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"Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others, creates social cohesion amongst the people, creates legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, cherish more, do more and become more, encourage and motivate them, raise more hopes and bring them together as extended family; It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed, accomplish self interest and prioritize power over people."

I'm in total Condemnation of this blood compensation of three(3) Dinka Malual People killed in an attack triggered by th...

I'm in total Condemnation of this blood compensation of three(3) Dinka Malual People killed in an attack triggered by the so called Messiriya of Arab North.
This is not a peace, This is an act of inviting more attacks in the near future.
"Money never solve a problem." In this case, I can't suggest retaliation but justice. The killers MUST be brought to the court and face Justice. If these criminals are tried, convicted and punished by either death penalty or life imprisonment by the competent court of law for murdering innocent poor people, It will send the signal to their people about the seriousness of the South Government and it's ability to protect it's people and will make them fear to attack our people other time as a matter of fact there is law that will punish them accordingly.
The fact that blood compensation is encouraged by our leaders concerned, This will encourage them too to commits such acts again in the future knowing that they have money and will compensate.
I know these heartless egotistic primitive Arab Nomads. They think money is everything and taking lives of innocent black souls is such a cheap to them.

Lastly, The primitive Nomads should also understand that South Sudan is now a sovereign state and it's territorial integrity shall be respected. If the poor primitive and heartless cohorts still not know the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the South then they should be sensitize by their national government and cease these hostilities.
May the souls of our innocent people rest in eternal peace and our warm condolences to the families of the victims who perished in this senseless attack.


If you want to change your life, Simply change the way you think.

This is barbaric and unjustifiable, unconstitutional. How can you insult our President like that. If he is no political ...

This is barbaric and unjustifiable, unconstitutional. How can you insult our President like that. If he is no political genius, he is our president and we are proud of him. If he is weak, He still remain our president, He fought for our freedom, He suffered in the bush to make us free from Arab marginalization. He deserved our respect. We know our country is in difficult time under his leadership but honestly this difficulty cannot be accredited to him alone. We as South Sudanese are all responsible for our suffering and we shall at one time also be responsible for our own freedom, development and prosperity.
That means we have ability to solve our own internal matters and we don't need foreign intervention.
We love our president.
We love ourselves, South Sudanese
We love South Sudan.



Dear elders of South Sudan, It has come to our knowledge that, you are cumulatively urging youths to refrain from politics. This is legal injury to youths and complete infringement of youth's constitutional right of participation contrary to part two, Article 26(1) of the Transitional constitution of the republic of South Sudan, 2011, which intelligibly state that,
Every citizen shall have the right to take part in any level of government directly or through freely chosen representative, and shall have the right to nominate himself or herself or be nominated for a public post or office in accordance with this constitution and the law.

Consequently, Considering the aforementioned constitutional right granted to all citizens of South Sudan enshrined in Transitional constitution of the republic of South Sudan, 2011, Elderly perspective of urging youths to refrain from politics is a violation of fundamental freedoms, violation of human rights, equality and the rule of law.
There is no limit or extent to which youths must exercise their national political objectives. That means everyone whether youth or elder have right to participate, comment and influence national politics as long as it is consistent with Transitional constitution of South Sudan.
It would be equitable to urge youths to participate in national politics in conformity with the supreme law than urging them to permanently refrain from politics. Why? This is because youths also have roles to play in political system of South Sudan. Roles such as advocating for social justice, freedom, good governance, dignity, equality and democracy as well as attaining millennium development goals.

When H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent president of the republic of South Sudan joined the army combating against Sudan oppressive and repressive regime, He was a little child but angered with the political system of Sudan which was comprise of oppression, repression, marginalization, human rights violation and inequality and his mission to free Southern Sudanese from the then autocracy of Sudan regime succeeded in collaboration with other angrily Southern Militants.
Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the founding father of the republic of South Sudan also did the the same and their involvement in then Sudan political system did not bought us a regret but freedom and independence as well.
Likewise to other great political leaders around the world. Their political background commenced at youth age hence making them effective and efficient in handling political affairs in the future.

Last but not lease, In the early 1980s, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) recruited and begun training boys as young as 12 of age(The Red Army/ The child soldiers) to fight in its battle for independence from Sudan.
In this context, our question is that, if the red army, the little young boys were able to fight and successfully brought independence of South Sudan, how come that today youths should refrain from political leadership? Don't you think their participation can also bring positive impacts such as nation building, democratic system and unity as well regardless of ethnicity just like Red Army did it at their then capacity to liberate South Sudan.?

Where do you come from with your cumulative perspective of urging youths to refrain from politics? Even you who is now in politics started at youth age, so why permanently depriving others of their political rights?
Rather urged youths to participate in politics in a manner that is in conformity with the supreme law of the land and a manner not repugnant to public policy or causing destabilization to our societies than negatively influencing them of exercising their political rights which even in turn could infect their political careers. This traditional African lineage political system of nature MUST stop.

Youths have right to participate as enshrined in the Transitional constitution of the republic of South Sudan, 2011and has to influence the political system in their country as long as it is not inconsistent with the law.
The rationale behind this maxim is that youths can greatly contribute in nation building both socially, culturally, economically and politically.
Youth's power is certain and unshakable.
Youth's voice heard, the development.

"Youths power, Our power."
"Yes youths can."
Dhel Diing Nhial Dhel, LLB, BPS.
Kampala International University, KIU.
Best regards youths of South Sudan.
Standing in solidarity with you.

Photos from Hon: Dhel Diing Nhial, LLB's post

Photos from Hon: Dhel Diing Nhial, LLB's post


"Majority of people believe in what they hear but only few people stand up with truth"


Malual Bouth Anyar Cultural dance, Malual Gyiernyang the pride of Mading Aweil, Mading Cit America. Much appreciation for having made 10th. Annual General Assembly colourful and fruitful. Your performance was so touching and indeed historical in the face of Aweil Community history in Uganda.







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