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Law Office Of Richard D. Saba, PA Lawyer in Sarasota FL -- Law Office of Richard D. Saba, P.A., Board Certified Real Property Lawyer Law Office of Richard D. Saba, P.A. is located in downtown Sarasota, Florida.

As a dynamic and aggressive firm, our personalized legal representation and significant experience provides our clients with the highest level of legal expertise. Even in the most difficult and complex matters, our approach to each legal matter and transaction is characterized by a philosophy of personal and individual legal service and practical legal advice. We provide large firm service while retaining the personal hands-on approach of a small firm.

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If there is a judgment against you, and your claim for property exemptions has been denied, it is not necessarily a final act. An experienced civil attorney can help your prepare and appeal the judgment.


Are you dealing with a school that refuses to accommodate your special needs child? Legally, schools are required to accommodate special needs children, so if there are any disagreements, then an education lawyer can help you handle the situation and get your child the education they need.


For those who have the aptitude for it, the practice of law is often a lucrative one. However, before one can get to a position of affluence and influence, a very long and challenging road has to be traveled in a journey that not many aspirants get to complete.


In the area of employment laws, Title VII legislation plays a vital role in what and employer can and cannot do in the hiring and treatment of employees. If you believe you have been the victim of job discrimination, let us help you.


Each state has their own education system, which means their own set of education laws, regulations, codes, and standards. These are also overseen by the federal Department of Education. This can make things complicated, but an education lawyer is trained to simplify them.


Administrative hearings do not initially occur in courts of law, but rather are set before administrative law judges, tribunals, or commissions, all with complex procedures. An administrative law case can only move into the civil courts upon appeal of an administrative ruling.


If you are representing yourself in a civil action, you may find yourself in over your head if faced with requests for admission, a discovery tool that asks one (or both) of the parties to admit or deny certain facts of the case. An attorney will review these questions and advise you on how to answer them and to return them on time.


If you believe your child’s rights have been violated by the public school that he or she attends, the first thing you should do is file a complaint with the school district. If the district does not act on the complaint, or you believe the response was unsatisfactory or inappropriate, speak with an attorney to understand what recourse you may have.


Some people feel very strongly about end-of-life medical treatment. Your spouse may know your preferences. But what if your spouse is no longer around when you are in the hospital and unable to communicate to doctors and family members? A living will, which a civil lawyer can help you draft, includes your viewpoint on end of life medical treatment.


In borrowing money or receiving a loan for your education, you are assuming the responsibility for repaying that loan. If circumstances arise which make it difficult to meet that responsibility, you should contact the lender. Also, it’s important to remember that you do have legal rights if you believe a mistake has been made with your financial aid process.


Copyright infringement, patent infringement, and trademark infringement can be complicated civil cases, often involving a lot of clarification of details and position arguing. A civil attorney can help protect your business from as much damage as possible in these cases.


What is an IEP? It is an Individualized Education Program that is written up by school officials with parental input. The IEP is completed after an evaluation has determined that your child requires some sort of special education accommodation.


The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that one of the latest trends in divorce cases is custody negotiations surrounding the family pet. Twenty-five percent of the group's 1,600 members said they have seen an increase in pet custody issues.


Under current education law, students with any kind of disability have the right to an appropriate education plan that has been designed specifically for their individual needs. In addition, a school district may not discriminate in any way against a student with a disability.


What does civil law entail? It covers a wide variety of topics and legal specialties, including contract disputes, copyright law, defective products, family law, landlord-tenant disputes, nuisance complaints, personal injury issues, real estate conflicts, workers' compensation, and more.


According to "An attorney or, more correctly, an attorney-at-law, is a member of the legal profession who represents a client in court when pleading or defending a case. In the US, attorney applies to any lawyer."


Our expert team of civil litigation lawyers is trained to handle all types of cases, including civil rights and discrimination suits, commercial litigation, and accident suits (such as auto and slip-and-fall incidents).


Did you know that federal law prohibits schools and school officials from retaliating against you, your child, or school staff for acting in the best interests of your child? If you believe that retaliatory action has occurred, then it’s time to contact an education lawyer.


Have you avoided scheduling a consultation because you’re worried we’ll take your case without hope of winning? We don’t work that way. If we feel your case is without legal merit, we’ll let you know upfront.


While being an attorney is generally equated with power and wealth, the truth is, not everyone who passes the bar makes it to the big leagues. In fact, with the great number of law graduates joining the work force each year, competition is pretty fierce.


Are you familiar with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA? This was first enacted in 1965 and is the main federal law affecting pre K- 12 education in the United States. The act emphasizes equal access to education and establishes high standards and accountability.


In any civil legal dispute, quick decisive action is critical in order to protect your rights. We will help you establish your case, collect evidence and witnesses, and prepare to defend your rights in arbitration or court.


According to children’s advocates, if your child is facing long-term suspension or expulsion, it’s smart to consult an attorney as soon as you receive notification. The attorney can help you explore the best course of action for your child and understand your legal options.


Did you know there are 202 law schools in the United States? The yearly size of graduating lawyers varies from school to school, but there were an estimated 760,000 lawyers based on 2012 statistics. The total figure is higher, but some people with law degrees do not pursue law as a career.


Learning disabilities, which are lifelong conditions with no known cure, affect about 2.4 million students in the U.S. These students make up about 41 percent of the entire special education population in the country, according to the Nation Center for Learning Disabilities.


Criminal cases are based on establishing guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt," but not civil cases. Civil cases are judged either on the basis of "clear and convincing evidence" or a "preponderance of the evidence." Basically, which version of the facts seems more believable or likely.


It’s important that parents understand that they have a legal right to participate in the development of an education plan for their child. This includes active participation in IEP development (the plan that states what special education services your child needs and how those services will be delivered to him or her).


Essentially, civil litigation involves any type of court case that is not considered to be criminal. This includes everything from accidents and contract disputes to class action lawsuits, and family law and/or succession disputes.


Has your school district suddenly decided that your child is no longer in need of the special education resources he or she is entitled to under IDEA? An education lawyer can help you negotiate with the school and make sure they are in compliance with education law.


The laws of King Ine of Britain, in effect from 688 to 695, defined a sweeping array of potential crimes and misdemeanors, but they also detailed civil infractions, like neglecting to properly fence a common meadow, along with the fines to be paid for this negligence.


Sometimes parents react with legal action before they know all of the details of any given situation. If your district is facing litigation from a parent or parent group, your faculty and staff need the legal protection an attorney experienced in education law can provide.


If you are considering initiating a lawsuit, you want to make sure you receive everything the law allows. Our expert guidance will show you what your rights are and what you can expect to receive.


A common question about special education law is if a due process hearing is like a full-blown trial. The answer is no. Due process hearings are administrative hearings that take place in front of a hearing officer, not a judge or a jury, and usually are held on the school district premises.


A civil rights lawsuit may be brought when somebody commits a discriminatory act based on sex, ethnicity, age, race, religion, nationality or disability that denies you the rights you are guaranteed under state and federal laws.


Were you aware that students have the right to express political views through their clothing? This can include, for example, wearing clothing that endorses a political candidate, or clothing that supports or opposes certain rights. Of course, rules may differ in private schools that require uniforms, and most school dress codes do not allow anything obscene.


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