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One of the most surprising things I have learned as a lawyer is how many successful people—including many business owners—do not have a will or estate plan in place. My question for you is this: In times of crisis, who decides for you? Or, of great importance, who decides for your children?

Because I would like to offer something of value to my community—and introduce my law firm in a way that might be helpful—I would like to offer, at a very discounted rate, the opportunity for anyone who sees this post--and their friends and families--to ensure their basic estate plan is up to date and ready for any uncertainty. From now until the end of July, I am offering to do the following:

- For individuals, draft a Will, a Medical Power of Attorney, a Durable Power of Attorney, and an Advance Directive, for $250.00.

- For families, draft two Wills, two Medical Powers of Attorney, two Durable Powers of Attorney, two Advance Directives, and two Declarations of Guardianship, for $500.00.

I normally charge much, much more for these services, but because I know many people need these documents in place, and I think this would be a great way for me to serve those in the community and introduce my law practice, I am willing to do it for the rates listed above.

If you’d like my help with this or some other matter, please reach out directly via email ([email protected] ) or simply call my office (817-525-2257).




What Kind of Lawyer Should You Hire?

Let’s be honest: There are lots of people out there who went to law school, graduated, even passed the bar exam in their state, and who are now practicing law. Just Google the word “lawyer” and you’ll get so many results to chose from that you will not know where to begin. So, how can you know which lawyer to choose when the time comes to make such a choice? What kind of lawyer should you hire when you need a lawyer? (By the way, almost everyone needs a lawyer and almost no one realizes it.) Here are six things I suggest you consider when it’s time to hire a lawyer:

1. Hire a lawyer who will tell you what you don’t want to hear. Any good lawyer—like any good pastor—will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. A good lawyer will look at the facts and the law and will give you advice in accordance with both, even when you’d rather hear something else. Hire a lawyer who will always be honest with you, even if it hurts.

2. Hire a lawyer who is suspicious of everything and everyone. Any good lawyer has an in**ed suspicion about pretty much everything and even everyone. A good lawyer does not just believe what he hears someone say—he investigates it, questions it, makes evidence be produced to back up whatever assertions are being made. You want to hire the lawyer that frowns regularly at statements and assertions that are questionable, the lawyer who furrows his brow and squints his eyes when something is being said that just does not add up. Hire the suspicious lawyer because being suspicious is how a good lawyer ferrets out bad deals and keeps you from getting tangled up in bad situations that require lawyers. (Yes, having a good lawyer can keep you from needing a good lawyer.)

3. Hire a lawyer who digs into the details so much that it hurts. You want a lawyer who will play “100 Questions” with you and not stop there if it is not enough. You want a lawyer who sifts through the details and who asks questions that will get to the heart of the matter. You want to hire a lawyer who asks questions you don’t want to answer and who makes you look closely at what’s going on just beneath the surface. You want a lawyer who gets hung up on small things because, if he’s a good lawyer, he’ll realize the “devil is in the details” and because he’s suspicious (see above) he’ll see the devil coming and be able to protect you from said devil.

4. Hire a lawyer who is skeptical about things that seem too good to be true. Something we all need to do is realize that if something is too good to be true, then it is. It always is. No one wants to give you $10 million dollars for no reason. No one wants to give you such a good deal that they’re going to take a huge loss and not feed their own family. Those who over promise always under deliver and you need a good lawyer who will put every offer, counteroffer, settlement, contract, promise—whatever—to the proverbial “sniff test.” A good lawyer can “smell” a bad deal from a mile away, or more, and that’s the kind of lawyer you want on your side when its time to negotiate.

5. Hire a lawyer who charges more than you’re willing to pay. Yes, I said it. And it is not self-serving. If you hire a lawyer who charges a cut rate, there is a reason. Unless the lawyer is doing the work for you pro bono—meaning free—don’t hire a lawyer who doesn’t charge you more than you’re willing to pay. If the price tag for the lawyer’s advice does not make you recoil, at first, and think, “That’s way too much,” then you’ve probably found yourself a lawyer who is either not confident enough to charge you what he’s worth or he’s so desperate for your business (wonder why?) that he’ll take less than what he should to do work a reputable lawyer would charge double or triple to do. It is true that you get what you pay for; so find a lawyer who has the guts to charge what he or she should for the experience and education he or she has acquired. Law school is not cheap; running a law firm is not cheap. A cheap lawyer is not someone you’d probably want to entrust yourself, your family, your finances, or your freedom to. So, when it comes time to hire a lawyer, find one whose hourly rate appalls you. Then, suck it up and hire him or her. You’ll be glad you did.

6. Hire a lawyer who won’t take your money when you’d love to pay that lawyer to represent you. What I mean is this: If you go to hire a lawyer and he quotes his hourly rates to you and you want to hire him, but he says, “No, I won’t take your money because I don’t believe your case is strong,” or “I don’t think that spending thousands on a lawsuit is worth your investment in the end,” hire that lawyer for something else. Put that lawyer on retainer. Have that lawyer do your will and estate plan. Make that lawyer your lawyer. Why? Because you’ll know he’s honest and worth trusting. If a lawyer looks at your facts, your situation, your circumstances, and is honest enough with you to refuse to take your case because he does not believe you’ll get a good return on your investment and efforts, then respect that lawyer and hire him immediately for whatever else you need a lawyer for.

For what it's worth, I am striving to be a great lawyer. I am a truth-teller (as a pastor, as a lawyer, as a person). I am naturally suspicious and skeptical. I have no problem asking questions you don't want to answer. I get into the details because I hate the devil. I'm an expensive lawyer, because I spent four years getting a Juris Doctor and a Master of Arts and then I passed the Texas Bar Exam the first time I took it. And moreover, I will never take your money if I don't believe I can truly help you achieve your goals. So, if you need a lawyer, give me a call. I'd love to serve you, if I can. If not, we can just have a great chat and I'll invite you to church. (Oops, Pastor Ryan slipped out!) Visit my website (www.ryandobbslaw.com) or give me a call: 817-310-0987 or 214-392-1242.



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