

Good result for an exceptionally talented and deserving senior Army officer who's been through the "rock crusher" this p...
Senior Army Officer Client Retained by Board of Inquiry (BOI)

Good result for an exceptionally talented and deserving senior Army officer who's been through the "rock crusher" this past year and a half. It's nice when the Army gets it right!

Just returned from a Show Cause Board (BOI) representation for a wonderful client who now gets to continue service. This case started back in June 2020. Client had an stellar career and record to s…



Sometimes good things just happen. Had a friend call about two weeks ago. He had a pending DWI in another state ... from 1998. Correct ... 22 year old case. You can imagine my initial phone call to the court clerk of record.

Well, after some additional calls and a little diplomacy, my friend and I received word that the District Attorney's office in this particular jurisdiction was going to withdraw the arrest warrant, close the case and be done with it. The fact that the arresting officer was no longer around might have had a little something to do with that decision -- maybe?!

Client's grateful, and it truly was a pleasure working this one for and with him.

So, if you have a pending DWI, give me a call sometime in the next 22 years and I'll see what I can do! Cheers.

Phone: 214 363-1828;
Email: [email protected]:


UQR Approved and Honorable Discharge Orders Cut

More good news for clients this week. Another Army AMEDD officer (military Doc) received his honorable discharge orders a week ago. The process -- called a UQR in military shorthand -- can literally take years to navigate. Especially if the officer is going the "do-it-yourself" route.

Our latest Army doctor client had been trying to get traction himself for more than a year when he finally reached out for help. Once he made that decision and came aboard, we had his orders and Honorable discharge from further military service in hand in about 5 weeks time. His comment when all was said and done, was one I've heard often over the years: "In retrospect, I wish I had retained your services a lot earlier in the game. Thank you for everything..."

If you're frustrated and ready to tear more hair out with your UQR request ...give us a shout. We can help.

Phone: 214 363-1828 or email: [email protected].



AMEDD officer’s retention recommendation by a Field Board of Inquiry (FBOI, BOI) last November was recently ratified and adopted by HRC. The Show Cause case is now closed, client’s flag has been lifted, and as a result, our client completed and timely filed materials for promotion this week.

Again, we’re extremely grateful for the support and expertise of many over the course of the past year.

If you need help with a looming or pending Show Cause action, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Phone: 214 363-1828 or email: [email protected].

Thanks. Bill


Good result in a Military Board of Inquiry this week. Officer client Retained. (Bonus points: Board was held on the island of Oahu). Grateful for all who played a part.... v/r Bill


TWO RECENT UQRs (Unqualified Resignations) Approved for AMEDD Army Reserve Medical Corps Officers

Good news this week and last for two Army Reserve Doctors who have served well and faithfully, but who were having some difficulty navigating the UQR process. Grateful to have been in a position to offer experience and help.

If you, or someone you know, is having trouble with the military’s resignation process, don’t hesitate to contact us. Email: [email protected] or phone: 214 363-1828. Thanks, and have a great weekend.


So far this month of May: Federal Forfeiture case resolved favorably; State adult criminal matter will be dismissed; and a juvenile court case diverted through deferred prosecution. Grateful.
Thanks, and warm wishes for a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day! v/r Bill


Gratifying result in court today: Our client's case will be dismissed in favor of a diversionary behavioral health court program designed to address mental health challenges and issues. Judge granted our motion for deferred prosecution, and client was not required to enter a plea and will not be required to, "own the alleged conduct" as part of his diversionary program requirements. As I mentioned to the Court this morning, I believe everyone benefits from this decision. As always ... lot of folks had a hand in this one. Grateful. v/r Bill

Young Navy Ensign gets a second chance.  Here's his story:  ___________________________________________Navy Ensign’s Hop...
William C. Meili Attorney, Military Lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Army Show Cause Board, BOI, Board of Inquiry, Military Administrative Elimination, Southlake, Texas

Young Navy Ensign gets a second chance. Here's his story:
Navy Ensign’s Hopeless Situation Resolved with NPQ chit, Redesignation and Reclassification through a POCR Board January 24th, 2019

About one year into my service in the Navy, I became sick with an unknown allergy that was specific to my geographic location. Despite multiple civilian doctors asserting their professional opinions that my issues were caused by my location, my command and medical clinic would not move me. Instead, I was placed on hold status with the hopes I would get better. Having never experienced this before and overcome by the dizziness and recurring infections brought on by my condition, I struggled for a long time with what course of action to take. It was when I had been on hold for almost an entire year that I reached a breaking point and knew I needed to take action.

I stumbled upon Bill Meili’s website – - while searching for military lawyer expertise and set up a face-to-face meeting with him. He took the time to listen to my entire story from start to finish, careful to take down every detail. It was clear from the start that he related and sympathized with me - he truly cared for what I was going through.

Having been stuck in a stalemate for months (my physical and mental health deteriorating and my career stalling) he helped me sort through a multitude of options I did not realize I had at my disposal and to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Together, we made a plan based on this information that would help move things forward for me. Along the way, he reached out to significant contacts at my command and sources of information on his end to keep me properly informed and making the correct decisions for my well-being throughout the process.

Fast forward 3 months and my command had granted me a Not Physically Qualified (NPQ) chit and written me orders to a new location and new designator that will keep me out of that region for the rest of my time in the service. I fortunately avoided a MEDBOARD and resignation of my commission, two options that I held as last resorts. I received re-assignment through a Probationary Officer Continuation and Redesignation Board (POCR) and have been reclassified into a new community. My issues have improved tremendously and my career is back on the right track moving forward.

Before I met Bill, my situation seemed hopeless. I was overcome by a sense of helplessness that can be brought on by being part of such a large organization like the military. When I hired him, though, everything changed. I was expecting a lawyer; not only did I get an excellent one but also a partner with whom to navigate my seemingly impossible situation. I would have done anything to get out of the circumstance I found myself in and knowing that Bill was on speed dial to help me navigate whatever challenges each new day brought can only be described as priceless. Should anything ever go awry for me again in the future, Bill will be my first call! ENS, USN

William Meili Law Firm located in Southlake, TX, primarily focused on military law and criminal defense, uses the art and craft of negotiation, a well-developed and seasoned skill in communication and advocacy, a detailed knowledge of the facts, law, regulations, and our clients' and opponents' rela...


OK ... maybe a bit of a brag ... but hey, it's from a 3rd party! Enjoy the federal holiday and Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy. We'll be back tomorrow with normal operations. --- v/r Bill
Security Clearance Consultation

Posted by Ben
January 19, 2019 ---

"I spoke with Bill the week before Christmas in regards to my military security clearance taking longer than expected to be granted. He was incredibly helpful in explaining the process and outlining my options... He was able to answer my questions and gave me reasonable expectations... At no time did I feel pressured to use his services and he made sure to inform me of any foreseen limitations his services had with my case as well. Ultimately, I decided that my case at this time, through his insight, was stuck in the backlogged bureaucracy of security clearances and that our best option was to wait for the time being. However, if my issue is not resolved in a timely fashion Mr. Meili will be my first choice in assisting with the resolution."



Thanks to All who Played a Part in This One!


"In Light of all the Circumstances ... it is clearly consistent with the national interest to grant Applicant his Security Clearance." -- Always a plus to get this decision language in from the Administrative Judge hearing the case! Nice way to start a work week.


Patiently waiting for a decision from Big Army this week on a UQR (Unqualified Resignation) appeal for an Army medical officer. All legal fingers and toes are crossed!


After a Year and a Half, Finally a Gratifying Result Yesterday -- Military Whistleblower Protection Defense. Senior Active-Duty Army Officer tagged with Reprisal Exonerated on All Counts!!!

More in Future Posts, but Bottom Line: Our Client was harmed and damaged by a frivolous, mean-spirited complaint. We should be able to level the playing field in this "gotchya system" by holding such complainants accountable in some meaningful way when it's justified.


We had a good result in court a couple weeks back, and thought I'd post a list of the mitigation/extenuation points used. Nothing new here, but after many years of use, the fundamentals still work. This was an Ag Rob/ Deadly Weapon (knife) case. Points distilled for easy read/use.

Mitigation/Extenuation Points:

* No Priors, No Record
* Strong family support
* Solid Support from Probation officer (PSI and In Court)
* Probation officer's supervisory chain on board
* Client's underlying mental/emotional health a factor
* Client's early childhood trauma witnessing father repeatedly beat mother, a factor
* Client's drug/opioid use identified as a factor in her participation as an accomplice
* Client did not use/exhibit the weapon
* Services available in the community to address underlying issues.
* Finally ... Client's authentic display of emotion/regret in court

Ten points which can help a cause -- and a life -- move towards a more favorable outcome. Best, Bill


Happy Easter Weekend and a Blessed Passover Season to all. We're going to take a pause today through Sunday and be back in the saddle Monday 2 April. Enjoy family and friends! With gratitude and respect, Bill Meili


Heard from Army DASEB this week on a brief and request we filed a year ago in February 2017. Nothing like a lightening response from the government ... nevertheless, it was favorable and the agency granted the relief we sought -- transfer of the client's GOMOR to his restricted fiche. So we're grateful for that. And in the spirit of truth in advertising and balancing things out -- also heard last month on two probationary officer BOI/Show Cause cases, and we did not get relief on either of those. One's on appeal now, and the other client has turned his attention to becoming the best civilian he can be. And then to swing the pendulum back towards the favorable side ... an Army Reserve MSC officer's UQR (Unqualified Resignation) was approved two weeks ago, and his honorable discharge order was cut the same day. Start to finish on that case was just over four months, which is extremely fast as these cases go. The average processing time when I get involved in a UQR case is about 6 months. So good news on that one. Some you win, some not, but certainly we try to put together the very best case and product possible always. Have a great weekend. Bill


News arrived early this morning of a successful result in a case we've been working for an Army officer. Really nice way to start the day. As always, thanks to all who were a part of this one. Very respectfully, Bill


Juvenile S*x Assault Case Closed

Another good news moment came end of last month before Thanksgiving. Happy to report that a difficult journey through the legal system for a wonderful young man and his entire family ended happily with the dismissal of the referred charge and a declination of prosecution.

Grateful for all the people involved from extended family, therapists, our investigator, the Assistant District Attorney who worked with me on the matter, and also to the CPS worker, investigating law enforcement agent I spoke to and worked with early on, and to a great co-counsel who provided interface with CPS. So many people are involved in a case like this, and it was a privilege to work with them all. My client’s father wrote this about his family’s experience:

“Words cannot describe how Bill has helped our family navigating the ultra complicated legal landscape. My son was in significant trouble and Bill was there with us the entire time advocating, recommending a course of action, and constant follow up with not only us but with all of the involved Legal parties. I can’t explain in a short review the weight that was lifted off of our family’s shoulders with Bill’s assistance.”

If you know anyone needing assistance with a criminal defense matter — adult or juvenile — please consider giving our office a call. Thank you. Bill Meili (214) 363-1828 or email at [email protected]

The Army is looking for more manpower and is prepared to pay incentives.  If you're looking to get in or stay in, the be...
Re-up now: Army offers up to $12,000, plus bigger bonuses, to eligible soldiers

The Army is looking for more manpower and is prepared to pay incentives. If you're looking to get in or stay in, the below is a good news story. If you're looking to get out through a UQR (Unqualified Resignation) or otherwise, maybe not so much. Either way, don't hesitate to call or email if you have questions. 214 363-1828 or [email protected]

If you missed the big re-enlistment bonus bucks this year, you’re in luck.


Updating the following from last Monday's post: " ... the office has several Army matters still hanging fire ... a UQR (Unqualified Resignation) now at HRC for an Army aviator..." Happy to report that this Army aviator's UQR was approved last Thursday. Excellent news to start the week.

Haven't Blogged in a while.  Fixing that here now. Thanks as always for the continued interest and support.     Probatio...
Law Offices Of William C. Meili & Associates - Welcome

Haven't Blogged in a while. Fixing that here now. Thanks as always for the continued interest and support.

Probationary Officer Board of Inquiry Work, Playing the Waiting Game, and A Case Never Filed

Posted: October 16, 2017

Recent activity in the past three months has centered around Boards of Inquiry Defense for probationary officers. Show Cause/BOIs for probationary officers — typically those with less than 5 years of commissioned service — are particularly challenging, because of the lesser amount of due process provided by regulation. In plain language, if the local command recommends a characterization of service no worse than a General, Under Honorable Conditions, the probationary officer has no recourse to present his or her case to a “live” board of officers. It’s simply a paper presentation to his command chain for a decision by the GOSCA (usually the CG of the local installation).

That said, it’s so important to engage the chain of command early and often in order to have some hope of swaying a recommendation from them for retention, or in some cases even to close a case without it going forward. Also, it’s essential for the lawyer to call on the servicing JAG or SJA’s office so that an early and substantive dialogue can be initiated. Without that, especially in a case where there is no “live” board to advocate before and with, there is virtually no effective way to sway the GOSCA towards a more favorable view of the respondent/client.

In addition to the probationary officer cases mentioned, the office has several Army matters still hanging fire, waiting decision at DASEB on GOMOR appeals and at DASA on one of those BOIs, as well as a UQR (Unqualified Resignation appeal) now at HRC for an Army aviator, and one Marine case pending at the PERB (Performance Evaluation Review Board at Quantico) where we’re seeking to correct a Fitrep injustice. Keeping fingers crossed on all.

Finally, I wanted to share an unexpected bright spot which came to my attention this morning. I had worked with a family the past two years on a civilian, criminal matter. Thankfully, and with a lot of work by many people on both sides of the aisle, the state decided to decline prosecution. No case filed. The aforementioned bright spot arrived in the form of a few words posted by my client’s father to a social media platform. Here’s his post -- and I’m forever grateful for Rob and his entire family that the result was what it was: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Posted by Rob on
October 15, 2017

“Our Son was in significant trouble and we knew right away that he was going to need the absolute Best Representation by a Knowledgeable and Thoughtful Professional. You see, I was in a position where I knew Bill, not well, but well enough to know that in my heart I could “Trust” that Bill would do everything in his power to help our Family. He did just that and a lot more!”

“You see, Bill not only gave my Son all that he had, he poured his heart into my Family, literally keeping us in one piece. This is what gave us all strength to get through our long and difficult journey. I hate to think where my Son and my Family would be without Bill in our Lives.”

Call William C. Meili at 214 363-1828 to speak with a military lawyer with specific experience in Show Cause Board of Inquiry, Officer Resignations, Security Clearance Denial, and Professional License Law. Located in Dallas, Texas, Bill has over 26 years of military law and civilian legal experience...

DoD Clarifies Liberal Consideration for Veterans

DoD Clarifies Liberal Consideration for Veterans

The Defense Department released guidance to clarify the liberal consideration given to veterans who request upgrades of their discharge saying they had mental health conditions or were victims of


Defense of a Senior Army Officer Targeted by a Whistle Blower Reprisal Complaint

"During the performance of my official duties, I was wrongly accused by a colleague, which prompted an Inspector General (IG) whistleblower reprisal investigation. As a senior military officer, these charges and the resulting investigation were extremely unsettling for me and my family and they significantly threatened my military and professional career. I had previously witnessed first-hand the level of professionalism and expertise provided by Colonel (Ret.) Bill Meili to his clients when he represented a military physician facing a Show Cause elimination action. Based on that experience with Bill, I called him immediately for representation on my situation."

"Bill was a God-send. He immediately provided confidence and reassurance. He walked me through the entire whistleblower reprisal process, helping me to focus and prepare for the questions and investigation in a manner that I simply could not have done alone. He interacted with the IG on my behalf and was present with me before, during and after the interview. The attention to detail, insights and guidance Bill provided throughout the work we did together were remarkable."

"Bill Meili helped me and my family immensely, and I recommend him wholeheartedly. He is a great American and someone I now call a friend for life."
Client wishes to remain anonymous. For contact information, please call our office.


Had the distinct pleasure to work with some remarkable people this month. Looking forward to favorable decisions in two cases, and, equally, to a new challenge next month on a third. Warmest wishes to all for a safe, easy and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday weekend! Bill


Good resolution this week on a long standing criminal matter. Client and his entire family can fully breathe again. Grateful for all the players and prosecutors involved in this one.


Here's One with a Happy Ending.

15 Years ago, give or take, my client went AWOL from the Army. It got a little complicated. But, with the help of a lot of good people these past 2 months, my client finally discharged properly yesterday the 19th, and he is now able to live his life without constantly looking back over his shoulder for the other shoe to drop. He's finally free and clear of this, "unfinished business."

I have a lot of people to thank: Former U.S. Attorney friend of mine for advice and introductions to ICE and Immigration supervisory attorneys for perspective and big picture stuff -- (Client held a green card, was not a U.S. citizen then or now, and so we had to look at the possibility of removal proceedings); another friend and great immigration lawyer in Dallas, Isaul Verdin, of the Verdin Law firm for his advice and counsel up front as I began this return to military control process with the client; and then there were the Army JAG lawyers on both sides of the aisle; Trial counsels (prosecutors essentially (2 of them), TDS attorneys (Army's defense lawyers) (4 of them), and a few current and former Army JAGs not directly involved in the case who I've worked with in the past -- whose perspectives, introductions and "inside baseball" observations were invaluable throughout.

Finally, I have to credit the major installation Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) and his Boss the acting Commanding General who made the decision not to prosecute my client for his long ago transgressions. Their consideration -- that decision -- will resonate with my client, his family and their fortunes for the rest of their lives. Thank you all. Very respectfully, Bill


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