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Former Presidential Candidate & Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee came up with a fabulous idea. Send all our Pro-Gaza, Pro-Hamas, Anti-Israel "patriots" to Gaza all expenses paid for a six months period "helping" those in Gaza whom they so care about. Hopefully they will bring with them their gay-pride flags, male bikinis, transgender promotions, free speech, protest signs, etc.. Upon their return, they get a $30,000 reward each.


Wishing all my Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli friends, brothers and sisters a very blessed, peaceful, safe, secure and happy Passover, always.


Thank you to all that joined me last night at the Orange Post in person or spirit! It was fabulous to share the fun with each of you and enjoy the 2000 calories per slice tres leches birthday cake!!!!

Only wish I could have eaten some of the cake and stayed longer. Instructions changed last minute and I had to take home my 6 year old SONs member/grandson, also John Minnella coincidentally, way too early for me (he fell asleep within 5 blocks of the Post).

Did not even get to dance once with my buddies!!!

Anyway, thanks again for making my birthday another memorable one for me. Looking forward to my 7th 39th Birthday Celebration next year already!



This firm specifically elects to NOT use online, electronic filing services offerred by the US Immigration and Naturalization Services ("USCIS") and will continue to use traditional paper filing instead though using the paper option incurs a $50 extra fee.

Our election decision is based on our strong objection to the complex and restrictive registration and use terms and conditions required, the required waiver and surrender of constitutional protections and rights of our firm and our clients, and the lack of real benefit to the user. In our option, the savings of $50 is simply not worth the dangerous implications of participation. Much like the issue of traditional and safe paper ballot voting verses possibly manipulative computer machine voting, we prefer tradition for our clients and ourselves.

We believe our clients will understand our protective position and continue to use our services despite the modest extra cost.


A most sincere and appreciative "Thank You" to all of you who sent me a message for my March 29 birthday!!!

I read EVERY one and was touched EVERY time. I am so blessed with many, many friends and family all over the world, EACH ONE of whom I cherish though we do not and can not see each other daily.

It is so fantastic to be able to periodically renew that link with you, know that you are alive and care enough to take time to say hello. We are fortunate to live in a time when we have the means to stay in touch with those we care about throughout the world. Though we don't interact personally every day (in many cases we have never even met face-to-face!), with these social media means we are able to follow each other's lives to some extent anyway and for that we should be grateful. I certainly am.

So, much love to each of you, thanks again, and keep in touch!


A most blessed Easter everyone!


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!!!!!


In theaters International Women's Day March 8thGet Showtimes: https://www.angel.com/cabriniWhen Italian immigrant Francesca Cabrini steps foot in America in ...


Bishop Rolando Álvarez and the other clergy were jailed more than a year ago, in most cases, as part of a crackdown on the opposition and Catholic Church by President Daniel Ortega.


Happy New Year!!!!!


Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!


It is Pearl Harbor Day, the day 82 years ago that will live forever as the day of devastating surprise attack and the need for constant vigilance.

Seems to me the importance of constant vigilance has been totally forgotten. We have an invasion of millions of unknown young men with no loyalty to our nation who have been allowed to just enter our country and spread out everywhere. Those government leaders with the sworn constitutional and moral obligation to protect us ignore the danger despite loud and constant demands from millions to halt the invasion, close the borders and remove.

We will suffer another Pearl Harbor soon far greater than that in 1941 and it will take no attack from outside, just insurrection from within by the foreign "army" we did nothing to stop.


Celebrating our flag, 2023!


The largest mass lynching in US history killed 11 Italians in New Orleans in 1891. And now an Italian-American group says the city’s mayor is set to offer a first-ever apology to Italian-Americans for the city’s role in the lawless murders.


The West Should Lift Sanctions on Syria by Rahim Volkov The West and the Majority World - Repression Versus Openn... by teleSUR/MS

Incredible, intolerable and outrageous!A civilized society expects and is entitled to better.Thank you DA Hestrin for ma...

Incredible, intolerable and outrageous!
A civilized society expects and is entitled to better.
Thank you DA Hestrin for making this situation public and refiling.

The Riverside County Superior Court dismissed 96 cases in the past week, four of which were felonies, due ...


We are devastated to announce the passing of Deputy Darnell Calhoun who was killed in the line of duty this afternoon.

Updates will follow as soon as more information becomes available.


CompassCare, a network of pro-life pregnancy centers, is teaming up with the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit law firm that champions religious liberty, to hire private investigators in order to lo…



Thousands of people from all over the world are going to the USA southern border and just walking (or swimming) in. Sounds easy and tempting, right?!

Don't try it, please! It is dangerous in every way imaginable.

Those facilitating smuggling you have no regard for the welfare of those trying to enter.

Unknown numbers of people die of hunger, disease, infections, murders, r**e, accidents, freezing/sun-stroke/exposure, thirst, extortion, suffocation, drowning, theft, and anything else you can imagine.

In the long run, it is far more expensive in so many ways. The complications are so numerous one cannot cite them all here.

Consider what you will do once you cross the border. You are essentially homeless and penniless; possess no skills; are competing with folks just like you for few if any jobs; subject to the mercy of unscrupulous characters lacking any concern for you; and are in an alien environment that you do not understand.

Use your head. Stay where you are. Contact our or someone's office and develop a legal and safe plan. We have done that for thousands since 1974. It will not be instant gratification but you will actually live to realize and enjoy your goal with some patience just like millions before you have.


May you have the most blessed and joyous Christmas and Hanukkah ever with all those you love.

FILE NOW BEFORE GOVERNMENT FILING FEES INCREASE!!!!!Friends, look around. Prices are going up on everything. You can exp...


Friends, look around. Prices are going up on everything. You can expect the Government to increase their already outrageously high filing fees for their immigration, consular and citizenship services any moment.

If you have been procrastinating about filing for yourself or someone else, now is the time to do it and save hundreds or thousands in fees. Call us now and make an appointment to discuss preparing your case quickly.


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