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Our firm brings together some of the brightest and most diligent legal minds to handle your case. Some of our attorneys are former prosecutors while others worked for the public defenders office. This unique combination allows us to understand your case from both sides of the courtroom. David Haenel, the 2004 State of Florida DUI Prosecutor of the Year, brings a thorough understanding of the Flori

da Criminal Laws and Procedures. The criminal process is a difficult and frustrating experience for anyone charged with a crime. Our attorneys understand what you are going through and will be with you every step of the way to provide the best representation possible. Because our lawyers dedicate themselves to practicing criminal defense exclusively in Sarasota and Tampa, we have in depth knowledge of the local court system, the prosecutors, and judges. Combined with our many years of trial experience, expert witnesses, and professional office staff, we are able to provide our clients with the finest criminal defense services throughout Tampa and Sarasota, Florida. If you or your loved one has been charged with a criminal offense and need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, please call our office for a free consultation. In many instances, the sooner we can get involved in your case the more likely we are able to gather the proper evidence. This would include access to police reports, witness statements, videos and 911 calls. Several members of our firm speak Spanish in order to accommodate all of our clients. Sarasota, FL 34236
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Driver found dead on side of U.S. 441 near 35th Street

On Thursday April 9th we lost a dear friend and fellow lawyer, Mark Steinberg. Mark was a great friend and was admired by all who knew him. We are truly saddened by this unexpected loss and hope that you will join us in the Celebration of Life on Wednesday April 22nd at Seasons 52 in Tampa at 5:30pm. Please click the link below and RSVP to help honor and remember are fallen friend.

A man's body was found slumped over a vehicle steering wheel early Thursday on the side of U.S. 441 just south of Northwest 35th Street.

Operation Green Light | Finebloom Haenel & Higgins

Operation Green Light | Finebloom Haenel & Higgins

Money Saving License Reinstatement Good news to all traffic violators in the bay area, thanks to what is being designated Operation Green Light. Operation Green Light will give its residents a financial break and a chance to pay any delinquent traffic tickets and any court fines or fees at a reduced…

Laser vs. Radar | Finebloom Haenel & Higgins

Laser vs. Radar | Finebloom Haenel & Higgins

Laser vs. Radar Know the Difference When you get a speeding ticket there is a good chance the cop either got you with their radar or by the high tech laser gun. In either situation you’re stuck dealing with a speeding ticket. Now you face the choice to fight it in court or pay the …

10 Cars That Get the Most Tickets | Finebloom Haenel & Higgins

10 Cars That Get the Most Tickets | Finebloom Haenel & Higgins

If you are in the market for a new car, pay attention. Insurance.com recently did a study that listed the most frequently pulled over vehicles of 2014. You might be shocked to know what did and didn’t make the cut. Cars made by Lamborghini and Ferrari, which could have easily doubled the speed limit…

Busted for a DUI – Now What?

Ever wonder what you should do if you get a DUI? Check out this step-by-step guide: http://ow.ly/fj2rd

It’s amazing how quickly a few drinks can turn into a DUI. If you're confused on what to do, check out this guide from Fight Your Case!

Avoiding Anger During a Custody Battle

Emotions run high during custody battles. Learn ways to keep children out of the drama. http://ow.ly/eiTec

Few life events evoke such passion and bitter frustration as when divorcing parents wage custody wars. A couple heated celebrity battles have made...

Diffusing the Anger Bomb in Children

Anger Management techniques are developed in childhood. Find out ways some Moms help to diffuse anger in their children. http://ow.ly/eiSxJ

Is there anything more embarrassing than when your child throws a major temper tantrum in public? And what about the stress of dealing with an...

How To Control Anger in the Workplace

Work can be stressful sometimes - don't let anger takeover! Check out these tips on how to keep your cool within the workplace. http://ow.ly/dFwLa

Have you ever been in a meeting at work that included more yelling than calm discussion? Or have you witnessed a co-worker throw an object across...

Crime fighting cameras coming to Longboat Key

David Haenel appeared on ABC's Channel 7 News last night in a story about crime fighting cameras that will be installed in Longboat Key.

The Cameras will take pictures of license plates on cars entering and leaving Longboat Key and compare the license plates with a database of known criminals.

The cameras will capture the license plates of each person entering and leaving the Key.

3 Reasons Why You Need a DUI Defense Lawyer in Orlando

3 Reasons Why You Need a DUI Defense Lawyer in Orlando

In the areas in and around Orlando and Orange County, police regularly make arrests and charge drivers with DUI. Those charged with DUI are entitled to repres

Local - WWSB ABC 7 MySuncoast Florida

Attorney Darren Finebloom appeared on ABC in this interview about red light cameras

WWSB ABC 7 MySuncoast Florida serving local news, sports, weather to Sarasota, Bradenton, Plametto, Venice, North Port

Florida DUI Defense Attorney AnneMarie Rizzo of Finebloom & Haenel Argues Successful Motion to Exclu

Florida DUI Defense attorney of Finebloom & Haenel law firm has successfully defended client charged with DUI. The State attorney dropped the charges due to the motion to exclude evidences argued by Criminal Defense Attorney AnneMarie Rizzo.

DUI charges against Finebloom & Haenel’s client were outright dismissed this week, due to a motion to exclude evidence argued by criminal and DUI defense attorney AnneMarie Rizzo.

FHP conducting DUI checkpoint in Venice tonight

WARNING! DUI Check Point tonight, Tuesday March 13th!

Starting at 10 p.m., the Florida Highway Patrol will be stopping vehicles at a checkpoint in the 1400 block of U.S. 41 in Venice.

If you are driving on the Tamiami Trail in south Sarasota County tonight, consider yourself forewarned. You had better be sober and licensed.


Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill was charged with DUI by Florida police late Sunday on the suspicion of driving under the influence. Reports said Langill's car rolled over to the curb, struck a road sign, clipped the fountain and rolled over. He was asked to perform a sobriety test, then he posted a bail and was released on Monday morning.

FHP to crackdown on DUI through St. Patrick's Day

Florida Highway Patrol will start cracking down on impaired drivers this Saturday through St. Patrick's Day in the implementation of "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" national campaign. This campaign will target drunken drivers, drivers who failed to buckle up seat belts, speeding and reckless driving. Citizens are encouraged to report impaired drivers by dialling *347 on their cell phone.

The Florida Highway Patrol will be cracking down on impaired drivers beginning Saturday through St. Patrick's Day .

Spring break in Sarasota comes amid talk of beach alcohol ban

Alcohol will be banned in the beaches of Sarasota such as Miami or Daytona this Spring break.

For many spring breakers who choose Siesta Key Beach over places like Miami or Daytona, the lure of drinking alcohol unmolested by law enforcement trumps the relative lack of a party atmosphere.

Can you get a DUI for driving after smoking ma*****na?

Driving after smoking ma*****na can get you to be charged with Driving Under the influence (DUI). Learn why. Read blog:

Absolutely! Under the statute you can be convicted of DUI if you are under the influence of any controlled substance. Ma*****na is a controlled substance. If

Pro Golfer Rachel Connor Arrested for DUI ... With NFL Star Eddie George in Passenger Seat

Rachel Connor was busted for driving under the influence with BAC of .133 early this morning in Sarasota, Florida. Along with her was a man seated in the passenger's seat identified as retired NFL star Eddie George. She was admitted to drinking 2 vodka cranberries earlier in the evening.

Retired NFL star Eddie George was sitting in the passenger seat ... when pro golfer Rachel Connor was busted for drunk driving in Florida early this…

Potential jurors quizzed as Goodman's DUI manslaughter trial begins

Jury selection for John Goodman's highly-anticipated DUI manslaughter trial begins in West Palm Beach.

Rich people, one potential juror said, get away with murder. Another stared into John Goodman's eyes and said that under other circumstances, he could have very well been sitting in the same seat as the Wellington polo mogul, on trial for DUI manslaughter and leaving the scene of the Feb.

Florida Supreme Court Limits Fellow Officer Rule

Florida Supreme Court has promulgated a new rule of refraining fellow officer to testify hearsay in the court. The court emphasizes the importance of firsthand information from a police officer to be counted as valid evidence in testifying in the court. This is in accordance to Officer Tracy versus Michelle Bowers DUI case. Where, Bowers argued the initial stop as unlawful since Tracy was not the actual deputy-on-duty at the time of Bower's arrest. The court sided Bower's and considered Tracy's testimony as hearsay.

Fellow officer rule does not allow police to introduce hearsay testimony during a traffic stop, Florida Supreme Court ruled.

Woman gets 10 years for fatal DUI crash - Florida Wires - MiamiHerald.com

Toni Nieves, 20 years of age, pleaded guilty to fatal DUI manslaughter last Tuesday. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the county judge for drunk driving which killed 2 people in the crash.

A central Florida woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for a drunken driving crash that killed two people.

DUI Charges Dismissed for Client After Judge Grants Motion to Suppress Evidence

DUI Defense Attorney AnneMarie Rizzo won the motion argument to exclude evidences that are filed against her client, resulting the state's attorney to drop the charges.

DUI Refusal charges were dropped recently for a client of Finebloom & Haenel, due to a motion to suppress evidence argued by DUI Defense Lawyer AnneMarie Rizzo.

William Dillon compensation bill passes Florida House

William Dillon compensation bill for wrongful imprisonment passes Florida House. The bill awards Dillon to receive $1.35 for the years he spent in prison. But due to Dillon DUI conviction prior to the murder charges, the state preclude him from getting the said compensation. It is sad to realize that he can't get the award because of the prior charges. His party is working another bill to recompense the provision of the previous bill. But it was failed to pass.

William Dillon, the Brevard County man wrongfully imprisoned for almost three decades for murder, is another step closer to being compensated.

WSVN-TV - Police: DUI suspect barricades self in home

Two warrants have been made for a DUI suspect, William Gomez, 40, from Hialeah, FL. Along of these warrants is a felony warrant forcing Gomez to surrender. But he did not. Instead, he barricaded himself in his home and was planning to play hide-and-seek.

Police: DUI suspect barricades self in home

Pirates President Charged With DUI | SI Tracking Blog – Tracking the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA On

Frank Coonely, Pirates President, was charged with DUI and along with this charge were the four counts of DUI related charges. The police reports recorded drunk driving charges, driving the wrong way, careless driving, and driving with a blood-alcohol content of at least .16 on Dec. 22nd of last year. Coonely also said that despite his position, no one is excuse of driving under the influence case.

SI Tracking Blog - Breaking Sports News As It Happens From The MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA And Formula 1


Gainesville woman was charged with DUI after causing two related accidents last Tuesday.

Drive Sober or Don’t Drive at All

"Drive Sober or Don't Drive at All" -- Lawmakers send this cautious message to drunk drivers all over Florida to prevent further repetition of the same offense. Lawmakers stated that those people who have been charged with DUI will be allowed to drive again, unless they are sober. They also ordered to install interlock in the offenders' car and blow the interlock before they can drive when drunk.

Drive Sober or Don’t Drive at all is the message state lawmakers may soon send to those caught drinking and driving. Legislation receiving bi-partisan support would require future DUI offenders to prove they are sober before being allowed to drive again.


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