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Were proud to provide legal solutions for residents throughout the state of Tennessee.We focus on Bankruptcy Divorce and custody Personal injury Social Security disabilityWith over 25 years of experience, we can get the best possible results for your case. Charles Moffatt will fight aggressively for your rights, focusing on the individual nuances of a particular case. Were dedicated to personalized client support, working with you throughout our entire process.Let us put our skills to work for you. When it comes to legal representation, trust the Law Office of Charles Moffatt. Were the professionals.Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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In August, 1920 the State of Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment to the US Constituion, giving women the right to vote. The issue was hotly contested in our state, with pro- and anti-suffragists from other parts of the country being involved in the debate. I think all Tennesseeans should be proud of the role that our state played in extending the right to vote to women in the USA.


Do you know the things you should do and those things you should be sure not to do after an auto accident? A civil attorney can ensure you don’t agree to a quick settlement that may not adequately compensate you for your property damage or any physical injuries.


When should you call an education attorney? If your school district has issued notification of or is threatening to schedule a disciplinary hearing for your child, it’s wise to consult an attorney who can help you analyze the situation and explore options.


Section 1983 is a statute that protects individuals from police misconduct, including the use of excessive or unreasonable force, false arrest (or false imprisonment), and malicious prosecution.


One thing any family who is caring for someone with special needs can use is someone who can help them through the occasional legal issues that can arise. Whether education related or ensuring that Social Security and other rights are protected, an attorney is a great friend to have.


Are you and your spouse considering a divorce? There are many potentially complicated issues in divorce cases, such as custody details. A civil lawyer with experience in divorce cases can offer advice and help you in your divorce case.


Were you aware that if you are a student receiving financial aid, you have the right to request an explanation of the various awards in your student aid package? Also, if you believe a mistake has been made in determining your eligibility, you have the right to ask that your financial aid application be reconsidered.


Part of the process of a civil case trial may include "discovery." This is where both sides have to give information to each other about the case, like copies of documents or the identity of witnesses. A civil attorney knows how to make sure everything you need is gained during discovery.


For those who have the aptitude for it, the practice of law is often a lucrative one. However, before one can get to a position of affluence and influence, a very long and challenging road has to be traveled in a journey that not many aspirants get to complete.


The Textus Roffensis (1124) is really two manuscripts bound together. The first section represents the most complete version of Anglo-Saxon laws from 600 through 1100. The second contains the leadership, history, and property records of the Rochester Cathedral, where the book once resided.


Sometimes understanding what can and cannot be used in a classroom is not clear, and teachers and districts may find themselves facing lawsuits because of copyright infringement or plagiarism. Legal advice and guidance can help prevent problems.


So what exactly is alternative dispute resolution, or ADR? This is an alternative recourse to a lawsuit, in which the matter is handled without actually going to court.


What’s the Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act? Good question. The proposed Florida legislation was created to prevent disciplinary extremes, such as the suspension of a 7-year-old Maryland student who nibbled a toaster pastry into the shape of a gun.


We understand that filing legal action against a police station isn’t about trying to get a payday, it’s about stopping the abuse of power by police officers. Let’s talk about the abuses you’ve suffered and whether we can help you build your case.


An attorney specializing in education and discrimination law can help you understand all of the rights that your child may have as regards their education in the public schools. It only benefits you to call.


If you are involved in a civil action with a creditor, and the creditor requests a hearing, it is strongly recommended you seek the help of an attorney. He or she will guide you through the process, ensure you have all the needed materials, and represent you at the hearing.


In most of the United States, an four-year undergraduate degree followed by a three-year law degree is required for a person to be eligible to take the bar exam. However, in some states, an aspiring lawyer can take the exam without having gone through law school.


When it comes to civil litigation, timeliness is important, so it’s important you consult with us right away. For instance, discrimination complaints under Title III must be filed with the Department of Justice within 180 days of the incident.


So what rights do you and your learning disabled child have under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)? Basically, under this act your child has the right to a free public education and resources that have been tailored for his specific special needs.


Did you know there are 202 law schools in the United States? The yearly size of graduating lawyers varies from school to school, but there were an estimated 760,000 lawyers based on 2012 statistics. The total figure is higher, but some people with law degrees do not pursue law as a career.


Tapping Reeve opened the first law school in America. During the Revolutionary War, he tutored aspiring lawyers, but in 1784, he built a small school building, adopted a formal curriculum, scheduled classes and launched the Litchfield Law School.


While the law in many right-to-work states allows employers to fire employees for almost any reason, even an at-will employee cannot be fired based on their sex, race, religion, age, ethnicity, and in many municipalities, sexual orientation.


Each state has their own education system, which means their own set of education laws, regulations, codes, and standards. These are also overseen by the federal Department of Education. This can make things complicated, but an education lawyer is trained to simplify them.


In a civil suit, information can be requested by both parties from the other. The methods include Requests for Disclosure, Interrogatories, Requests for Admissions, and Depositions. The method or methods depend on the needs of the case.


As a general rule, schools cannot bar their students from wearing clothing simply because they disapprove of the message that the clothing conveys. Schools can, however, prohibit you from wearing clothing with “indecent” messaging or other messages that could cause a disruption.


Money is often a key issue when couples decide to get a divorce. However, saving money by not hiring an attorney is a recipe for potential disaster. Experts say divorces are complicated enough to require an attorney, particularly if your spouse has hired one.


You have the right as a parent to ask your school for a special education evaluation if you believe your child may qualify. An education attorney can let you know all of your child's rights as well as the school's responsibilities.


What types of cases do civil attorneys handle? The list is quite long, from divorces, bankruptcy proceedings and personal injuries to product liability and medical malpractice. The most common type of civil law claim is personal injury.


If your child is in a special education program and the lines of communication have broken down and you believe your child is not receiving that to which he or she is entitled, an attorney experienced in education law may be able to help make things right.


If you are representing yourself in a civil action, you may find yourself in over your head if faced with requests for admission, a discovery tool that asks one (or both) of the parties to admit or deny certain facts of the case. An attorney will review these questions and advise you on how to answer them and to return them on time.


If you think you need to take legal action against a school or a school district, do not go forward without qualified legal help. Qualified experts will be representing the school and the district and you need the same level of representation.


There are a variety of different reasons why a business might have to be dissolved, including disagreements between owners, retirements, or the business fails. If the process turns to litigation, a civil attorney can be vital to making sure you come through it okay.


Has your child been evaluated for a learning disability and the school district doesn’t agree that the disability exists? An education attorney can help prepare evidence and get expert testimony from medical professionals to help make your case.


Although you may be anxious to have your day in court, it’s important to stay open to any settlements that are offered by the other side. In some cases, the settlement may make court unnecessary.


State and federal laws require that for students with disabilities, appropriate accommodations be made to level the playing field for the student. However, any changes in how the test is administered must not substantially alter what the test measures.


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