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China’s long-running structural problems are hitting the headlines again. What’s going on there, and how much do the likes of you and I have to worry about it?


Credit cards make it challenging for three in four (73%) of Americans to manage their finances as balances creep up and interest rates rise, according to a survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll.


An IRA CD is an interest-earning account that can help you save for retirement. The IRA CD contains a certificate of deposit (CD), which is an interest-earning savings account, within an individual retirement account (IRA). With a CD, you invest your savings for a set amount of time—whether for si...


Costs remain a concern, but a strong labor market and moderating inflation have assuaged finance chiefs’ worst economic fears.


Every great business began as an idea. Here's how I took my idea from conception to thriving company.


DraftKings and other online gambling companies are raking it in with ‘parlay’ wagers. As they win, you lose.


A family limited liability company (LLC) is formed by family members to conduct business in states that allow LLCs. Members must be related by blood, adoption, or marriage. The family LLC is a popular way to protect the assets of a family business against claims by creditors, divide income among gen...


If you were looking for a sign that the tech start-up world has shaken off the growth-at-all-costs mindset that typified the last decade, Uber reporting a profit this week for the first time might fit the bill.


The rapid shift to hybrid and remote work during the pandemic led to an explosion of virtual meetings. While meetings aimed to foster collaboration, they often created a sense of being overwhelmed which reduced productivity.


A Federal Reserve survey found that credit application rejection rates have increased to 21.8%. Lenders are tightening lending availability in the face of rate hikes and continuing inflation. Check your credit score and build credit history to improve your odds of getting approved.


Need to bring in fresh talent? Explore top tips for recruiting your next new hire.


Financial inclusion refers to efforts to make financial products and services accessible and affordable to all individuals and businesses, regardless of their personal net worth or company size. Financial inclusion strives to remove the barriers that exclude people from participating in the financia...


With air fares soaring, especially for international flights, travelers are raiding their loyalty accounts.


Lumping loans into a single obligation can ease the sting of repayments, but there are pitfalls


A cap on purchases reduces conflict and preserves financial autonomy in a relationship.


We learn at an early age that we all make mistakes, and no one is perfect. And while that does ring true, there are certain instances in life where minimizing mistakes is particularly important. One of those instances is divorce. Having helped many individuals through the divorce process, the misste...


Cheaper cheeseburgers for all?


Positive economic and consumer data helped push financial markets to a strong June, setting the stage for a potentially stronger summer.


The startup mantra of "fake it 'til you make it" has recently resulted in a series of high-profile convictions of entrepreneurs. There are ethical ways to accomplish the same startup goals without committing outright fraud.


The U.S. stock market has powered higher in the first half of this year despite numerous obstacles, from banking sector turmoil to recurring doubts about the economy’s health. Here are six key questions investors are posing as they assess the market’s prospects:


The last time people felt this good about money matters, stock values were hitting record highs and banks were offering 30-year mortgages with rates well under 4%.


A cohort of people in their mid-30s have probably been pummelled twice by monetary policy over the past decade.


When Eric Schauer was laid off last July at age 55, he wasn’t too worried about landing a new position.


The economy and the jobs market have turned out to be far less sensitive to interest rates than economists thought, at least so far.


As teens start to earn and manage money, they likely will encounter financial risks when deciding how to save, spend, and invest their money. It’s imperative that they understand what financial risks are, and how to minimize them, to protect their finances.


Stocks closed last week higher on positive jobs and debt ceiling news.


Bloomberg law analysts explain what ESG is, why it’s become such a hot topic and what regulation — and litigation — we can expect in the near future.


Are you capable of figuring out $28 of saving a day? If the answer is yes, then $10,000 of investments in a year is not as far off as you think.


You’ll want to pay attention because these changes–more than a dozen of them–could have a profound effect on your retirement plans.


Among the many dire consequences of a possible U.S. default, the fallout on Social Security has emerged as one of the most feared.


It’s not that you don’t have plenty of company if you’ve racked up credit card balances.


Social Security and Medicare may see benefit reductions unless Congress takes timely action.


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