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Another great day in court. Three years ago a Retailer walks into my office looking for legal defense. It had been caught red-handed selling counterfeit goods and it was being sued in Federal Court. A very tough case, so I defended it. Case goes to trial. Jury finds Retailer counterfeited and hits it with a $2 million verdict. Then I argued to the judge that the evidence presented at trial was not enough to show Retailer actually counterfeited as defined by the law. Judge agrees and tosses out the entire $2 million verdict. Retailer wins! A very aggressive appeal is filed against Retailer. Now, the Ninth Court of Appeals also agreed that Retailer did not actually counterfeit as defined by the law. The $2 million verdict is gone for good. Retailer wins BIG! Another happy client.


Another win in court.
Shady Guy buys a business from Seller under a payment plan. Shady Guy gains control of the business but then decided to pay only part of the agreed price. Seller hires a lawyer to file a lawsuit. Shady Guy hires a Crafty Lawyer who comes up with excuses why the full price should not be paid and files a counter lawsuit against Seller. Case is spiraling against Seller and Shady Guy is pleased. Seller fires his lawyer and turns the case over to us. After much effort, we manage to shoot down Crafty Lawyer’s excuses and counter lawsuit. Now the Court issued Final Judgment against Shady Guy and awarded Seller damages well in the six-figures. Now Seller is very pleased.

Lesson: Avoid doing business with Shady Guy and fight back against Crafty Lawyer’s tactics.


Scored a great settlement against an insurance broker for professional malpractice. My client hired the broker to get insurance for one of its warehouses. A water pipe burst and flooded the warehouse. The insurance policy did not cover the incident. We filed a lawsuit against the insurance broker. Few weeks before trial, the broker caved and my client was fully compensated.

The worst thing that an insurance broker can do is procure an insurance policy without understanding the risks associated with their clients’ business. If you find your business under-insured, examine your broker’s role. Under certain circumstances, brokers owe their clients a duty to make sure the proper insurance policy is procured.

16-55301 Hani Sharaf v. Starbuzz Tobacco, Inc.

This week, I had the honor to argue in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a case involving the implied rescission of a written contract. (Here is a video of the hearing). Very interesting subject matter with the lesson being that contracting parties must ensure that their actions are always in conformance with the terms of their contract. Any inconsistent conduct opens the door to the invalidation of the entire contract.

Every time I argue in this venue, I am left in awe by our amazing system of justice and I am reminded how much I love my job.

Hani Sharaf appeals the district court's summary judgment in favor of Starbuzz Tobacco, Inc. in Sharaf's diversity action, alleging claims arising from a par...


We had a successful court hearing last week. We have sued an individual defendant for breach of contract. We then learned that the defendant placed one of his businesses for sale to pay off his personal debt. We convinced the court that the status quo must be preserved and defendant should not be allowed to sell his business or any substantial asset until our lawsuit is resolved. The court agreed and we got a rock solid injunction that has crippled defendant. Now defendant wants to talk settlement. Our client is pleased.




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