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An estate attorney can help you to address all the "what ifs" involved in the distribution of assets, especially if you have kids. For instance, should your spouse remarry after your death it will be of great peace of mind to know that they will be taken care of when you are gone.


When considering your estate plan, take note of your investments, real estate, retirement, savings, insurance policies and business interests. Ask yourself who you want to handle your medical decisions and money if you’re unable to do so for yourself.


Estate planning is more than just having a will drafted. It is a specific set of legal steps to help you avoid probate and minimize the amount of taxes on your estate.


Each state develops its own laws, which means estate planning legalities vary widely from one place to another. When you’re handling an estate planning issue, it’s important to work with an attorney who’s expert in the laws relevant to that state.


While an estate planning attorney’s immediate goal is to help you plan your estate and define last wishes, the attorney can also be helpful to those left behind and help the executor charged with managing the estate perform the myriad duties required by law.


What is a trust? That is one of the most common ways to avoid probate. Your property, insurance policies and accounts are placed in the name of the trust while you are alive. That means probate is unnecessary and the executor can immediately divide up the property based on the instructions in the will.


If you want to keep assets in trust for your child but are concerned that he or she will not manage those assets wisely, then you can name a trustee (either an individual or a bank or trust company) to manage the funds instead.


Planning for your own passing is something no one wants to think about. That’s a given. But it is a very important task that we should all consider. An estate plan will help with the repercussions that can come from inheriting, and save your family a great deal of money.


It’s important to remember that your will may need updates over time. If your financial situation changes, it may be necessary to alter your will to account for these new assets.


If you are thinking about giving away money and property, talk to your attorney about the exclusion limit. That's the figure that marks the total amount of money you can give away in your lifetime.


By updating your will and other estate planning documents regularly, you can make sure your most up-to-date wishes are followed if you die. Courts generally must follow a written will instead of statements you may have made to some relatives about the intention to change your will.


When it comes down to it, a well-constructed estate plan can protect your assets and ensure they end up in the right hands following your death. This includes protection from lawsuits, divorce claims, creditors, and other claims.


Other examples of what is considered your estate are your share of any partnership or business, any money you’re owed, or anything you own jointly with someone else.


Did you know that leaving all your assets to your spouse isn’t always the best approach to take when it comes to estate planning? This way, you don’t use your estate tax exemption and instead increase your surviving spouse’s taxable estate, which could lead to your heirs paying more in estate taxes.


If a beloved work friend shared your passion for the outdoors, how can you be sure that he or she inherits your off-road vehicle if you die? The only way to do that is to let us help you put together a will that clearly lays out all of your wishes.


One of the major problems with trying to create your own will is that you won’t have the professional guidance necessary to avoid potentially serious loopholes. When you need to ensure your will can stand up in court, it’s best to work with an attorney.


One of the great benefits of getting advice from an estate planning attorney is that there may be ways to begin passing on a portion of your estate to your heirs now while you can still see them put it to good use. If you’re interested in exploring these options, we’re always here for you.


Wondering how often your estate plan should be reviewed? It's a good idea to look them over every two or three years. If you experience life changes like marriage, birth, divorce, or a substantial increase or decrease in your assets, you and your lawyer should review your plan as soon as possible.


Estate planning is a complicated field, and you should rely on the advice of an expert. For example, many parents make the mistake of adding an adult child on the title to their home or other property so that it passes directly to them and avoids probate. However, if the child has any liability issues during your lifetime, the home or other property could fall into the hands of creditors.


In a Trust Under Will, a trust account is included in your will with its provisions spelled out. It provides professional asset management for your beneficiaries upon your death.


Do you know what “intestate” means? In the legal world, that’s the term for someone who dies without a will. When that happens, your state has rules in place that dictate who inherits your assets. With the help of an attorney, you can prepare a will and maintain control of those decisions.


We understand that some people have very specific wishes for the division of their estate after their death. Let’s talk about how we make that happen for you by putting it into your will.


What is the gift tax exemption? Anyone can give up to $14,000 a year as a gift without paying taxes. However, your estate planning attorney can explain there also is a lifetime exemption that can include gifts and what is included in your estate.


A good attorney is essential when it comes to estate planning. Not only can they help you make decisions that are best for your individual situation, but they can help you navigate the ever-changing federal and state laws governing estates as well.


It’s important to remember that your will or trust doesn’t have to be set in stone once it’s written. If there’s a change to your circumstances or wishes, it’s usually possible to make changes to these documents.


The idea behind estate planning is to make sure that whatever assets you leave behind go to the people or charitable organizations of your choosing. If there is no will, the laws of your state decide which of your relatives get your assets.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a millionaire to take advantage of estate planning. Even if you just have a house and car, you could save your loved ones from going through the often lengthy probate process.


How soon after I die will my beneficiaries receive the assets in my will? If an estate planning attorney has helped you to avoid probate – perhaps by setting up a trust – your beneficiaries could receive assets just weeks after your death.


When it comes down to it, tax and trust planning are interrelated and need to be considered simultaneously. We will help you to maximize how much of your estate stays intact and can be passed down to your family.


Did you know that, with advanced estate planning, you can actually reduce your estate taxes? This can be done through the gifting of assets to loved ones, a charity, or a trust, such as highly appreciated stocks.


Setting up a trust can help protect your children from your creditors and potential lawsuits related to your estate. It can also protect them from losing their inheritance due to their own poor judgment and overspending.


When it comes to estate planning, there are several elements involved. This includes your will, a power of attorney, a living will or medical power of attorney, and sometimes also a trust.


What is a health care proxy? That’s a legal document in which you appoint a person to make medical decisions for you in the event you cannot. That person – who can be a relative or trusted friend – can ensure that any end-of-life medical care follows your personal preferences.


In addition to traditional assets, an estate planning attorney can help you define how digital assets should be handled. What are digital assets? They include blogs, social networking sites, business accounts, domain names, and other online accounts and internet properties.


Having a competent estate planning lawyer is an important part of protecting your assets and making sure they are passed down according to your wishes. Your lawyer can advise you on estate decisions, create legal documents, keep your estate plan current with new laws, and eventually help disperse the assets.


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