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Randolph H Wolf, Esq NJ Law Firm Representing Individuals Charged with DWI, Motor Vehicle Offenses, Drug Crimes and Criminal Offenses and Persons Injured in Accidents. Randolph H.

Wolf, now jointed by his partner Amanda F. Wolf, has been representing clients in New Jersey for over 35 years handling DWI & DUI, Criminal Matters, Drug Possession and Distribution, Motor Vehicle issues, and Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents.


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Municipal Court-client speeding and tailgating,eyes bloodshot watery,smelled of alcohol. Refused field sobriety tests. Refused to take breath test and charged with DWI&Refusal. Got Refusal dis for error on form. DWI dis for lack of evidence.Pled to Reckless - 60 day suspension.


Pt. Pleasant Beach Court - Got client with .21% BAC reading a lower tier DWI with 90 day suspension. Reading thrown out on a GERD defense because stomach alcohol got into airway and artificially increased reading.


Holmdel Court - got DWI dismissed and pled to careless driving with 45 day suspension. Breath test results to be stricken because of police failure to comply with discovery order.


Monmouth Superior - settled case for banker injured in department store fall on spilled liquid. She required knee surgery and two back surgeries including spinal fusion.


Municipal Court - Got 2nd offense DWI (2 year suspension) treated as a first (7 month) because Breath Test Coordinator on first case arrested for falsifying documents.


Nice job Amanda! Got a .22% BAC DWI with one car accident dismissed and pled to a careless driving with 90 day suspension. Successfully challenged operation of Alcotest. Saved career of driver with CDL who would have lost his job.


Monmouth Superior- Got successful jury verdict for social worker who a fell in jail resulting in two herniated discs and lumbar decompression and laminectomy surgery.


Video trial deposition of Orthopaedic surgeon in a slip and fall case where client had multi level disectomy and fusion with instrumentation.


Workers Compensation Court - Got 30% Permanent Disability award for woodworker who sliced off part of thumb on a table saw.


Evesham Court - Got lower tier (3 mth suspension) for client with clonazapam, ma*****na and alcohol in system who ran his car off the road. Got conditional discharge for ma*****na he threw into the woods.


Middletown Court - Busy day. Got harassment complaint dismissed in tenant dispute. Got lower tier DWI (3 month suspension)for client who backed up into car behind her at stop light and blew a .16%. Was 20 min observation issue.


Monmouth Superior Arbitration - Settled case for 80 year old women who fell on bread trays left under a counter at supermarket fracturing her femur and requiring surgery, placement of a rod, plate and screws.


Video trial deposition of defense Orthopaedic doctor for personal injury case where client fell at supermarket and broke hip.


Congratulations to my Associate and daughter Amanda Wolf on giving an excellent presentation on DWI Law at the Monmouth Bar Association Municipal Court Seminar.


Colts Neck Court - Court granted Motion to suppress evidence based upon week old New Jersey Supreme Court case barring automobile stops for broken taillight where other rear lights on the car were still working. Drug paraphernalia case dismissed.


DMV Hearing - client was facing 180 day proposed suspension for driving during a period when her license was suspended. We got it reduced to a 25 day suspension.


Monmouth Superior- settled case for 77-year-old man who had chest wall contusions requiring two week hospitalization, fractured finger, and slap tear of shoulder suffered in a car accident in which he was a passenger.


Deal Court - Got DWI dismissed and pled to Refusal based upon expert’s report indicating client with rheumatoid arthritis would be unable to perform field sobriety tests. Reckless Driving and Open Container also dismissed.


Monmouth Superior Arbitration - Representing bus driver and bus aide rear-ended by an ambulance and pushed into a salt spreader truck. Both suffered multiple herniated disks with extensive interventional pain management treatment.


Princeton Court – got all charges dismissed in ma*****na and paraphernalia possession case. Filed motion after state was unable to produce a valid laboratory certificate.


Howell Court - Amanda got dismissal of DWI and careless driving charges for CDL holder found asleep in his car in White Castle parking lot.


Monmouth Superior - Got dismissal of co***ne possession charge by motion to dismiss indictment for prosecutorial misconduct in Grand Jury.


Middletown Court - Got no point ticket for client accused of running Red light and causing accident.


Monmouth Superior - auto arbitration for client injured in rear end hit resulting in 2 herniated cervical discs and 2 herniated lumbar discs


Municipal Court-got DWI and Refusal both dismissed for client facing deportation if convicted. One year suspension for reckless driving.


Tons River-client charged with DWI(13%), DWI/ school zone, and DWI/minors in the vehicle. Got 7 months susp on DWI and all other charges dis


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Wolf Law has been representing clients in New Jersey for over 25 years with all criminal matters including DWI & DUI, drug possession, intent to distribute, and other criminal offenses. Randolph Wolf also handles juvenile offenders and CDL holders.

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