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What is winning?

Most people think that, for a lawyer, winning means getting a huge verdict or having a criminal defendant found "not guilty." But, in reality, "winning" means achieving the client's goals. I means doing the job the client hired us to do. Yesterday, ML attorney, Sameera Ali, tried a partition suit in which our client, who bought a house with his former girlfriend while they were dating was sued to have the house sold and the proceeds divided between them. For the client, this was his home and he didn't want to sell, yet he didn't have the money to buy her out at the amount she was demanding and, thanks to rising interest rates, he couldn't even refi to pay her off.

Sameera went in there and proved that the ex girlfriend's demand was unreasonable and that her portion didn't amount to nearly as much as she was claiming. Then, she got the judge to order that the client be permitted to buy her out, and gave him plenty of time to raise the money to do so.

That's a solid victory. At Magner Law, that's what we do.


THIS is the kind of message you like to get from a client about a firm attorney. Good job, Jeff!

"Hey Jim, it's. [CLIENT]. Sorry for texting so late but just wanted to let you know what a great job that Jeff did today. He worked above and beyond. We might have lost a slam dunk PO appeal that we should've had but we won the war today and got a big victory. Make sure to congratulate him and we should all have a drink out or something one night for all his hard work.
We are both breathing again and happy with the outcome today. We do want to pursue the PI and look forward to working with you and your team."


Nice win today for ML partner, Meghan Matulka! Speeding tickets may seem like a nuisance, but in Virginia, reckless driving charges are no laughing matter and carry serious consequences. So, what do you do if you screw up and get hit with a reckless driving charge... TWICE in quick succession? You hire Meghan, that's what you do. Meghan doesn't just show up and sling BS with the hopes that she gets a decent deal. She works the case and works with the client to make sure that the client can present a solid argument for redemption and leniency, and then works to prove it to the court. Today, all that hard work paid off and a young person who may have been looking at some very serious consequences for a long time ended up paying some fair fines and agreeing to some reasonable conditions instead. Future saved. Magner Law for the win!


We were notified yesterday afternoon that Magner Law has once again been nominated for a BEST IN LOUDOUN award. That's four years in a row! We've won once and been a finalist twice. I think that's a testament to the fantastic work done by our team and the excellent service they provide to our clients day in and day out. Thank you Jeff, Meghan, Sameera, Audrey and Galina, and thank you Loudoun County for recognizing us once again!


BIG PRAISE today to Magner Law attorney, Sameera. Last week, she successfully negotiated a great sentencing agreement for an incarcerated client that would get her out of prison in time for the holidays. But, late last week, the department of corrections simply ignored the deal and declined to release the client. Sameera got on the horn to everyone and anyone who would listen, including state senators, the state attorney general's office and numerous commonwealth attorneys' offices. Her efforts paid off and the woman was released on Monday. Magner Law fights for those who no one else cares about. We are on your side when no one else is. That's what we do. Congrats, Sameera!

X-ing Out
X-ing Out

X-ing Out

Generation X. A generation that includes myself, by the way.


If you have a small corporation (C-Corp or S-Corp), chances are your corporate bylaws require you to have an annual meeting of the shareholders and directors around the first of the year... and to give notice to your shareholders and directors in advance. Not sure what you need to do? Magner Law can help. Also, if you have a small corporation and you don't have any bylaws, I can help with that, too.

Polo in the Park was (briefly) great fun.

Polo in the Park was (briefly) great fun.

I guess we are official now at the new address.

I guess we are official now at the new address.


Magner Law scores another big win! ML Attorney Sameera Ali was representing a person accused of distributing drugs and assault. But the police and the prosecutors took shortcuts in the case and Sameera was all over it. The entire case was tossed at trial on her motion to strike. We citizens have the right to demand that our law enforcement and prosecution agencies do their jobs by the book so that we can rely on the integrity of the process and the convictions that result from that process. When the rights of citizens are threatened, it is the astute defense attorney who prevents the legal process from becoming a convenient conveyor belt of justice.


GREAT JOB Jeff Saradar!
Jeff had a really tough case this week representing a young man who was facing being separated from his children. It was an uphill battle because of some challenges particular to this case, but Jeff put together a strategic plan and presented the case with precision and persistence. The result was a big win; a win for Jeff and the firm, yes, but also for the client and his kids.


Effective May 1, 2021, Magner Law will be relocating to:

6 Wirt St., NW, 1st Fl.
Leesburg, VA 20176

Feel free to drop by our new digs and say, "Hello!"


ANNOUNCEMENT: Magner Law is no longer handling landlord-tenant disputes, either in residential or commercial cases.

Recent changes to the law regarding residential leases in Virginia have rendered it impractical for us to get involved in such cases. The time it would take to comply with all of the new requirements in each case would result in exorbitant fees to our clients.

Likewise, our experience with cases involving commercial lease disputes have led us to conclude that taking on such cases is almost always a money-losing proposition for both the client and this firm.

We are still more than happy to prepare and negotiate commercial leases, including such negotiations related to the sale/purchase of a business and, of course, we still take on cases involving real estate disputes.

We are very grateful to have been nominated for a "Best of Loudoun" award for the third year in a row.  You can cast you...
Best of Loudoun

We are very grateful to have been nominated for a "Best of Loudoun" award for the third year in a row. You can cast your vote for us here: #/gallery?group=372059

Vote for your favorite people, places, and business in Loudoun County!


Many of you have corporate bylaws that direct you to hold your annual shareholders and directors meetings right around or just after the new year. Even if you are a sole shareholder S Corp, this is a legal requirement and if you skip it, you run the risk of invalidating your corporation. Time to blow the dust off of those corporate books we put together for you and see what it says. If you have questions, remember, we're here to help.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Magner Law is pleased to announce that Sameera Ali, Esq. has joined our team. Sameera is a fantastic litigator with experience in both civil and criminal cases. We are very excited to have her on our team!



At our partners meeting yesterday, we all resolved to remain on the case and on the job. We will be closing our physical office for the time being for the safety of our staff and clients. However, we are still operating at capacity and will continue to serve our clients via telephone, email and video conferencing. We will be using the "Zoom" app, so if you need to have a virtual meeting, please download that app and contact us to arrange a meeting.


Magner Law has not closed down. In fact, with all of the other closings and postponements and delays, we've been working harder than ever this week for our clients - getting cases rescheduled and working with the courts and other attorneys. We are also helping our small business clients modify their contracts and draft change orders to accommodate this situation as it develops to avoid disputes and litigation in the future. We are here and we are on the job and we are going to stay on the job.


Now is a GREAT time to get around to that estate planning that you've been putting off. Magner Law can conduct the initial consult via telephone, collect your information via email, and prepare your estate documents all without you ever leaving your house. Once this crisis has passed, we can schedule a document signing that will take only a few minutes. Give us a call at 540-431-4400.


We at ML realize that mass hysteria over the corona virus is taking hold of people, governments and institutions. However, ML has elected not to participate in that hysteria. Our clients have paid us good money and have entrusted us to do a job, and we're going to do that job.

Yes, we are being extra cautious and will be wiping down surfaces in our office with antibacterial wipes. Yes, we will conduct as much of our business electronically as we can. Yes, we will gladly accommodate our clients who opt for telephone conferences over face to face meetings. We want our clients and our staff to be safe and healthy. But we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of service that we pride ourselves on.

Your legal affairs will not be neglected. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Holiday elves have spruced up the mansion at Magner Law!

Holiday elves have spruced up the mansion at Magner Law!


A while back, I wrote an article about the complexities of dealing with a deceased loved one's social media and other online accounts. In the article, I predicted that the law would eventually catch up. It has. In Virginia, we have now adopted the "Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act" which provides estate fiduciaries, including Trustees and Executors, with access to the decedent's online accounts. This fixes a HUGE problem in the law, but, it also allows you to designate a specific person to have control over your accounts if anything happens to you.

If you are interested in this issue and what to know how to protect your digital privacy and dignity, give us a call.


6 Wirt Street , NW, First Floor
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I will be contacting the District attorney and Attorney General of Jeff's unethical conduct
I am obligated to tell you that your associate Jeff is ranting hate speech on facebook. It is unprofessional unethical and worthy of me contacting the oversight agencies of his extreme bias.