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In light of the implication of the clear constitutional ruling in 'Tyler,' that the forfeiture of a property owner's equity above the tax amount owed constitutes a prohibited taking, we now review New Jersey's TSL statutory framework, Judge Lisa Perez Friscia wrote for the court. We are guided by th...


Litigation boutiques and other small firms compete for the same top law students as Big Law, so they are likely to move to the new, higher market salary and bonus scales for associates.


Wow. This is Sunday nights 99.9% waxing moon rise over Mount Rainier. The incredible capture was by Debbie Heyer. She said, “It was so cool watching it roll up the left side of the mountain.”

Mount Rainier, also known as Tahoma, is a large active stratovolcano in the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest in the United States. The mountain is located in Mount Rainier National Park about 59 miles south-southeast of Seattle.


The Joint Venture, however, argues that its noncompliance was a mere technicality, and we should not apply the PWCRA as written, Judge Avis Bishop-Thompson wrote for the court. We reject this argument because if the statute is to be changed, that is the province of the Legislature. Any other outcome...


As of November 2023, more than 40 states have introduced proactive cybersecurity legislation, and at least 20 states adopted proactive privacy and/or cybersecurity laws. Included below is a sampling of states and federal proactive laws adopted as of this writing as well as tips for identifying which...


Some recent ones of which we have become aware that were scams include: [From the firm’s managing partner] “What time will you be in today?” You reply and you are hooked.


As Justice Brett Kavanaugh explained in Dobbs, whether a state may “bar a resident of that state from traveling to another state to obtain an abortion” is “not especially difficult”—“the answer is no based on the constitutional right to interstate travel.”


I would just ask the court to take a step back, and look at what happened in this case, not as allegations, but what the jury heard and obviously agreed with, Peter G. Verniero of Sills Cummis & Gross said. This is a semipublic institution that treated these doctors in a way that is unfair. That is....

The arguments made in this case can also apply to the administrative state in NJ, a  one-sided operation, at best.

The arguments made in this case can also apply to the administrative state in NJ, a one-sided operation, at best.

SEC v. Jarkesy could vindicate a legal protection against the administrative state that the Founders fought for.


A flirtation with ESG is jeopardizing its status as a preferred destination for corporate headquarters.


It is unreasonable to interpret an ambiguous portion of the policy to exclude coverage for an accident when another provision expressly and unequivocally provides for payment of medical expenses arising from that accident, the opinion said.


Big Law white-collar defense groups are busy. Is enforcement rising or are clients just more proactive?


Don't wait!


Does an employer who fires an unmarried pregnant teacher violate the Law Against Discrimination? Not if the employer is a Catholic school. So said the New Jersey Supreme Court in 'Crisitello v. St. Theresa School'.


We were surprised by the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Victoria Crisitello v. St. Theresa School.


Nowhere in the complaint or amended complaint did plaintiff refer to a violation of her civil rights under the New Jersey Constitution or the United States Constitution, the per curiam opinion said. Additionally, neither the complaint nor the amended complaint included a demand for attorney's fees.


As a law clerk, if the artificial intelligence tools can enable you to do what might have taken 100 hours of legal research in five or 10, that helps your judge. That helps the court get to the right answer, said Peter Torcicollo, managing director at Gibbons in Newark.


In the matter before us, Century does not dispute the borrowed vehicle does not qualify as a 'covered auto' under the USI policy, the per curiam opinion said. Its coverage/indemnification argument rests on the principle of estoppel, which in turn hinges on whether Century was properly informed of it...


Pertinent to this appeal is the enacted statute of limitations, which provided a two-year revival window for victims to file otherwise time-barred claims for sexual crimes committed against them while minors, wrote Judge Lisa A. Firko in her opinion for the court.


I think that judges generally are mindful about the fact that the litigants are paying themselves when they go to a discovery master, said Lisa Crystal, a former Superior Court judge who now is practicing alternate dispute resolution with Brach Eichler.


Foreclosures are surging in an opaque and risky corner of commercial real-estate finance, offering one of the starkest signs yet that turmoil in the property market is worsening.


AI isn't the first technology to disrupt the legal industry, but it's driving a faster pace of change and altering the law firm-legal department relationship, legal analysts report.


The judge was wealthy and didn't need to earn a living, and as a woman, she was not encouraged to participate in her family's real estate business, said James Grimmelmann, a former law clerk.


We call upon the committee, the state's chief technology officer, and the Legislature to look closely at what is pending in New York, and take appropriate steps to formulate such rules and legislation as necessary.


Particularly in Philadelphia, there's lots of these incidents. They're growing into the suburbs as well. And yeah, it's tough for the employees. It's just an uncomfortable situation to have to work in, plaintiffs lawyer Alan Milstein said.


The absence of any language in the arbitration agreement constituting a waiver of plaintiff's statutory rights is fatal to its enforceability as to the claims against defendants which primarily assert violations of consumer protection statutes, the court said.


Major law firms tell deans to protect students and resist anti-Semitism.


This congestion pricing will generate $5 billion a year for New York City, primarily on the backs of New Jersey residents and will create environmental harm that will affect those with asthma and other respiratory illness, Bruce Nagel of Nagel Rice said.


A disability discrimination complaint, filed by a Mercer County Community College employee fired after he contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized on a ventilator, has been resolved, according to Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin.


How the 'C.V.' ruling will be applied, and whether that common-sense-defying definition of discrimination is good public policy, remain to be seen.


Anyone who follows school law knows that these types of HIB charges are commonplace—and difficult to challenge. In seeking to combat bullying, the HIB statute (N.J.S.A. 18A:37-13) is exceedingly broad, focusing not on traditional categories of protected traits (race, gender, nationality, etc.) but...


The jury ultimately rejected GF's position and returned a verdict in plaintiffs' favor, finding that the parties had an enforceable agreement, the terms of which were set forth in the final offer, the Appellate Division said.


The broad base of support for the attorney, a federal prosecutor, is expected to help him win easy passage when the full senate takes up his nomination.


The court disagrees with plaintiff’s position that the analysis of the premises rule in Lapsley is somehow incomplete and instead finds that the decision supplies the correct legal framework for determining compensability and the application of the exclusive remedy provision in this case, U.S. Dis...


When considering 'The People of New York v. Trump,' most people focus on salacious details. However, lawyers familiar with the Rules of Professional Conduct are focusing on a more subtle, though no less important, issue: conflict of interest.


Axon's average prices for a body-worn camera went to $489 in 2022 from $169 in 2017, according to court documents.


[T]here is some irony to the fact that interpretation of the fallout of a state cannabis law is going to be done by the federal courts, when the federal law, in and of itself, doesn't even acknowledge cannabis as being legal, McCarter & English's Ryan Magee said.


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