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Kevin Karp, Esq. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Practicing primarily in Criminal Defense, Wrongful Death and Personal Injury including Motorcycle Accidents and Automobile Accidents.


I hope everyone is already aware of this but if you're not, I am in the process of retiring after almost 43 years of being an attorney. My beautiful wife and I have lots of travel plans and I will continue to perform with the Baker Street Band and the Baker Street duo


Tomorrow is election day. If you are going to vote at the polls, don't let anyone stop you. Don't let anyone intimidate you. Under Nevada law, do not bring a gun to the polls. I don't care if you have a CCW. Do not wear any clothing or hat or button or anything reflecting a particular candidate or party. If anyone tries to intimidate you or does or says anything that you consider an attempt at intimidation, report it to a poll worker or poll watcher and they will address it. Everyone's vote matters and Everyone's vote should be counted.


The NV Energy scam is back. Here's how it works, you get a phone call telling you that your power will be shut off in 30 minutes or 1 hour if you don't push another button and make an immediate payment. In reality, if you get this call and you are really worried, hang up and call NV Energy. They will tell you it's a scam. Don't trust the identification on your phone as there are ways to ghost that. If you pay you will never get it back and NV Energy won't credit you money that you were suckered into paying a scammer.


With some businesses closing, I am finding that some are taking the opportunity to rip people off knowing that they are closing. So everyone should be more careful before giving large sums of your hard earned money to any business without being sure about the quality of the product or service you are buying.


To all of you that own or run private businesses, you need to know that just as I have previously pointed out your right to deny entry to guns, you can also require customers to wear a mask. People in some places are claiming that requiring them to wear a mask is some type of infringement. But any private business has the right to require it if you want to.


A new fraud that people are now more susceptible to. A client sold a piece of jewelry on ebay. He got an email from Paypal saying that the money had been received so he sent the Jewelry out. The buyer confirmed receipt and thanked him. He went on his Paypal account to get his money and discovered it wasn't there. The email he received was phony and the buyer was phony. Paypal knew nothing about it and therefore isn't responsible. All I could do was refer him to the FBI. He lost a $6000 necklace to a scammer. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. All he had to do was directly check Paypal before he sent it out and he would have known it was a scam.


My office is open as a designated essential service. Unless absolutely necessary, I am meeting with my clients and consulting with people on new issues by phone. So if you have things that you would like to talk to me about, schedule a telephone appointment and email me any documents that you need me to look at. I am still available.

Someone said I should post a cat video but I don't have a cat, but I do have this guy.

Someone said I should post a cat video but I don't have a cat, but I do have this guy.


I keep reading misinformation about the new Real ID that is required for airline travel as of October 1, 2020. If you have a valid passport you can use that on all flights, foreign or domestic and get your real ID when you renew your drivers license. If you wish to confirm this information, go to the NVDMV website.


The Reno Police Department should be ashamed of themselves. The Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs was doing the Reno Toy Run, the biggest charitable event of the holiday season that helps children in our community. So what does RPD do, they walk around taking pictures of the motorcyclists and calling in the names of clubs that were there. How about RPD recognizes the good that this event does for our community instead of treating everyone there like criminals. RPD's actions might not be illegal but come on RPD, recognize the good these riders are doing.


A very nice senior couple was taken advantage of by a local car dealer. I reviewed the matter and then sent the dealer a letter advising them of the wrath I would bring down upon them if they didn't leave my clients alone. Recently they decided that dropping the matter was better than facing what I was going to do to them. I am happy and my clients are thrilled.


Happy to announce that I just won an arbitration against Toyota regarding a defective Tacoma. The car had a rear shimmy that they couldn't fix so they decided it was within normal parameters. I disagreed and so did the arbitrator who ordered Toyota to replace the vehicle.


The scam of someone who claims to be from the Washoe County Sheriff's Department is alive and well, they hung up as soon as I said I am a lawyer, can you give me a few more details. Watch out everyone.

Left Action

Left Action



If you get an email from a well known company's website advertising a product. DO NOT buy it in response to that email and give them all your payment information without confirming it is legitimate. It is now possible for scammers to pretend to be from a legitimate website and collect your money. By the time you realize that you didn't get your product it's too late to challenge the charge on your credit card. Just go yourself to the company website and make sure the product offer is real before you buy.


With the summer finally on it's way. More of us will be on the streets on our motorcycles. That also means that motorcycle riders will be injured in accidents caused by cars. If that happens, they need to see an attorney like me whose been riding motorcycles my entire adult life. Insurance adjusters do not understand motorcycles. I have had adjusters claim that that a Harley could back into a car hard enough to break the frame. I have had adjusters claim that a frozen tachometer is indicative of speed at impact instead of the rider gripping the handlebars while holding in the clutch. Over and over again they have proved that they do not understand what happens on a motorcycle. So riders should see me because I do understand.


I frequently have people come to me about contracts after they have been sued. I try to help them and avoid the unnecessary expense of litigation. But if they would have come to me with the contract before they signed it, I could have made sure that they knew what they were getting into and avoided trouble before it happened.


Tomorrow night I open in Suds the Musical at the Carson valley community Theater. It's a Musical comedy. Call 292.0939 for tickets.

Baker Street

Baker Street

Alcohol, BBQ and Rock and Roll. Lots of fun.


So yesterday I help put on a seminar for motorcyclists with the Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs concerning their rights. It went very well. We have another one scheduled for February 19. If you are interested in attending send me an email and I will forward you the information.


So it finally happened. A motorcyclist riding a 700+ pound motorcycle was stopped for a minor traffic infraction and was ordered to leave his kickstand up and put his hands on his head. He put his hands on his head but put his kickstand down telling the deputies that he put it down for safety reasons. They dragged him off his motorcycle and arrested him for Obstructing and resisting because he did not follow their instructions. Obviously I will be fighting this. For those of you who do not ride, putting your hands on your head and not putting your kickstand down is dangerous and could easily result in the motorcycle falling over. Law enforcement is not supposed to put you in a dangerous situation.


There has been a discussion in the news lately of giving law enforcement within 100 miles of the border the power to deny people due process. Many of the comments I have seen prove that people do not understand what due process means. If we give these agencies such power, they can walk up to you and demand that you prove you have legal status in this country or they can immediately deport you. I don't know about you but I don't carry my passport or birth certificate. I only carry my driver's license which is not proof of status. Therefore, without due process, you would not be given the opportunity to go home and get your proof. When you take away due process from one person, you take it away from everyone.


Lyon County is now taking the vests of patch holders if they are stopped for a traffic violation. Can someone explain to me how a vest with a membership patch on it is proof of a traffic violation.


A warning to anyone that lives, works or travels in Carson City. Yesterday I was given a police report that was written by a Deputy Brantingham. In that report it says "wearing of the vest and bandana showing his gang colors were evidence that he was breaking the law". My client does not belong to a gang. He belongs to a motorcycle club that has never been determined to be a gang. My client was stopped for a traffic infraction. When I asked the Deputy District Attorney in Carson how clothing were evidence of breaking the traffic laws he said so what. When I reminded him that it sounded like profiling, he said so what.
So Carson now wants to restrict the clothes you wear. Watch out everyone.

I have these cards in my office for anyone who needs one. I recommend carrying one in your wallet or keep it handy in yo...

I have these cards in my office for anyone who needs one. I recommend carrying one in your wallet or keep it handy in your car or on your motorcycle.


No matter what Trump says, attorney client privilege has not changed. It doesn't and never has always applied. It doesn't apply in matters between and attorney and his client. It doesn't apply if the attorney violated the law on the client's behalf. It doesn't apply when there is a criminal conspiracy between the attorney and client. These are only some of the times that it doesn't apply.


The similarity between law school and med school is they both teach you that your work is the most important thing in your life. And like most lawyers and doctors, I believed that when I started. Unlike a lot of lawyers and doctors, with the help of my wife Kathryn, I learned the being a lawyer is my work, not my life. I have come to know quite a lot of lawyers and many of them will never learn that lesson which is too bad for them and their clients because a balanced lawyer is a better lawyer.


Around 1858 Abraham Lincoln said "A lawyer's time and advice are his stock and trade".


Tax season is upon us and with it comes tax scams. Just remember, the IRS will never call you and ask for money. So if you get that kind of call, HANG UP. And if somehow they convince you that you owe the money, do not send it. Take it to the IRS office downtown. The odds are they will tell you that you don't owe it. The scammers will tell you that the office won't take it because they know it's a scam. But NEVER NEVER NEVER send it to them.


When you buy a car at a dealer, new or used, you will find something in the contract called a documentary fee. Don't be fooled. This is nothing more than additional dealer profit and can be negotiated like anything else. If they won't waive it than have them lower the purchase price to compensate for it.


Insurance companies have always done everything they can to avoid paying claims. They assume that the vast majority of people will accept the denial of the claim and go away. I have forced liability insurers, property insurers, health insurers and life insurers to pay claims that they shouldn't have refused. Don't assume that you must accept the denial. Come see me if you think they shouldn't have done it and I will be happy to go after the insurance company for you if you have a valid claim.


I just received the sad news that Judge Patrick Flanagan died today. I have known him for many years and will miss him.


There is a commercial insurance company called Seneca Insurance. If you're insured with them, please call me. You will want to hear what I can tell you about them.


Immediately upon receiving a citation or being arrested, you need a lawyer. Even if you receive a citation, I can make sure that you get treated properly and I can save you having to go to court more than is absolutely necessary. For a citation or a felony and everything in between, the first appearance is to make sure you know your constitutional rights and to make sure you have a lawyer if the law requires it. If I notify the court that I am representing you than the first appearance becomes unnecessary. Their is no such thing as knowing your rights before you need to. So call me if I can help.


Whatever the Whitehouse thinks, when you are talking to me I need you to tell me real facts, not alternative facts. Alternative facts will result in me wasting my time and your money. If you don't trust me enough to tell me the truth, get another lawyer who you do trust.


I can't tell you how often people come in my office because they either didn't read the contract they signed or didn't understand it. Rarely can I find a way out of the contract for them based on not reading it or not understanding it. If someone wants you to sign a contract and you don't have the time or the inclination to read it or you read it but don't understand it- DO NOT SIGN IT UNTIL YOU DO. IF YOU NEED HELP UNDERSTANDING IT, SEE YOUR LAWYER.


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