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We regularly practice in all of the counties in Northern Virginia including Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William and Loudoun. Based on our attorneys’ extensive in court experience, we are familiar with the personalities, idiosyncrasies, and tendencies of most of the judges, prosecutors, and other attorneys in the area. Therefore, we are able to advise our clients of the most likely outco

me in their case. In many of our cases, that specific knowledge can make all the difference. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights, whether it is through appropriate negotiation of a settlement or through litigation. Our attorneys specialize in providing advice and representation in matters involving: Divorce: No matter how complex or simple, divorces are stressful but it is important not to let emotional or financial pressures to guide your decisions. Our attorneys will evaluate your case and guide you in the right direction. Child Custody and Visitation: When a divorce or break-up of a non-marital relationship involves children it is necessary to determine a custodial schedule that would be in the best interests of the children. Spousal Support and Child Support: We will evaluate the earning history and earning potential of both parties, as well as several other important factors, and insist on a fair support arrangement. Property Division: Our attorneys have the experience to evaluate a couple’s assets and debts and advise our clients regarding the laws governing the division of property. Protective Orders: often divorces begin with protective orders. Regardless of which side of the protective order you are on, we will fight for your desired outcome. We hope that the information on our website is informative and helpful to you. We offer free consultations for many types of cases and our retainer fees are reasonable and competitive. If you are faced with a legal issue, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Again, thank you for considering our firm and we hope we have the opportunity to meet you and discuss your case. Translation and Interpretation available upon request in Arabic, Farsi, English, Spanish.

If you are a Fairfax County voter (and it doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, etc....

If you are a Fairfax County voter (and it doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, etc.), then the election on June 20 (early voting ends June 17) impacts you and your family. The election for our next Commonwealth’s Attorney directly impacts the safety of your family and all residents of Fairfax County.
Tuesday, June 20th is the “Democratic” Primary for this position – I use quotes because everyone can vote that day … even if you are NOT a Democrat. It is almost certain that the winner of this primary will be the elected official this fall. There is no announced Republican candidate.
Understand that we are voting for an attorney to lead an office of attorneys who prosecute ra**sts, murderers, gang members, domestic assaults, etc., in Fairfax County; we are voting for an attorney who has the trust and respect of law enforcement and the bench; we are voting for an attorney who will support the rights and privacy of victims of crimes; and most importantly, we are voting for an attorney who will ensure that every case the office prosecutes in Fairfax County is done with integrity and transparency.
Incumbent – Steve Descano – absolutely zero courtroom experience. No jury trials. I have no clue how he was elected (actually, I do, it just sucks). The incumbent was supported by a nationally backed campaign that guaranteed his election, even though he was only licensed in Virginia for two years and had no criminal prosecution experience in the courtroom. In fact, he never did a solo criminal jury trial. It is like becoming the top mechanic of a car dealership even though you have never changed oil or spark plugs in a car.
Moreover, even since he was elected to office, he has never tried a case. He has lost some of the best prosecutors for Fairfax County. His turnover rate is unprecedented. He has failed to prosecute the cases that needed to be prosecuted, he has lost the trust of law enforcement officers, and he will get re-elected if we allow national politics to control local communities. It is called, “The tail wagging the dog!”
Challenger - Ed Nuttall - formerly served as a Fairfax County prosecutor, he has served as counsel for the Fraternal Order of Police, he has successfully tried and defended serious felony cases that include numerous jury trials, he is a longtime resident of Fairfax County and he raised his family here, he has volunteered thousands of hours and raised lots money for many years for Autism (his son, Owen, has inspired all of us and always makes you smile), and Ed has the support of everybody I know in our criminal justice system, including the bench, the bar and even a significant number of prosecutors now working for the incumbent.
We are talking about the best person to keep our families and community safe. We are not talking about someone who is going to go to Richmond and vote on laws. We are talking about the person who will manage an office of attorneys who receive all arrests made by law enforcement and are then tasked with evaluating the case to the best of their abilities in a manner that is fair and just, and not for politics. Ed Nuttall will protect us while also implementing reasonable criminal justice reform - in a way that Fairfax County residents want them, not the way the Fairfax County Democratic Committee wants them. We can’t let the tail wag the dog. The incumbent is a politician, not an experienced prosecutor or trial attorney.
Imagine being an attorney with the incumbent as your boss. Imagine you are tasked with prosecuting serious s*x crimes and violent felonies to keep Fairfax County safe. And days before trial, you are stressed out and looking for strategic mentoring and/or support, but your boss can’t help you with either because he has never done it.
My firm recently represented a young a lady who was the victim of a serious s*x crime as a juvenile. The incumbent’s office did not consult with her before they made a plea deal with her ra**st. We filed a motion asking the Court to reject the plea deal, but the judge was bound by the law and could not side with us, BUT he specifically wrote in his opinion that her government “failed her” in the case.
This happened in 2021-2022. And it can’t be fixed. But it can be prevented from happening again.
Please do independent research of each candidate and evaluate their credentials. You will see how the incumbent’s campaign is based on politics (he calls himself a national leader) rather than his lack of credentials and actual experience for the job. For instance, he is campaigning about a case (Bijan) that he had no business getting involved in, and wasted our tax dollars on a case that got dismissed for lack of jurisdiction in Fairfax County and on appeal in the Eastern District of Virginia. It was solely for his own benefit to use in his re-election campaign at our expense.
Vote for Ed Nuttall for Fairfax County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney on June 20 – or vote early between now and June 17.
Have a great summer.

Ed was raised in a middle-class family. He learned the importance of fairness, community, and service from his parents at an early age and he’s carried that with him through his career. He understands people and engages with people in his service to the community and most importantly victims of cr...


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