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Founded in 1998, Notary ASAP is a licensed company Incorporated in the state of California owned and managed by an experienced Escrow Assistant, Loan Processor, Notary, and Real Estate Agent.


In most states, notaries are only authorized to validate documents, but some states allow them to perform other acts as well. In the states of Maine, Florida, and South Carolina, notaries are allowed to perform a marriage ceremony.


Under Louis XIV of France, Notaries were given an official seal bearing the image of the Royal Arms in order to give the notaries additional freedom from judicial officials. Today, notary seals bear the seal of the official state they are working in.


Are you concerned that you’re going to miss a fast approaching deadline because you haven’t been able to make it to your bank before they close to get something notarized? You may find that our hours are a little more flexible.


Notaries have been around for thousands of years. During the time of the Roman Republic before 100 B.C., they were known as “scribae” (scribes) or “tabellius” (writers) in addition to the origin of today’s term: "notarius."


When will a notary refuse to handle a request? While the laws vary slightly from state to state; in general, a notary will not sign a document when the proper identification is not available, or when it appears the person signing the document is confused or uncertain about what he or she is doing.


Did you know that Columbus and other explorers had notaries public on the various voyages during the Age of Discovery? This was to ensure that all treasures and goods found or discovered were legally accounted for and recorded.


In many countries, notaries are appointed by specified sections of their government. Here in the U.S., since notaries are state-appointed officials, they are usually appointed by state governors or secretaries of state.


It’s important to remember that the notary seal or stamp usually pertains to the individual signers of the document, not the document as a whole. That makes it necessary for each party to be present to sign the document in front of a notary.


We understand that you won’t always be able to accommodate banker’s hours when you have an urgent document that needs to be notarized. Let’s talk about whether our hours are more conducive to your schedule.


Are you holding a deposition and only just realized you’ll need someone to swear the witness in before they give testimony? Remember, in many cases, a notary public is able to perform this service.


The office of notary public is one of the oldest public offices in the history of civilization. The need for officials in this capacity arose as more and more business was conducted in absentia, and a method was needed to ensure the legality and identity of those involved.


Where did the word “notary” come from? The Latin word “nota” which referred to a shorthand system developed over 1,000 years ago that was used for agreements, conveyances and other types legal documents which were known as “notarius.”


What happens if the notary makes some type of mistake in preparing my document? Notaries are required to be bonded. If a mistake leads to a financial injury, the bond can be used to pay the customer. Notaries are bonded to protect their customers.


Even if the notary public has known you for all of your life, you must still present proper identification when requesting that a document be notarized as state law requires recording this information in the journal.


According to historians, the first notary was Tiro, a Roman slave, who developed a system of shorthand that enabled him to accurately record the speeches of his boss Cicero, one of the most famous orators in ancient Rome.


Notaries are state-appointed public officials, but, in the case of the military, there can be exceptions. Some members of the armed forces are granted the power of a notary by federal law, and some states give the same power to commissioned officers.


What is the Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility? It is a document, used by the National Notary Association, which helps to outline the responsibilities of notaries. The Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility is an essential tool for all U.S. notaries too.


The American Society of Notaries makes this crucial point: “A notary’s ability to fully evaluate a document signer’s identification, basic understanding of the transaction, and free will would be diminished by any condition other than physical presence of the signer.”


A notary is a reliable and low-cost way to handle long-distance business when an affidavit, oath or acknowledgement may be required.


Did you know that one U.S. president was sworn in by a notary? That was Calvin Coolidge, who took office when Warren Harding died in 1923. Coolidge, who was elected as Harding's vice-president, was sworn in by his father John Coolidge, who happened to be a notary.


If you have a document that needs to be notarized, remember not to sign it before our appointment. Otherwise, you may have to sign again in our presence so we can validate your signature.


Did you know that many notaries risked their lives during the early history of the United States to authenticate and witness documents? This was especially true during the years when early Americans were locked in a power struggle with Britain over land.


Selling a car? You might need a notary public. In instances where an auto title contains two or more names on it, some states require all parties to be present and to sign the title or title transfer in front of a notary public.


The quickest way to tell if yours is an “Acknowledgement” or “Jurat” document is to look for certain phrasing. Typically, “Acknowledgement” documents have the word “acknowledge”, while “subscribed and sworn” tend to appear on “Jurat” documents.


When it comes to notarizing documents, it’s important to remember that a notary isn’t validating the legality of the contract. Instead, we’re verifying that the signatures we notarize are indeed from the correct person.


Remember, one of our primary duties when notarizing your documents is to verify the identity of the signers. In most cases, this can be accomplished with a valid state issued driver’s license.


In the old days, kids used to forge parent's signature on permission slips, which could cause a lot of trouble. Nowadays, many schools require that permission slips have a notary seal when the parent signs it, and local notary services make this convenient and easy.


Public and private school systems are increasingly relying on notarized documents as an additional measure of safety. This includes things like participation in after-school programs and attendance on field trips.


In a “Jurat” notarization, the process is similar to the “Acknowledgement” notarization, with the added condition that the notary administer an oath to the signer, affirming that the document’s content is true (to the best of the signer’s knowledge).


In nearly all cases, the main reason to have a notary sign a document is to deter fraud. For example, a person who wants to submit a signed statement in a lawsuit must get that statement, or oath, notarized. By swearing that they are telling the truth, the person submitting the statement could be legally liable for lying.


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