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The new law infringes the rights of veterans to petition the government by depriving them of their adviser of choice, and likewise infringes their right to associate with their adviser of choice for purposes of petitioning the government, according to the complaint.


When providing the beneficiary's account number for the transfer, the campaign representative incorrectly entered a 6 as an 8, the suit claims.


We support the decision in Cardali, not only because it clarifies a disparity in appellate practice, but because the opinion presents granular methodology for litigants and trial courts.


Lawsuits over decongestants that an FDA panel found don't work now name more than a dozen defendants, including Walmart, Target, CVS, GlaxoSmithKline and Amazon.


I had no involvement in the case, one of the defendants said.


An all-time favorite It's not about the paperwork, or the dishes, or the to-do list. It's about making a positive impact on the future generations 💜


Wordle 820 5/6



What I am suggesting is that we read the statute—and it could have been written better—to be sure, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner said.


“Too often SLAPP suits have been used to silence criticism through costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. It’s a shame that bad actors have exploited our legal system to effectively strip outspoken New Jersey residents of their First Amendment rights,” Assemblywoman Carol Murphy said. .....


Judges who rejected virtual appearances, even for routine matters, dishonor the court's orders, and ill-serve the public and the bar.


We know about the outstanding reputation that the New Jersey judiciary has nationally, but it is nice to read and appreciate reasons for the reputation, courtesy of Justice Fasciale.


We call upon the court to establish a review committee to consider this important modification in terms of New Jersey’s own RPC 1.16 and recommend its adoption in New Jersey.


AB 5207 evades easy classification under a particular branch of the Supreme Court's Supremacy Clause jurisprudence, stated Judge Robert Kirsch. Regardless of the doctrine invoked, the result in this case is clear. A state law that wholesale deprives the federal government of its chosen method of det...


Once they're held accountable for failing to do something right, they are much more likely to institute reforms and put new procedures in place to ensure this doesn't happen again, said Emily Suski of the University of South Carolina School of Law.


I think it is too early to come to a conclusion, but the new guidelines themselves could act a a sort of new industry standard and that it might increase new claims of disparate treatment or discrimination under New Jersey LAD or under existing federal law, stated Jeffrey M. Scott, a partner with Ar...


The ruling clears the way for the state Disciplinary Board to begin enforcing the new rules, which seek to prohibit harassment and discrimination in the practice of law.


A Virginia high school uses race proxies to lower the number of Asian-Americans.


Room revenue reported to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission has shown substantial increases, even while occupancy rates have fallen and gaming revenues have increased only modestly, the suits claim


Employers should reevaluate their rules from the perspective of a “reasonable” employee who is economically dependent and an NLRB that is aggressively pursuing employee interests.


There seems to us that there is precedent for such communications relating to scheduling of cases and that the New Jersey example can be used to avoid any scheduling conflict which might arise with respect to setting trial dates in the various matters involving former President Trump.


Whatever the trial court's ruling in these cases, there is no question the law will remain unsettled until the issue is resolved by our appellate courts, education attorney David Rubin said.


Nearly a decade after a New Jersey Catholic school fired one of its teachers for getting pregnant out of wedlock, a New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the school was within its rights.The Supreme Court ruled on Monday, Aug. 14 in favor of…


The New Jersey judiciary’s move to an electronic records filing system has been years in the making. At the direction of Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, the judiciary formed a special committee in 2008 to prepare a comprehensive set of recommendations on how to make electronic filing broadly availabl...


The parties are spending a lot of time and money litigating almost as if they're in court, Sarchio said, noting that one recent arbitration involved around 72 document requests. I keep telling them, this is arbitration. It's supposed to be streamlined.


I think the new justices are finding their stride and comfort in their new role, New Jersey State Bar Association President Timothy F. McGoughran said. I think we are back to where we should be with scholarly debate, as well as honest and civil disagreement, when they feel necessary to voice some.


In our view it's designed to chill them away from bringing a case, to intimidate them, which is why this issue is so important, plaintiff's lawyer Gerald Clark said.


In a ruling that is being lauded by family law practitioners around the state, the New Jersey Supreme Court has held that, to make a prima facie showing of co-habitation, a party seeking to terminate alimony does not need to satisfy all the co-habitation factors in either Konzelman v. Konzelman or i...


That anyone in the city of Millville had to face discrimination from any public entity is disappointing, disheartening and unacceptable,” Attorney General Matthew Platkin said.


Upon information and belief, Shay refers his bankruptcy clients, like claimants, to Swigart because recently discharged debtors are more inclined to file frivolous litigation for potentially quick settlements, the suit said.


I still do think that jurors are going to be surprised when they walk into a case and that's what the case is, said Peter Frattarelli of Archer & Greiner.


One of the good things that came out of this decision is that some actual guidelines were set forth to start evaluating which cases might actually fall within that exemption, said Edward Rebenack, who represented plaintiffs seeking a change in venue.


When I selected her to be my running mate in 2017, Lt. Gov. Oliver was already a trailblazer in every sense of the word, Gov. Phil Murphy said. She had already made history as the first Black woman to serve as Speaker of the General Assembly, and just the second Black woman in the nation’s history...


It is long past time when the governor should complete the nominating process and call the Senate into special session to complete confirmation.


As far as proofs go, these are straightforward proofs. But none of these proofs, or none of the evidence suggesting the price fixing, etc., are set forth in the complaints, antitrust attorney Lionel Frank said.


We support the legislation. Passing along surcharges is a fact of everyday life, but businesses should not opportunistically be able to profit from it.


Crafting a legally sustainable definition of forbidden content of speech that can be excluded from First Amendment protections is an inherently impossible task.


Democratic AGs defend ‘aspirational’ hiring goals. Republican AGs suggest they’re illegal.


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