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Law Offices Of Geraldine Alegra LLC From real estate law to personal injury, Geraldine Allegra has the skill and knowledge to represent you in any case.

Receive peace of mind during any legal dispute with the help of the Law Offices of Geraldine Allegra LLC of Red Bank, New Jersey. At our private practice, every client receives the personalized care, service, and assistance you cannot find at any other law firm. We specialize in numerous areas of general litigation, including real estate, probate, and Social Security. With more than 25 years of ex

perience, Geraldine Allegra and her legal team represent and treat every client with respect. We personally communicate with you over the phone in order to provide immediate assistance for your utmost convenience.


If you have been injured and are considering filing a civil suit, proper documentation is important. Not only do you need to collect medical bills and records, but pictures should be taken of the injury that you will be able to present in court.


Civil attorneys who specialize in consumer litigation represent their clients' rights in consumer transactions. Consumer litigation involves matters such as deceptive or unfair trade practices, consumer fraud, auto warranties and Lemon laws, construction defects, and unscrupulous credit collection practices.


The oldest set of laws, called "Urukagina’s Code," dates from 2350 BC. The actual code has not been found, but later sources refer to it as the collection of ordinances adopted by Mesopotamian kings to govern civil matters and define the king’s divine right to rule.


If you believe you have been discriminated on the job, take your complaint to your supervisor. If you are not satisfied with the response, you must initiate further action quickly because of time limitations.


Did you know that the rights laid out in the Constitution, including freedom of speech and the right to assembly, can be fought for in court with the help of a civil lawyer? Everyone should be treated equally no matter their race, s*x or where they were born.


Civil rights claims are found in almost any type of discrimination, whether it's a restaurant that refuses to serve you because of your religious dress, or a club that refuses to grant you membership because of your s*x.


Business tort law can cover a wide variety of situations, such as defamation/slander, unfair competition, an owed legal duty, a breach of duty, or injury to another physically, financially, or in dignity. This can open your business up to lawsuits, but a civil attorney can help deal with them.


A crime victim can file a lawsuit and win a damage award against the offender, whether or not the offender was found guilty in criminal court, and even if the offender was never prosecuted for the crime.


Although the federal government has passed laws forbidding unfair hiring practices, it still happens more than anyone would like to admit. If you feel you’ve been passed over for a promotion because of the color of your skin, you may have a case.


We recognize that the administrators of some schools refuse to accept that one of their teachers could be the problem instead of the student. If meetings with the principal about teacher abuse aren’t yielding any results or have made the situation worse, it’s time to look into legal options.


What types of cases do civil attorneys handle? The list is quite long, from divorces, bankruptcy proceedings and personal injuries to product liability and medical malpractice. The most common type of civil law claim is personal injury.


Civil attorneys focus on non-criminal law. They represent their clients, which may be individuals or business entities, in legal matters ranging from developing contracts to resolving contract disputes, landlord-tenant issues, personal injury cases, automobile accidents, and more.


The civil law that underpins the American legal tradition evolved from English common law, rather than European law. English common law was largely uncodified and based on precedent, while European civil law was documented in comprehensive detail.


Did you know that, in a criminal case, the plaintiff is always the same? It’s either the state or federal government, and in all criminal cases, the potential punishment is the same: a fine, time in jail, or sometimes both.


The phrase "a preponderance of the evidence" (a deciding factor for civil cases) may sound like it means "the side with the most evidence," but that's not necessarily the case. It means one side's story is more believable than the other's, which is where having a civil attorney can make a big difference.


Do you know what a living will is? It’s a document in which you can express your specific desires in relation to end-of-life medical treatment. A civil lawyer can help you draft this document, so that your wishes will be clear to any doctors or family members.


When you have a small claims case (which means it's for $10,000 or less), there are some states where you legally must represent yourself, but in most of them, you're allowed a lawyer. Even if it's just for a consultation, a lawyer can still make a big difference in your case.


An old proverb says that “he who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” Our civil attorneys will analyze and advise you on your issues, and will also help you identify any additional claims you may have overlooked.


American civil and criminal law is derived from British law, so in a way, our law tradition can be traced to the first written English laws, circa 600. These laws were devised by King Aethelbert, the Saxon king who ruled Kent from roughly 590 to 616.


Did you know there are 202 law schools in the United States? The yearly size of graduating lawyers varies from school to school, but there were an estimated 760,000 lawyers based on 2012 statistics. The total figure is higher, but some people with law degrees do not pursue law as a career.


As with any kind of legal proceeding, it’s very important that you’re upfront and honest with us about every aspect of the situation. Even if you believe your actions contributed to the matter, we still need to know.


In some cases, our attorneys may be able to resolve your civil rights dispute through informal negotiations with the offending party. For example, an employer guilty of discrimination may agree to a settlement if you agree not to sue.


Although you may be anxious to have your day in court, it’s important to stay open to any settlements that are offered by the other side. In some cases, the settlement may make court unnecessary.


Have you avoided scheduling a consultation because you’re worried we’ll take your case without hope of winning? We don’t work that way. If we feel your case is without legal merit, we’ll let you know upfront.


Depositions are a common step in any civil case. During a deposition, a witness answers questions about the case while under oath and being recorded by a court reporter. It's important to ask the right questions, and a civil attorney can help.


A certified civil trial attorney is a lawyer who has demonstrated a high level of expertise and skill in civil trial practice. The certification is granted by an American Bar Association accredited national board, or in some states, by the state Supreme Court.


The laws of Aethelbert, the earliest documented English civil and criminal laws, are important for many reasons. They provide rare insights into legal standards of the period (590-616), and they were the first laws recorded in the common language rather than Latin.


At-will employment gives an employer broad discretion in terminating employees without notice. However, federal and state law protects employees from termination if they refuse to conspire in an employer's criminal activity, engage in insurance fraud, or if they give truthful testimony under oath.


When a minor breaks a law, he or she is sent to Juvenile Court, but this isn't actually a criminal court. Juvenile delinquency cases are actually civil cases. Other juvenile cases (also civil cases) include juvenile dependency or status offenses (such as truancy).


If there is one common denominator throughout the course of a civil action, it is time. There are time limits on everything, and not meeting the time requirements carries penalties: either denial of your suit, or a judgment against you. An attorney makes sure time does not get the better of you.


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