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Corrales Law Group Corrales Law Group is a law firm built on the principles of service, compassion, and the belief that Service is our priority.

Corrales Law Group was founded in 2012 by siblings Janice and Peter Corrales as a human rights law firm focused on advocating for the under served and underrepresented. We have a vast immigration practice that includes Deportation Defense, Asylum Applications, TPS, NACARA, Bond Hearing Representation, and Prosecutorial Discretion Requests, including (DACA) applications. Our personal injury pract

ice represents those harmed and in need of strong advocacy. We take on tough liability cases and represent individuals so they are not taken advantage of by large corporations. In 2013, Thomas joined Corrales Law Group to focus on the growth of our personal injury practice. Our lawyers remember the reason they chose to spend years in school and know that they are here to serve clients and our community. Client communications are returned within 24 business hours and all questions regarding cases are answered. Our consultations are free and we offer in-home visits for certain clients with disabilities and for those who lack transportation for a minimal fee. We understand the distress and fear that comes with a legal problem and we aim to make clients feel as safe and confident as possible by keeping clients fully informed and always being honest. Our lawyers and support staff come from immigrant families and we understand you have questions when it comes to important situations and decisions in your life. We aim for trust in our relationship with our clients and have payment plans available in order to make effective legal services more accessible to all. Additionally, every person in our office is completely fluent in Spanish and can translate necessary documents. Our lawyers constantly attend seminars and conferences to stay informed as to changes in the field and you can often catch us out and about holding community outreach events, giving out free information, and participating in community service. Janice Corrales has many years of experience working with women who have been victims of violence, and so our firm serves many victims of crimes who qualify for U visas, T visas, and VAWA self-petitions, and feel comfortable trusting us with their personal stories and cases, knowing we understand. Our clients are the reason we are here and the reason we jump out of bed happy to go to work every morning. While primarily practicing immigration and personal injury law, Corrales Law Group has a vast network of attorneys in Southern California to meet all your legal needs so if you do not see a service you need listed, please contact us and we will point in the right direction


USCIS Begins Accepting DACA Renewals

Thanks to a ruling from a 9th circuit district court, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewal applications are once again being processed by USCIS. USCIS announced the change on January 13, 2018 via The federal court ruling means that DACA policy is reverting to the policies in place before the recent rescission on September 5, 2017. There are several important points to take note of regarding the recent change:
• USCIS will only be accepting renewals, individuals who have never been granted DACA cannot apply
• Advanced parole applications are still being rejected
• Individuals who were protected under DACA at some point but whose DACA expired on or before September 5, 2016 may still file an initial DACA request

USCIS comienza a aceptar renovaciones de DACA

Gracias a una decisión de un tribunal del noveno circuito, las solicitudes de renovación de DACA una vez más están siendo procesadas por USCIS. USCIS anunció el cambio el 13 de enero de 2018 a través de La decisión del tribunal federal significa que el programa de DACA será igual a el proceso s antes de los cambios recientes en el 5 de septiembre de 2017. Hay varios puntos importantes para tener en cuenta con respecto al cambio reciente:
• USCIS solo aceptará renovaciones, las personas que nunca he recibido los beneficios de DACA no pueden aplicar
• Las solicitudes para viajar fuera del país (advanced parole) todavía están siendo rechazadas
• Las personas que estaban protegidas por DACA en algún momento, pero su DACA expiró el 5 de septiembre de 2016 o antes, aún pueden presentar una solicitud inicial de DACA


Our office has been receiving a high volume of calls from DACA beneficiaries that are worried about the USCIS house visits which have been all over the news in the past few days. It is important to note that this news only affects a very small percentage of DACA recipients. Only individuals with 3 year work authorizations that were received after the injunction order on February 16, 2015 could be affected. USCIS is trying to collect those work authorizations in order to reissue valid 2 year work authorizations as required by the judge’s temporary injunction. USCIS will make attempts to contact those affected through mail and telephone before visiting a home so please keep mailing addresses current with USCIS. We have posted Youtube videos with more detailed information on our Youtube channel

Nuestra oficina ha estado recibiendo una gran cantidad de llamadas de beneficiarios DACA que están preocupados por las visitas de USCIS que han estado siendo transmitidas en los noticieros en los últimos días. Es importante entender que esto solamente le afecta a un porcentaje pequeño de beneficiarios DACA. Solamente podrían verse afectados los individuos con autorizaciones de 3 años que fueron recibidas después del mandato del 16 de febrero de 2015. USCIS está intentando reunir todas aquellas autorizaciones de trabajo para reexpedir autorizaciones de 2 años como ha sido requerido por el mandato temporal del juez. USCIS intentará establecer contacto con aquellos que puedan ser afectados a través del correo o teléfono antes de llevar a cabo una visita, así que por favor actualice su dirección de correo con USCIS. Hemos publicado videos con información detallada en nuestro canal de Youtube.


Corrales Law Group is extremely disappointed by the decision of federal judge Andrew Hansen to issue a preliminary injunction, temporarily halting any new administrative relief for millions of hard working immigrants. We have faith that an appellate court will not be swayed by politics and will overrule this decision. In the meantime, please note that this does NOT affect anyone that currently benefits from the DACA program. This decision only temporarily pauses the administrative relief that will be granted under the expansion of the DACA program and under the planned DAPA program for parents of citizens and permanent residents. We have posted new videos regarding this decision and will be posting updates regarding administrative relief as news becomes available.

En Corrales Law Group estamos muy decepcionados por la decisión del juez Andrew Hansen cual suspender todos los nuevos alivios administrativos para millones de inmigrantes que trabajan duro. Tenemos fe en que una corte de apelaciones no se deje llevar por la política y anulará la decisión. Mientras tanto, por favor, tenga en cuenta que esto no afecta a nadie que actualmente se beneficia del programa DACA. Esta decisión detiene temporalmente el alivio administrativo que se concede con la expansión del programa DACA y del programa DAPA prevista para padres de ciudadanos y residentes permanentes. Hemos publicado nuevos vídeos con respecto a esta decisión y vamos a publicar actualizaciones en cuanto a aligerar la administración noticias esté disponible.

Peter Corrales helping people prepare for Obama's new executive action programs  at our free community workshop this mor...

Peter Corrales helping people prepare for Obama's new executive action programs at our free community workshop this morning. This is our 7th one since the programs were announced. Give our office a call to sign up for the next free workshop.

Peter Corrales ayudando a la gente a prepararse para los nuevos programas de acción ejecutiva de Obama esta mañana en nuestro taller gratis para la comunidad. Este es nuestro séptimo taller desde que se anunciaron los programas. Llame a nuestra oficina para inscribirse en el próximo taller gratis.

Over the weekend we read through the Executive Action DHS memos and made a few videos outlining the eligibility requirem...
Corrales Law Group

Over the weekend we read through the Executive Action DHS memos and made a few videos outlining the eligibility requirements for the new DACA expansion and the new program that benefits parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents (DAP). Starting next week we will be holding community information workshops, but until then here are videos to help people prepare:

Durante el fin de semana leimos las notas del DHS sobre la Accion Ejecutiva e hicimos videos que describen los requisitos de elegibilidad para la nueva expansion de DACA y el nuevo programa que beneficia a los padres de ciudadanos estadounidenses y residentes permanentes (DAP). A partir de la próxima semana vamos a tener talleres de información para la comunidad, pero hasta entonces aqui tenemos vídeos para ayudar a las personas a prepararse:

Corrales Law Group is law firm located in Orange County, California. Our primary area of practice is in the area of immigration. All of our attorneys speak S...

President Obama announced major changes to immigration policy in the United States last night! The Department of Homelan...
Immigration Action | Homeland Security

President Obama announced major changes to immigration policy in the United States last night! The Department of Homeland Security released several policy memorandums that detail these major changes. Corrales Law Group will be posting informational videos and checklists explaining all these changes and what they mean in the weeks to come, but for now here are some highlights from the DHS memos: 1) DACA program will be expanded to include more individuals; 2) parents of US citizens and permanent residents may qualify for deferred status; 3) provisional waivers will be available to permanent residents that qualify; 4) removal priorities have been realigned; 5) directs USCIS to more clearly define extreme hardship for 601 waivers; 6) expand the OPT program for STEM graduates.

¡El presidente Obama anunció cambios mayores a la política de inmigración en los Estados Unidos anoche! El Departamento de Seguridad Nacional publicó varios memorandos de políticas que detallan estos cambios mayores. Corrales Law Group estará publicando videos informativos y listas de verificación explicando todos estos cambios y lo que significan en las próximas semanas pero aquí hay algunos aspectos destacados de las notas del DSH: el programa DACA se ampliará para incrementar los individuos elegibles; los padres de ciudadanos estadounidenses y residentes permanentes pueden calificar para el estatus diferido; exenciones provisionales estarán disponibles para los residentes permanentes calificables; las prioridades de eliminación se han realineado; dirige USCIS para definir más claramente dificultades extremas para perdones (601); expandir el programa OPT para los graduados de STEM.

Fixing our broken immigration system through Executive Action

Congrats to the happy new U.S. lawful permanent resident and to attorney Peter Corrales for another "Waived In" Adjustme...

Congrats to the happy new U.S. lawful permanent resident and to attorney Peter Corrales for another "Waived In" Adjustment approval!! We're grateful USCIS- Santa Ana has fairly and consistently applied case law in Quilantan cases and that our complex cases have received approvals.

Before signing up for a waiver process or a "perdon" with your spouse, remember that if you came to the United States and a border officer saw you and allowed you to come into the United States, even if you did not have a visa, you may have the right to adjust your status here in the United States and not go through the waiver process. Definitely consult a lawyer if you think you may qualify for a "waived in" case.

Application/Document Checklists – Corrales Law Group

The attorneys at Corrales Law Group have helped hundreds of applicants with DACA renewals. We recently posted checklists for anyone needing help with a DACA renewal.
Checklists in English:
Checklists in Spanish:
Also remember we have several videos on our Youtube channel that go over the entire renewal process. Contact us if you or anyone you know needs help with a DACA renewal!

Happy Halloween from Corrales Law Group! Trick-or-treating has started early here!

Happy Halloween from Corrales Law Group! Trick-or-treating has started early here!

Corrales Law Group would like to provide some information about the surge of unaccompanied children refugee from Central...
America's child migrant crisis, explained in 2 minutes

Corrales Law Group would like to provide some information about the surge of unaccompanied children refugee from Central America that has been headlining news. We're sharing a very brief informational video we came across that provides a simple overview of the humanitarian crisis and discusses some, though not all, of the factors. We would also like to give general tips for anyone who knows a minor in this situation:

1) Seek legal assistance before a court date is issued: Backlogs in courts mean that a hearing may not take place for months or even a year after arrival. An asylum application should be submitted within a year of arrival so it is important to not waste time. We’ve had minors show up at our office after the one year deadline because they were misinformed by others.
2) Apply for Asylum while still a minor: Applying for asylum before reaching 18 years old brings the benefit of having the application decided outside of an adversarial immigration court and if the application is denied , the applicant may still be heard before an immigration judge.
3) Ask a lawyer about other options besides asylum: Many of these minors will qualify for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) but we’ve found that this option is not always explored. Contact us for an eligibility screening.
4) Make sure the person providing legal advice is a licensed attorney: We do not want any more victims of ‘Notario’ fraud.

Tens of thousands of children from Central America are arriving alone at our border, posing a major challenge to humanitarian systems that have been in place since World War II. Vox immigration reporter Dara Lind explains in two minutes.


DACA Renewals!

On June 5, 2014 USCIS published the process for renewing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Renewal applications should be submitted 4 months before the expiration of deferred status so please keep time frame in mind. The updated version of form I-821d for renewal has been published on the USCIS website, please contact us with any questions or check out our videos explaining the renewal process.

El 05 de junio 2014 USCIS publicó el proceso para la renovación de la Acción Diferida (DACA). Las solicitudes de renovación deberán presentarse 4 meses antes de la expiración del estatus. La nueva versión de la forma I-821d para la renovación ha sido publicado en el sitio web de USCIS, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros con cualquier pregunta o vea nuestros vídeos explicando el proceso de renovación.


Another Quilantan adjustment of status approved today! We're so happy for our clients who were able to avoid the hardship waiver and consular process. If you are married to a U.S. citizen and are thinking about starting your hardship waiver/I-601a process and you came to the United States through an inspection point like the Tijuana border, even if you did NOT have a visa or actual permission to come to the United States, you should see a lawyer before you start your process because you may qualify for an adjustment of status HERE in the United States under Quilantan. That would mean no 10-year bar, no waiver, and no having to leave the country. A lawyer is crucial for this kind of adjustment, but it's something worth looking into since it could save your family a lot of money, time, work, and stress.

We know that the consular process is one of the most stressful processes clients go through since they tend to worry that their loved ones won't be able to come back, so we always try to qualify clients for adjustment of status in the United States when possible. We've found that a lot of our clients who were brought to the United States as children are eligible for a Quilantan adjustment and that they usually have no idea that they may qualify.


PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMS.This week 3 different DACA applicants have mentioned previously paying a website money for access to fill out DACA forms on their own. This website has been coming up when people have been trying to reach the USCIS website. Always remember DACA forms, and other immigration forms, are available for FREE on You should NOT pay anyone for just access to forms. One of the applicants sent us a screenshot of the website he paid and while the design of the website makes it look like it is linked to the government, the small print states that they are not associated with USCIS and that they are NOT lawyers.


Today's mail brought an approval letter for our DACA grant contest winner!!! Congratulations to Heidi Reynoso Rojas!!! USCIS approved this amazing straight A student in just 2 months and one week. We have no doubt that if she chooses to do so, Heidi will be an incredible doctor and will help many people. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to support her on her journey in this way and are very happy about the news.


Good news from USCIS!
As many people know back in March of 2013, USCIS started allowing the spouses of U.S. citizens to submit new provisional waivers, where immigrant spouses could remain in the United States until their waiver was decided, rather than being separated from their families for months. USCIS stated they would not decide any other admissibility issues except for unlawful presence in these waivers and this led to USCIS denying provisional waivers submitted by people with previous crimes that did NOT make them inadmissible in anyway. People were devastated to find out their waiver had been denied over a DUI from 10 years ago when it was not a bar to admissibility. We've had to tell everyone that if they have ever even stolen gum from a store then they should not submit the new waiver and to just wait until USCIS corrects this issue. Well, USCIS has now corrected this issue! USCIS just issued a Field Guidance memo telling officers to not deny provisional waivers submitted by people with previous crimes that do NOT make them inadmissible. Those with minor crimes can now go forward, AFTER consulting with a lawyer to make sure it is indeed a crime that is not a bar to admissibility.

The kids of our U-visa and VAWA clients must have been REALLY good this year because Santa has been making lots of stops...

The kids of our U-visa and VAWA clients must have been REALLY good this year because Santa has been making lots of stops at Corrales Law Group throughout the month of December. 4 days to the holiday and this is what our back room still looks like.


It was tough, but last night we chose the winner of our DACA Dreamer Grant Contest. We will be paying the winner's USCIS fees of $465 and representing her in the process pro bono. However, since it was such a tough decision, we decided to also offer pro bono representation to the top 5 entries.

Due to the circumstances surrounding DACA, we don't want to post the name of the winner until her case is closed and only if she is comfortable with her name being posted. However the winner is a 21-year-old student from California who has been studying in the United States since the age of 6, and all winners have already been notified.

**Shhhhh........ there's a good chance we're going to offer pro bono representation to everyone who entered the contest, but after we finish the first round. At our firm, lawyer's work on DACA's directly and the work is not delegated to support staff, so we have to pace ourselves.

This Saturday, attorney Peter Corrales was invited to speak at a career conference for Public Dot Public Charter Schools...

This Saturday, attorney Peter Corrales was invited to speak at a career conference for Public Dot Public Charter Schools. Green Dot manages numerous public charter schools in the Los Angeles area that are specifically geared towards preparing inner city teens for higher education. Attorney Corrales talked to the students about the legal field and answered questions about law, life, and education. Corrales Law Group always welcomes the opportunity to participate in community events.


Corrales Law Group would like to announce our new DACA Dreamer Grant Contest!

We love our community and our Dreamers, and we are well aware that the application fee for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is prohibitive for many young people who do not yet have work permits. Corrales Law Group would like to offer an eligible applicant in this situation not only our free attorney services, but also the $465 filing fees for the application. If you believe you qualify for DACA but haven't had the money to pay for the application or hire an attorney, we welcome you to submit an entry to our DACA Dreamer Grant Contest. We will begin accepting entries November 1, 2013 and continue accepting until December 1, 2013. On December 15, 2013 we will choose a winner. The winner will be invited to come to our office and meet with one of our immigration attorneys to fill out an intake and go over the DACA process and necessary evidence. As soon as the winner has all the necessary evidence we will prepare and send out the application with our $465 money order within a week. The case will be handled by attorneys at all times and not paralegals or consultants. If an out-of-state Dreamer wins the contest, then the process will be handled over the phone and through mail, e-mail and fax.

In order to enter we invite you to send us:
1) Your dream(s),
2) Why you would like to apply for DACA, and
3) Why you have not been able to apply yet.

You can submit your entry in the form of a short essay, or by any artistic means that you would rather express in such as photography, paintings, videos, poems, collages, etc. We are open to the medium of your choice.

Along with your entry please include a page with your full name, current city, contact information, and date of birth. All entries are deemed confidential and we will not share any information or entries without prior permission from the applicant.

Entries are welcomed in English, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, and any other Latin-based language (sorry, Janice will be reading most of them and has realized her brain's limitations when it comes to learning non-Latin-based languages). We are accepting entries from any city within the United States and all ages, as long as you are over 15 or will be turning 15 soon. Please do not enter the contest if you know you aren't eligible for DACA. If a person who doesn't qualify enters the contest and wins, we won't be able to send the application and will have to choose a new winner. If you're unsure about whether you qualify or not, we encourage you to call our office at (714) 978-8100 and an immigration attorney will be happy to answer your questions about whether you qualify, free of charge.

Please send your entries:
1) Via mail to:
Corrales Law Group
171 S. Anita Dr. Suite 206
Orange, CA 92868, or

2)Via e-mail to: [email protected], or

3) Via fax to: (714) 978-8111.

We look forward to your entries! If a lot of people are interested, we would love to hold the contest every few months.


1835 W Orangewood Avenue Suite 200
Orange, CA


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