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Richard Weissfeld,  Attorney at Law Child support, custody, alimony and property distribution issues are just a few of the many categori

Family Lawyer with logo of "Talk to a Lawyer who Cares" Recognizes the need to settle marital issues promptly with skilled mediation but willing to litigate when necessary to obtain the best possible result for the client. Child support, custody, alimony and property distribution issues are just a few of the many categories of family law this Florida Justice Association Member is capable of handling. Further information is available at


As tax season is rapidly approaching, a party contemplating or going through a divorce should gather paperwork that shows: Account numbers and balance for all of your financial accounts.
Social Security statements showing your spouse's earnings record and expected future benefits. Amounts paid for major assets, including your house. Receipts documenting home improvements. These may help not only with the divorce settlement but with future retirement and tax planning.
Remember if you have been married for at least 10 years you may be able to claim spousal benefits from Social Security based on your ex's earnings record or your own whichever is greater.


As the New Year has started hopefully things are fine in your marriage. Small bumps and annoyances are common but if they have become significantly more disturbing it may be time to contact an experienced divorce lawyer like myself. Free consultation.


An experienced family lawyer who prefers a settlement to expensive litigation and if warranted recommends professional counseling to keep families together. Call with any questions


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Divorce in Florida if a Spouse is Incarcerated.

Your spouse's incarceration should not have much of an effect on your ability to file for divorce. You need an address but you can simply use the prison address. One of you must have lived in Florida for at least 6 months and since Florida has only 2 grounds for divorce 1. Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or 2., Mental Incompetence, your spouse's incarceration generally in petitioning the court for dissolution. (divorce) should not be a factor.

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By its very nature - the breakup of a relationship - divorce is often an adversarial process. We are experts when it comes to divorce laws and can make sure all of your rights are protected throughout the process.


No matter what type of circumstances are involved in your divorce, we will help you secure a fair and just settlement. By building a strong case, we will establish important leverage during negotiations and court proceedings.


Do you have property or assets that need to be protected for either tax or estate planning reasons? Whether you're protecting your loved ones here and now by limiting the amount they access, or paving the way for future security, we can work with you to see if a trust is the right way for you to go.


Are you considering expanding your family through adoption? We can help you with all your questions of open or closed adoptions, domestic or international. There are many ways to provide a home to a child who needs one, and we want to make it as easy as possible.


Did you know that you don’t always have to go to a full blown divorce trial if you are willing to accept a no-fault divorce? It typically requires nothing more than a short hearing to get the decision approved, at least once the divisions of assets and other concerns have been worked out.


What are the three main types of alimony? Permanent alimony, temporary alimony and lump sum alimony. All three types of alimony are commonly used during divorce proceedings depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce.


Remember, it’s our job to be on your side, so honesty is important. Whether you know you’re going to fail a drug test or a past infidelity is going to come up, it’s critical we know so we can mitigate the damage.


If you are interested in an agreement before getting married that sets out the rights and responsibilities of both parties if the marriage is ever dissolved, we can help draft a prenuptial agreement.


Marriage is one of the most sacred of institutions. That’s why divorce was long seen in a very negative light. Today, thankfully, women and men are not treated as lepers for leaving a marriage where they are not respected.


What types of adoptions can be performed without the assistance of an adoption agency? An independent adoption, a relative adoption, an identified adoption and in some cases an international adoption. When performed legally, these types of adoptions are just as binding as agency adoptions.


Mediation in a divorce case is a process of give and take, with the mediator meeting privately with each side to assist them in coming up with their settlement proposals and to encourage them to consider the proposals of the other side.


While it was sometimes much more difficult for fathers to get custody of their children in the past, this has changed. In a divorce case that involves children, the court will look at factors like the child's preference, the mental and physical well-being of each parent, and the environment each parent could provide when making custody decisions.


It’s important to remember that using a website or software program to create your divorce documents won’t be able to advise you through the nuances of your divorce. If you need more assistance than software can provide, we’re here for you.


Are financial difficulties one of the main issues that have led to your decision to seek a divorce? It's important to understand that a divorce will not change your legal responsibility for debts, such as the family home. We can discuss issues including bankruptcy and ways to get rid of debt without losing all your property.


We realize that starting over in your career after a decade of raising children can be one of the most daunting parts of a divorce. Let’s talk about how long it will take to gain the skills necessary to get a job and whether you might qualify for alimony in the meantime.


Regardless of the feelings between parents, the welfare of the children is important. If you're considering keeping a consistent relationship between children and parents, consider co-parenting, which gives both parents equal parental standing.


If you simply forget to address an issue such as medical or credit card debt or if you underestimate or overestimate the value of an asset, you can make a significant mistake in a divorce proceeding. Having a lawyer on board helps these kinds of issues to be avoided.


A commonly asked question about divorce proceedings is how long they will take. While the minimum length of time you must wait after your lawyer files the initial documents varies from state to state, a contentious divorce will always take longer to resolve than an amicable one. If speed is important, try to reach agreements out of court beforehand.


Did you know that some states require you to undergo a separation period with your spouse before you can file for divorce legally? Contact a divorce attorney to determine whether the laws in your state require you to separate for a certain period before divorce.


Media attention on prenuptial agreements in the past few decades in high profile cases involving the super-rich make it seem like the practice is relatively new. In fact, prenuptial agreements have been around for thousands of years.


There are three general rules that must be followed by your family law attorney in executing a prenuptial agreement. The contract generally must be in writing, be entered into voluntarily by both parties and not be “unconscionable.”


Make sure your wife-to-be is as certain as possible about getting married. A UCLA study tracked nearly 300 married couples and found that 19 percent of women who admitted before the wedding that they had some doubts ended up divorced within four years. Only 8 percent of women who said they had no doubts were divorced within four years.


Is it helpful for your marriage if you bond with the in-laws? A 2012 University of Michigan concluded that when men were close with their in-laws they decreased their divorce chances by 20 percent. Interestingly, when women are close to their in-laws that increases their chances of getting divorced by 20 percent.


Any property owned prior to marriage or acquired as a gift during marriage is considered separate property. All other property is considered community property and is subject to division by the court during divorce proceedings.


Does living together for a time make it more likely that a couple will have a long marriage? A study of 22,000 couples by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention found no difference in the divorce rates when couples lived together before getting married with those who did not.


We recognize that it may not always make the most financial sense to hire multiple divorce attorneys when there’s nothing in dispute. That said, it’s still wise to have at least one attorney working on your case to ensure the paperwork is correct and legal.


When you go to court for any legal matter, it's important to be represented by an expert. We have broad expertise in all areas of family law and can protect your legal rights.


It is critically important to have in your secure possession copies of all relevant financial and legal documents. These include not only bank and brokerage statements and tax returns, but also insurance policies, wills and trusts, retirement account statements, real estate records, and vehicle registrations.


It’s important to remember that prenuptial agreements aren’t strictly for the very wealthy and elite. Depending on how your write your agreement, it could ensure that future assets from certain sources don’t get treated as marital property in need of division during a divorce.


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