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Learning the art of advocacy should be a priority while at Law school.Slowly by slowly we shall learn the art.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Learning the art of advocacy should be a priority while at Law school.
Slowly by slowly we shall learn the art.

Law Students should dwell much in Moots. Thank you KIU school of Law.

Law Students should dwell much in Moots. Thank you KIU school of Law.


KIU Graduates dominate the first-class list in the LDC 2020/2021 bar course Provisional Results

Justice for AllπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Justice for AllπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ


Since my tender age, I have been hearing strikes in various fields eg education institutions plus working environment! However, the degree differs and education institutions especially universities supersedes and our National University Makerere takes the lead!
As far as my research is concerned, there is a proximity on all these strikes, right away from the donkey's years! I wonder why, such grevancies are not solved by the concerned for them being aware of the cause!
A number of universities in Uganda for example Kyambogo, Mbarara, Kabale, Ggulu and others are almost in the same turmoil! The rest like Kampala International University where I persue my LLB from, don't strike merely because there are no inconsistencies, but rather because of intimidations! Makerere is our National lead university, but I doubt whether the administrors of it give it the respect it deserves, which respect would have been exihibed from the way those people( reckless administrors) handle student's issues!
If in 90's and 2000's Makerere students have been striking, over the same issues, then with due respect, I dought the credibility of administrors, as if they are from the same lineage!
The Legislators or judiciary should apply a golden approach to cure the ambiguity and bring a regulative law over this effect!
Under family, and in particular section 3 of the Children Act( as amended) on the welfare principal, which is to the effect that the welfare of the child shall be of paramount consideration whenever any decision is to be taken!
We need the National Council For Higher Education to encorporate a similar provision where administrors of education institutions must take all decisions depending on the wellbeing and interests of students.
Makerere represents silent majority, for example KIU where a student sits in a physical examination after clearing tuition, and at the end of the day there missing marks, and to make matters worse, you again pay to redo that exam! Situations where the university release late payment charges only after one month is really a demerit as it show us that they are more of money makers instead of sticking to it's primary role of rendering best education! This is truly unfair and it leaves us wondering how such an institution can be ranked the best private university in the country!
This is not the role of Makerere University alone, rather, all universities must fight for the same!
I beg to submit.


To law students and other students from various faculties, and from different institutions of learning
It doesn't matter where you have persued your education from, the world forcus much on what you have acquired. And whether you can exibit it in your way of performing work. A number of people dispise academic institutions but this should actually end, a student from lower class school or the so called poor schools can abely be an employer to those from first world schools. Let's learn to respect each other in whatever capacity he/she has come for the benefit of all of us.
& Co. Advocates ✊


This comes to encourage each and everyone to go and get the Covid-19 vaccine in order to guarantee our health. The Ministry of health is under the process of mass vaccination and it's the government's plan to vaccinate atleast over 5.5M people such that the country can be set free from all sorts of lockdown.
In his book called MASTER KEY TO RICHES, Napoleon Hill emphasized that someone's life is important, always one has to make sure that he/she remains healthy. Under this, the change one would wish to see will only happen when you are alive and benefits from it. Before you get any of the vaccines, make sure that you are healthy, and it is trite to first seek medical guidance if you have a chronic disease before going for vaccination. We should bare in mind that currently it's free but we don't know how tomorrow will be, and to students mostly in higher institutions of learning, it might be a decree to whoever isn't vaccinated to be excluded from accessing learning premises. Tell yourself and your neighbor to go to a nearby vaccination center and receive a vaccine.
The exercise isn't political, but only intends to safeguard us, and after you have received the vaccine, please take a rest and continue to seek medical attention.
& Co.Advocates


Emphatic notice
This comes to make a clarification to our followers, likers and supporters, that Ntume & Co. Advocates is not a registered and a recognized law firm, it's only composed of law students who are willing to help fellow law students, students persuing law related courses and the entire public in general to appreciate the law. We only give advise per our understanding may concern but that advise is never absolute that's why we continue to encourage whoever seeks guidance from us to proceed to registered legal practitioners.
There has been a strong debate over this matter because under our laws it's an offence to practice law without a license, that's from the Uganda Law Society. We would like to inform you all that for us we are not practicing law but only fighting tooth and nail to improve and strengthen our skills in solving legal problems such that by the time we shall enter into field we are good. Basing on Purposeful canon of statutory interpretation, the intention of the legislature predominates. It was in good spirit of the legislators in the Advocates Act to reduce on the then continued fraud and misrepresentation by those fraudsters who used to grab people's money illegally, but for us as Ntume & Co. Advocates, we don't charge money per now, because the exercise also benefits us as law Students. In Edinburgh street Tramways Vs Torbain(1877)3 APP CAS 58 at 68, Lord Blackburm agreed that in construing an Act of Parliment, one has to see what is the intention which the legislature has expressed. It's due to this that we continue to argue citizens to be vigilant not to be misrepresented.
With time after finishing our studies, we shall move ahead and register Ntume & Co. Advocates legally.


Salute to you all.
I recieved a question from one of our followers asking for a brief introduction and major points of concern on human rights.
Basing on that, Human rights are provided for under Chapter Four of the 1995 Ugandan Constitution. Many of these are expressly provided and others not, some are absolute yet others are not. What is important to understand is that all these rights are God given, hence inherent and not granted by the state, this is in line with Article 20 of our constitution.
However, many of these rights can be taken away from an individual by the state under exceptional circumstances, and these are as provided for under Article 43 of the Constitution and these are when there is a matter of public interest. We all remember recently in elections when social media platforms where shutted down, however much Article 29(1)a gives us freedom of the press and other media, the government alleged a matter of public interest However, we think, this argue for reasonability . Still of recent, due to covid 19 Pendamic, people were restricted to move from one place to another, restrictions on religious practices all due to the global Pendamic, though Article 29 gives us freedom on both of them, the same Constitution provides grounds under which they can be taken away. Even right to life under Article 22 is limited under lawful means like a sentence of death passed by a competent court of law. Persona liberty is also limited under Article 23(1).
In the same way, we have rights that can never be taken away from someone, they are provided for under Article 44 of the Constitution and they include;
(a) freedom from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, probably this is Article 24.
(b) freedom from slavery or servitude, which is Article 25,
(c) the right to a fair hearing, which is Article 28,
(d) the right to an order of habeas corpus, which is Article 23(9). All these rights are absolute and have a mandatory observance.


Let's talk about future comrades.
Right away from the donkeys years , people strive for future. You remember very well that gone are those days in lower nursery singing "twajja tuli mbuzi" and by then we were aspiring and we were only looking forward to joining primary, when time came for primary, we all forcused on how our future will be in secondary. To cut the story short, it's a well known principal in economic world that it's difficult to derive utility.
It's due to that short background that we must not make the word 'future'to be a status in quo per our life voyage is concerned. We should always bare in mind with whatever we do at a particular time. Emphasis must always be put on substantial matters of concern, because in reality there is no future. This sounds like an absurdity or repugnant to the long standing belief, but the ratio decidendi of my canon is that you own your future now, not in future as alleged. We must always be keen with things we do, because they determine our tommorow or "after life". Always remember that you live in someone's future per se. Forexample, you are at University and someone in A level is yarning for that, equally so to all levels of education. You have 20K in pocket but someone needs only 1K, it's a good idea that you mind alot on how you conduct your self.
All in all, the way you behave now determines your fate.
Thanks for your attention.


As always emphasized, we thank our followers for accepting our invite, Ntume & Co.Advocates is just composed of young law students. We are only helping fellow students to appreciate the law, finish activities and more, as well as educating the public about the Law basing on what we know currently. All these are done at a probonal basis cos it not only help those in need but equally so to us, as we perfect in solving legal problems. We offer motivational guidance as well as counciling to the depressed. All in all, we shall reach at the apex of our desires
& Co. Advocates

On behalf of Ntume & Co. Advocates for young law students and on behalf of our followers, on my behalf as a Youths Chair...

On behalf of Ntume & Co. Advocates for young law students and on behalf of our followers, on my behalf as a Youths Chairperson, I would like to congratulate the newly elected Zambian president Mr. Hakaindi Hichilema upon the victory secured. You have set a precedent that African diehards and young people are going to borrow a leaf from, your persistence and the way you have fought tooth and nail to liberate your motherland upto this sixth time has clearly proved that nothing can be achieved out of the blue but rather toiling. It's a good example to the progress of rule of law on the black continent.
It's true you have not gained the 1,814,201 votes out of the seven million regestered voters on a silver plate but rather due to hard work collectively as Patriotic Front Party hence let it be an example to Learners, politicians and workers that you can't succeed alone. I also thank the Chairperson of Zambia's Electoral Commission Mr. Esau Chulu for having exibited fairness and Justice. To the former president now, Mr Lungu I expect you to behave like a fellow learning friend ( lawyer) and respect the law, and let your United Party for National Development go back to the drawing board and plan well.
&Co. Advocates

Quadraple law student Comrades.

Quadraple law student Comrades.

It has just come to our notice that the executive head of the country has appointed former Chief Justice Bart Mugunda Ka...

It has just come to our notice that the executive head of the country has appointed former Chief Justice Bart Mugunda Katureebe as a new Chancellor for Uganda Management Institute. He has replaced Current Vice President Namirembe Butamazire. To a prudent person and to we as law students, this is not good, and it's not right. It's true section 30(1) of the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 as amended mandates the president to appoint a Chancellor, but the act of appointing a former Judicial officer leaves us with a dought on the Independence of the Judiciary. In accordance to Article 128(1)of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, in the exercise of their Judicial power, courts shall be independent and shall not be subjected to the control or direction of any person or authority. The construction of "shall" in this article we think it requires a mandatory or a " must" compliance. The same Article in clause (2) Prohibit any person or authority to interfere with the courts or Judicial officers in the exercise of their Judicial functions. We noticed from the recent constitutional court case of the late City Lawyer Bob Kasango (RIP) that it was decided as illegal for the Judicial officers to work as Public Servants, the law requires them to first resign as Judicial officers. Judicial Independence is further discussed in Masalu Musene Vs AG. However much it may sound lawful to appoint Mr Katureebe in that office, because he already retired having gained the age of 70 years as required by law under Article 144(1)a of the Constitution, we propose this must be changed. As law students, and other members of the public, this may make Judicial officers not to exercise their power appropriate as required by Article 126 of the Constitution, because they will always be hopping to receive a lion's share from any government in existence. Time has reached for the legislators to save the situation, and amend an Act stopping this.
& Co. Advocates.


Good morning Comrades.
As I informed you earlier, currently Ntume & Co.Advocates is composed of mostly law students. Our essence is to help the community understand the law because it's among their rights, not only that, it also help us as law students to perfect in our dreams. Basing on that background, we have initiated a move of starting to educate you about your rights on this platform, you can as well submit your questions and get helped.
What we need to know on spot is that we have three arms of government in the country ie Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. Each of these has a different role in line with the law, the Executive in most cases proposes laws through public policies, the Legislature passes them through it's debates in Parliament and the Judiciary interprets these laws through courts of law. We shall be understanding each of these slowly by slowly.
& Co.Advocates


I request you friends of Ntume Co & Advocates to comment on our posts. You can well express your opinion πŸ™


It's an International Youths day today. As Ntume Co & Advocates we send this to the entire world's Youth.
Let this day be a stepping forward platform to fighting tooth and nail to perfect in our careers, we should understand that, the world's growth depend much on us, in corporation with our parents aged, we must exibit good morals in our societies such that the infants borrow a leaf from us. Always remember you are living in someone's future, and you own your future now. As a young law student who aspire to perfect in the legal profession, its essential to me and the other learning friends to offer legal advise to the community on a probonal basis currently, this is to help get into field early and know how to solve legal problems very well. To my fellow Youth in other departments, also be helpful to the community in your caliber. Happy international Youths day comrades
Co & Advocates


As our slogan goes, " Advocacy for equality" equality, freedom and fraternity must be given the first priority. In line with Article 21(1) of the 1995 constitution of the Republic of Uganda, everyone is equal before and under the Law in spheres of political, economic and social matters.This was empasized in Madrama Vs Attorney General constitutional Appeal of 2016 and in Bwengye Vs Bishop Stuart University ( EOC CR-2018/20) It is because of this that Ntume Co & Advocates has initiated a move to offer legal advise on both Civil and Criminal matters. As we are still on the voyage of studying the law, and to master the legal profession in a better way, it's our duty as law students, and lawyers in general to help the community to understand the law, because it's even a general principle that ignorance of the law is not a defense. This is evidenced under section 6 of the Ugandan Penal Code Cap 120 that ignorance of that law is not a defense, it was as well empasized in Mukisa Vs Nabukalu ( Civil suit 2016/29). This will save the community as well as helping us to master the law as we build our dreams. For God and my Country. I rest my case.





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Shot love datz munanansi
My brother Ntume Sharif, we are pleased for the move taken by you. You are an inspirational brother, everyone should Copy from you. We pray your desires come true.