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Travel is back on everyone's to-do list. Amit Kumar Sharma, Head - Americas, VFS Global, offers his recommendations on how to plan your travel this summer on how to beat the rush.
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If you wish to book an appointment in Warsaw:- to submit an application to register an invitation for non-EU national to...

If you wish to book an appointment in Warsaw:
- to submit an application to register an invitation for non-EU national to Poland, or
- to review your TRC or PRC files,
enter E-SERVICES PLATFORM #/visit-selection, choose your language (English or Polish) and book an appointment.

Note! The current SYSTEM FOR APPOINTMENTS’ BOOKING – THE ONLINE INTERNET CALENDAR shall be blocked soon. Those however, who have already received their booking confirmation will be served.


Note changes! Department for foreigners - now book your selected appointment using e-services! If you wish to book an appointment: •    TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION DUE TO REGISTER YOUR INVITATION IN ENTRY RECORDS FOR INVITATIONS (Note: you are limited to submit 2 applications per 1 appointment onl...


SEF Investigation: Around 100 foreigners attempt to fraudulently regulate themselves

The Public Ministry of Albufeira has deducted charges against two Portuguese citizens for the crimes of falsifying documents and aid to illegal immigration, with one of them still charged with the practice of computer fraud crimes and possession of a pro weapon fire.
The investigation, carried out by the Foreign and Border Service (SEF), began in October 2018, with one of the accused a resident of Faro, where he works as an Accounts Officer, and the other resident in the United Kingdom, being their own rate of shopping in Amadora
Both of them, in conjunction with efforts, aided the regularization of more than a hundred foreign nationals, using fraudulent documents that simulated labor relationships that in fact never existed.
In the course of the investigation, in addition to the company in the Algarve and initial visa requests, more "ghost" companies and various irregularities were detected for the purposes of regulatory in national territory.

Shared from official sef page campaign against human trafficki...


The campaign against human trafficking in football "Don't let your dream turn into a nightmare" was presented yesterday in a webinar transmitted from Guimarães, with the participation of the Secretary of State for Equality and Migrations, Isabel Al Meida Rodrigues, of the Portuguese Football Federation, of the Union of Professional Soccer & Foreign Service Players
The coordinator of the SEF Anti-Trafficking Unit, Chief Inspector Orlando Ribeiro, said that the cases involve, as a rule, “smaller clubs that want to achieve a higher level of professionalism, even when they don’t have the conditions”.
"Clubs go to SAD and have many people of foreign nationals, several times linked to football agencies," he said, detailing that "results addiction" is another aspect, sometimes, linked to traffic.
This year, SEF has already signalled in Portugal 20 victims of human trafficking for agricultural exploitation and football.

A campanha contra o tráfico humano no futebol “Não deixes que o teu sonho se transforme em pesadelo” foi, ontem, apresentada num webinar transmitido a partir de Guimarães, com a participação da secretária de Estado da Igualdade e Migrações, Isabel Almeida Rodrigues, da Federação Portuguesa de Futebol, do Sindicato dos Jogadores Profissionais de Futebol e do Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras.
O coordenador da Unidade Anti Tráfico de Pessoas do SEF, Inspetor Chefe Orlando Ribeiro, referiu que os casos envolvem, por regra, “clubes menores que querem atingir um maior nível de profissionalismo, mesmo quando não têm condições”.
“Os clubes passam a SAD e a ter muitas pessoas de nacionalidade estrangeira, várias vezes ligadas a agências de futebol”, afirmou, detalhando que “a viciação de resultados” é outro dos aspetos, por vezes, ligado ao tráfico.
Este ano, o SEF sinalizou já em Portugal 20 vítimas de tráfico de seres humanos para exploração agrícola e futebol.

Ukrainian citizens and their spouses who have left their homeland as a result of Russian aggression will be able to lega...

Ukrainian citizens and their spouses who have left their homeland as a result of Russian aggression will be able to legally stay in Poland till Aug 24th, 23.

There is also a path for the further legalization of the stay of Ukrainian citizens and their spouses who were granted PESEL with UKR annotation in Poland. They can apply for TRC which will be granted once for a period of 3 years from the date of the decision issuance.

An application for a temporary residence permit could submitted by a citizen of Ukraine and his/ her spouse no earlier than 9 months from the date of entry (which means that Ukrainians who fled on Feb 24th, 22 can apply the earliest on Nov 24th, 22, and no later than on Aug 24th, 23, the ones who came on Mar 1st, 22 could submit TRC application not earlier than Dec 1st, 22 and so on).

TRC application submitted within 9 months from the date of entry is left without examination by the voivode .

Will an influx of TRC applications submitted by Ukraine nationals slow down legalization of stay procedures of non-EU and non-Ukraine citizens? Time will tell.

Source: Act of Mar 12th, 22 on assistance for Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict on its territory

Join out Entrepreneur Incubator Program For more information click link.

Join out Entrepreneur Incubator Program

For more information click link.

we are your Business Incubator Do you think the cost of registration of a company is high? Our business incubator can help you run your business from our group of foundations, and you can use our registration data and the package of services for Startups! Would you like to get settled in Europe but....

Do you want to register your company in Poland?Get free consultation now+48 222199938                                   ...

Do you want to register your company in Poland?

Get free consultation now

+48 222199938

Sef will change in future, will became SEA.

Sef will change in future, will became SEA.

1. O Conselho de Ministros aprovou hoje duas propostas de lei que visam a reforma do comando superior das Forças Armadas. A nova Lei Orgânica das Bases da Organização das Forças Armadas, aliada à alteração da Lei de Defesa Nacional, dá continuidade às reformas anteriores, procurando garant...

Do you want to start a business without renting an office?Don't have office? We can provide a free access throughout the...

Do you want to start a business without renting an office?

Don't have office? We can provide a free access throughout the country to Network of branches that are open 24/7.

The foundation has offices in different parts of cities in Portugal and Poland.

How to get started?
Tell us whether you want to work as a freelancer and/or your business activity. Our specialised team at “Seu Startup” will show you the way to success.

How much money do you need?
Only 299 Euro/month.

What is 299 Euro/month?
It’s a monthly payment plan. You need to pay 299 Euro per month to stay legal and active with foundation and government.


The expression of interest is preferably submitted through the electronic platform (SAPA Portal) and the application is submitted personally on a standard form signed by the applicant or his/her legal representative and may be submitted at any SEF’s directorate or regional delegation, which, after proceedings and decision, will forward it to the directorate or regional delegation of the applicant’s area of residence.

Passport or any other valid travel document;
Evidence of regular entry in Portuguese territory (holder of a valid visa, when required, or entry into Portugal within the period of the visa waiver);
Evidence of sufficient means of subsistence, as per the provisions of Order Number 1563/2007, of 11 December;
Extract from the criminal record from the country of origin;
Extract from the criminal record from the country of residence for more than one year (when not Portugal);
Permission for SEF to check portuguese criminal record;
Evidence that the applicant has adequate accommodation;
Evidence of having registered with the Social Security, except in the case of a promised employment contract;
Evidence of registration in the tax authority;
Contract of employment or document issued under article 88, paragraph 2, subparagraph a) of Law n. º 23/2007 of 4 July; OR
Promised employment contract according to the law.
The granting of a residence permit shall entail: the absence of any fact which, if known to the competent authorities, would preclude the granting of the visa; Absence of conviction for a crime which in Portugal is punishable by a custodial sentence of more than one year; The applicant is not within a period of prohibition of entry into the national territory, following an expulsion measure from the country; No indication in the Schengen Information System; No indication in SEF’s Integrated Information System for non-admission purposes, under article 33 of the Aliens Act.
The new Automatic Pre-scheduling System SAPA presents new functionalities allowing an interaction with SEF electronically, enabling a simpler and effective coordination. The expressions of interest under article 88, paragraph 2 or article 89, paragraph 2 of the Law on Foreigners, in its current version, may be submitted online, with the necessary documentation, in a procedure concluded with the scheduling for visiting SEF.
The applicant concerned should complete and confirm the user registration and log on. Once logged on, the applicant may submit in the page the expression of interest, according to the applicant’s situation, and upload the documents needed. The applicant may yet consult the expression of interest and receive notifications from SEF related to the applicant’s situation, check it, where appropriate, and avoid unnecessary visits to SEF.
If you have not made your user registration in the new SAPA yet, you may do so before the creation of an expression of interest.
If you are registered on the previous SAPA version (before 11 September 2017), you may enter the new SAPA and follow the steps indicated in order to update your expression of interest and benefit from the processing of the request in chronological order.
In case you submit the expression of interest in the new SAPA, it is not necessary to do so on paper.
If you had already submitted a request on paper, in the forms available by SEF, you may send it electronically, benefiting from the functionalities of the new system, holding a registration in the new SAPA.
For requests submitted on paper, and which are incompleted and/or insufficient documents have been submitted, deadlines for the decision-making are suspended.
After assessment of the expression of interest, SEF provides the user the possibility to make the appointment for the SEF Bureau in SAPA Portal. The user is allowed to select place, date, time of his/her convenience according with the application availability nationwide.
If you wish to change the accreditation data (e-mail and password) to access the SAPA Portal, you should contact SEF Contact Centre [808 202 653 (landline network)], and book an appointment to any SEF bureau to Change Accreditation data to access the SAPA Portal.
The holder of a residence permit for a subordinate professional activity may carry out an independent professional activity by visiting one of SEF’s Service Bureaus and apply for the replacement of the residence permit (see documents necessary for granting of the residence permit for the carry out of an independent professional activity).
With the amendment introduced to article 75 of the Aliens Act by article 183 of Act n.º 2/2020 of 31 March – State Budget to 2020 in force since 01/04/2020 and to 2020 –, the temporary residence permit for employed workers is valid for two years [and not just one] from the date of issue of the corresponding title and renewable for successive periods of three years [and not just two].

The following administrative offences apply: Article 192 of the Aliens Act (Illegal Stay); Article 197 of the Aliens Act (No entry declaration); Article 198 of the Aliens Act (Unauthorized independent professional activity); Article 199 of the Aliens Act (No travel document).

How to Exchange Indian Driving License to Portuguese Driving License Explained Step by Step:After you got your Residence...

How to Exchange Indian Driving License to Portuguese Driving License Explained Step by Step:

After you got your Residence Permit usually within 90 days of your residence issue date:
1. Get your License´s NOC ( No objection certificate ) or Extract of Details from your RTO ( Regional Transport office ) or DTO ( District Transport Office ).
2. Get it duly appostiled from MEA ( Ministry of External affairs ).
3. After it Reaches Portugal get it translated / Notarised to Portuguese through lawyer or get its declaration from Embassy of India , Lisbon.
4. Get your Fitness certificate from either your regional Centro do Saude or any Private clinic
( you need to have your SNS ( National Health no. ) no. for this which you can only get after you have your residence permit .
5. Now with all the above documents , 2 Photos , photocopies of Residence permit and Passport and Original Driving license , Head to any of the IMT in the country and you will receive the GUIA ( Learners License ) the same day. The fees is euros 30
Note : The best cities are PORTO & BRAGA ( as here you can even apply after the 90 days period )




Portugal E-6 visa for national who are facing issues on travelling back to Portugal due to COVID 19.

If you stuck outside of Portugal and your residence permit has been expired then you can re enter Portugal under E6 visa.

The visa allows you to re-enters and obtain temporary stay permit for periods over 90 days in exceptional circumstances.


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