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Duckworth Law Firm, PLLC Duckworth Law Firm, PLLC is a personal injury/criminal defense law firm serving clients in Tennessee and Mississippi.


The Duckworth Law Firm chalked up another trial victory last week, this time in General Sessions Court.


The Duckworth Law Firm began representing clients two years ago. In our second year, we recovered over 1.5 million dollars for clients who were injured through the fault of others. We also represented clients in various other civil and criminal matters.

There are many great lawyers/firms in Memphis and North Mississippi for you to chose from. I am grateful for each and everyone of you who chose me. Thank you for a great second year.

If you or someone you know needs legal representation, I hope you will call me. I consider it a privilege to practice law and represent clients. I love what I do and I will work hard to get each and every client the best result possible.

Thanks again.

Please call me at 901-754-9994, or email me at [email protected].


Duckworth Law Firm is here for you. Call 901-754-9994.


"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

Mark Twain


The Duckworth Law Firm recovered $1,390,000.00 for clients in the month of June.


One year ago today Duckworth Law Firm opened for business. Thanks to all of my friends and family for your support during this first year. Special thanks to all of my clients who made this first year a great success. I look forward to serving you in the future.


Another trial victory for The Duckworth Law Firm! Today, The Duckworth Law Firm received a verdict in favor of its client, the Plaintiff, in a breach of contract case involving former business partners. When the defendant refused to listen to reason and resolve the case, The Duckworth Law Firm took the case to trial and won the full amount of the contract.


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Happy Friday! Stay safe!


Happy Thanksgiving. Even in the times we are currently in, I’m sure we can all find something to be grateful for.


Some may remember, if you have good memories, that there used to be a concept in Anglo-American law called a presumption of innocence, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now that's so deep in history that there's no point even bringing it up, but it did once exist.

Noam Chomsky


“Every subject has a right to be secure from all unreasonable searches, and seizures, of his person, his houses, his papers, and all his possessions. All warrants, therefore, are contrary to this right, if the cause or foundation of them be not previously supported by oath or affirmation; and if the order in the warrant to a civil officer, to make search in suspected places, or to arrest one or more suspected persons, or to seize their property, be not accompanied with a special designation of the persons or objects of search, arrest, or seizure: and no warrant ought to be issued but in cases, and with the formalities prescribed by the laws.”

John Adams, Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, Article 14, 1780


"It is better, so the Fourth Amendment teaches us,
that the guilty sometimes go free than
the citizens be subject to easy arrest."
Justice William O. Douglas
Source: Henry v. United States, 1959


"The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."

Martin Luther King Jr.


Happy Friday! Stay safe.


I received my first telephone call at the office this morning. I lunged for the phone in excitement, only to find that it was the car warranty company calling me with important information regarding my warranty.



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