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My hands are still cold from this morning's garage signing, but it's all good. I have a few more closings on these last (and coldest) days of the year, then need to get used to signing 2023! πŸŽ‰


Things are picking up lately.. 3 today, 3 more closings tomorrow, and even more on the books for next week... Happy Thanksgiving!


We moved tomorrow's signing to today, so we could do it before the hurricane hit. The title really needed it closed by tomorrow. I had the seller's side, so it was fine to do it earlier. They rushed the docs and we decided to meet somewhere in the middle. Starbucks was already closed early in the afternoon, so I did the signing in the mall! We even got a witness, who happened to be a banker and was amazed by our "Costco closing". I was able to rush and scan the docs, and make it to UPS before 5pm. However, UPS was closed much earlier without any notice or change on Google times. At least the other stores that closed early did show the earlier time on Google maps. UPS was still showing 6pm. You can't ever trust UPS with their pick up times! This is not the first time.
We'll see when I can make it there again...


Back to back closings.. accommodated the signers at Starbucks for one of them. It was chilly, but convenient as usual. Happy Friday!


Another closing at a beach house with lovely views... I feel like tourists take better advantage of our beaches here. πŸ˜„ It was nice to enjoy the views a few extra minutes when the drawbridge opened up on my way back from the signing.


Another long but accomplished day of teaching and signings and then more teaching in the evening... They were post closing and HELOC signings, this time at DD and Panera locations, unlike yesterday's more challenging signing which was at a nursing home. It would have been even a more productive day if one of the signers didn't totally forget about our appointment! I was still able to accommodate them shortly after. More HELOCs and teaching on schedule for tomorrow...


My favorite kind of signings: post closing docs. Someone made a mistake somewhere at some point... It could be the title company, the first notary, or a missing doc... and I go to fix it. 😊This one, they caught the error over a year later! One signature/stamp and most still offer the full fee, short and sweet.


This must be the slowest month so far, but today wasn't so bad! First I got a call for a refi which turned out to be a seller's package of 25 pages.

Then another call for a seller's package, which turned out to be a single page deed correction! ✨

There were other offers too, but they didn't quite match my schedule... and then teaching in the evening. You never know which days will get busy all of a sudden.


My last day of signings before vacation. I already had to turn down 7 or more good offers for next week! It looks like July is picking up as the first week of June was much slower. Let's hope August will be even busier.

The good thing is that I realized I'm a preferred notary with Bancserv as I was taking my time to look at their offers for next week which I had to decline. I noticed it was waiting for me to respond with a timer and even had an option to add 3 more minutes if I needed to. It wasn't just a blast offer to everyone which you need to grab fast. No wonder I've been getting more jobs from them recently. πŸ™‚


OMG I had to chase down the UPS guy at his next stop! He left the store earlier than usual.. all 3 files today were for UPS. Whew all that we do for our files! πŸ˜„


Just dropped off 3 files at FedEx, and have 3 more signings tomorrow. My last week before summer vacation!


3 seller's packages today. Refinances every other day or so lately, definitely on the decline as the interest rates keep climbing up...

Loan closings have slowed down recently due to increasing interest rates, as expected. The timing of it kind of worked o...
Here's what the Federal Reserve's 0.75 percentage point rate hike β€” the highest in 28 years β€” means for you

Loan closings have slowed down recently due to increasing interest rates, as expected. The timing of it kind of worked out for me as we got into summer vacation mode. I'm kind of enjoying a not too busy schedule for a change. I still do closings most days, but of course at higher rates now.

The Fed announced its highest rate hike in 28 years to fight inflation. Here's how that impacts your credit card, mortgage, car loan, student debt and savings.


Happy busy Friday! 3 signings after sub. teaching today. Another month is almost over...


Happy Easter! I still have a couple of signings later in the day. Sundays or holidays don't stop me from being helpful. 😊


After crazy busy two weeks, March is finally over. It's my best month so far with 60+ signings completed. Let's see if April can beat it.. Starting early in the morning tomorrow!


Ended the looong day at a gorgeous house on the water this evening 🌊 how I missed the sound of waves... 3-4 closings most days this week, another 5 this weekend.. finishing the month strong! πŸ–ŠοΈπŸ…βœ¨


5 singings yesterday, 3 more today even on Saturday.. My biggest challenge is traffic lately!


You never know in this business how busy you will be. I had 6 closings one day this week, but then the next day just had one. I needed the rest, so it worked out well. Always be ready for those last minute calls though! 😊

This week's schedule is really interesting. I was free enough to attend a networking event yesterday and accept a sub. t...

This week's schedule is really interesting. I was free enough to attend a networking event yesterday and accept a sub. teaching job today, which I really enjoyed by the way. However, I have 9 closings tomorrow and Friday, go figure!


You never know when you'll get a call in this business. I was printing my files for tomorrow, but then got a last minute offer for tonight in Myakka City. I was able to take care of it in less than an hour. I saved the day for those people as I was told 4 other notaries cancelled before me!


Another busy day.. Sub. teaching in the early part of the day, then a seller's closing at a hotel, followed by a refinance signing. Lovely people I met today. Happy Friday! 😊


Today got busy later in the day. First I had a big packet for a refinance loan signing. Then I had to go to a hospital for notarizing a Power of Attorney. After that, I went to the other part of town for a seller's signing. All happened between 5-8:30pm. Ready for more adventures tomorrow! 😊


Duties of a Notary Public in Florida

Notaries are authorized by law to perform six basic duties:
β–  Administer oaths or affirmations
β–  Take acknowledgments
β–  Attest to photocopies of certain documents
β–  Solemnize marriage
β–  Verify vehicle identification numbers (VINs)
β–  Certify the contents of a safe-deposit box



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