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Dansby-Darden Law Group With 20+ years experience, Dansby Law Group, APC puts our clients' interest ahead of all else and work to the extreme to get results!! Loyal and honest.

The firm offers professional, aggressive representation in criminal defense, family law (child custody/child support/spousal support/property distribution), personal injury, and police misconduct. The firm has had great success due to its attention to detail and its commitment to each individual client. No case is "just another case" to the firm; rather, there is a client behind each "case" and the firm fights vigorously to protect each client's rights.

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Finally! We’ve been waiting for resolution on this case for years. Yesterday the Cali Supreme Court directed the appellate court to vacate its decision to uphold our client’s conviction. Now we’ll see if there’s enough evidence to make it past the new favorable law. Another one of our favorite life clients may get a more appropriate sentence for his actions! #youhavetoobject!


So, we have an exciting announcement. It’s been postponed, as we’ve been in trial in the last two months. We have always tried to help others. So now free legal opinions will be posted on our pages. Just inbox your criminal law or family law question and Attorney Pam will impart her opinion on as many questions as possible via video or Facebook Live. Look out for “Pam’s Pointers.” You will be notified if your question is chosen. Get started!


From 10/24/16:
Feeling Olivia Pope-ish ...
I had a client I just met today and was never going to see him again after I handled his case. He had turned himself in to the court on a warrant. We waited and the judge called his case; as I walked to the podium to begin my spiel, his bail bondsman whispered to me that LAPD had just arrested him in court. Huh? I'd seen the officers in court but thought nothing of it because it was packed. I went to the hallway to see what was going on but they were gone. I went into the next hallway but the elevator door had already closed with him and the 3 officers in it. I waited a while for the next elevator surely thinking it was a lost cause because it took so long. When I got out of the elevator, I could see through the window that they had him handcuffed, putting him in the car. I ran outside and ran up the stairs, "Excuse me, what are you arresting him for?" He said a warrant. And I asked for what. When he said social services fraud, I told them "That's THIS case he was in court for. You cant do that!!!!" (Having no idea if they could, but knew it sounded illegal and backwards). They looked at each other, mumbled something to each other and said "Ok, we will let him go." They took the cuffs off and walked with him back to the courtroom. The judge again called the case, recalled and quashed the warrant and released him on the bail he posted. Huh??? Never seen anything like it. Who arrests someone out of the courtroom for a warrant that that courtroom issued????! SMH. I took a pic of them releasing him from the cuffs and I want to post it so bad but I'll pass...for now. Needless to say, I gained a new fan. 😜

Long overdue. Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no excuse for this. At least a lot of the defendants have had ...
Prosecutors who falsify or withhold evidence could become felons under proposed state legislation

Long overdue. Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no excuse for this. At least a lot of the defendants have had a tough life and limited opportunities that shaped their decisions that led them to crime. A dirty prosecutor's motive, however, is just about wanting to win at all costs. How can you break the law while in the act of punishing someone for breaking the law? Justice is for everyone.

Prosecutors who intentionally withhold or falsify evidence could be charged with a felony under a new bill winding through the state Legislature.

Wow, I had high hopes for this young man.  Ni**er?  Monkey?  No place for you in politics...representing the interests o...
Latino Compton Councilman calls Mayor Aja Brown the N-word; Resignation Sought | EURweb

Wow, I had high hopes for this young man. Ni**er? Monkey? No place for you in politics...representing the interests of others. The truth came to light and we must push forward as one for justice. Don't be divided and conquered. Let's work together and promote change.

*On the 4th of July, Brown on Black racism is rearing its ugly head in Compton, according to civil rights activist Najee Ali who plans to do something about. Ali, the director of Project Islamic, a leading civil rights organization and a coalition of Compton residents and community organizations are...


The officers failed to advise the my client of his Miranda rights before questioning him in the jail. Research completed. Motion to suppress his stataement and dismiss the case for a violation of my client's Fifth Amendment Right Against Self-Incrimination filed and argued....CASE DISMISSED!!
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Legal Tips: Custody battle?
1. Document EVERYTHING and never grow tired of documenting.
2. Be smarter than you are emotional...


It's that time again! For all of you with kids from 12 to 22, I'll be speaking on how to interact with law enforcement in the event you're detained or stopped. I'll also speak on other avoidable trappings that commonly cause our youth to "catch a case." Parents are HIGHLY encouraged to attend as well. It will be July 16th and 17th. Inbox me for more information.


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I posted a few months ago about a client who received life in prison because he was convicted of murder even though the evidence only showed he was sitting in the car when the incident happened...not a shooter, not a driver, not a look-out and no evidence he knew the shooting was going to happen. I guess its important to say the shooting happened on the street (not in the car). As I mentioned before, the appellate court agreed with my objections (via the appellate attorney), i.e., that there was insufficient evidence to support the conviction. So, they reversed the conviction. After going through the long process to finalize the ruling, he called me today, a couple of hours after he was released. He was thankful and promised to meet with me next week to talk about who he surrounds himself with in the future. #dansbydardenlaw #hesaidheprayedforme #nowiwillprayforhimandhischoices