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Listening is one of the best tools Lawyers have.

The 80/20 doesn't seem like it really will do justice on the court, but the more information that can be gained from your client, the more information can be used against opposing counsel.

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Understanding Law 101Law Type 1: Personal Injury:Personal Injury is defined under the law as any type of injury a person...

Understanding Law 101

Law Type 1:

Personal Injury:
Personal Injury is defined under the law as any type of injury a person can suffer because of another person’s actions or negligence. It doesn’t matter as much about the intentions of the action as it does that the injury was caused by another. It is a US citizen’s right to hold another responsible for the injuries that they caused them and to the extent of the injury as well as type of the injury they sustained during the process. Often the person injured desires an amount that the person that caused the injury disagrees with paying and as a result, a lawsuit will be filed that will define the terms of the injury and decidedly enforce the causer of the injury to pay accordingly to the person injured’s request of value for their endured injuries.

Being represented by a lawyer that can assist in interpreting the law and arguing a valid point perhaps not seen by the causer of the injury or a trial judge. The primary concern to address when the situation arises where a person receives an injury caused by another is the significance of the injury. If the injury proves impactful to that person’s everyday life physically or emotionally, then it may be wise to partner with an attorney that will advocate that they are compensated properly for the physical injuries sustained by the wrongdoer, better research the wrongdoer in the case of them not having an insurance policy to seek personal assets that could be recovered instead.

However, sometimes if the injuries sustained are not grave and as impactful as it may appear, or less than the cost of obtaining a few thousand for medical bills, then it may not be the best decision to pursue an attorney as it wouldn’t equate to all of the effort placed into the legal process and could delay the person’s settlement and cost more time than necessary instead of dealing with the wrongdoer’s insurance company on their own.

Think you have a possible case and want to know if you can be properly compensated for your injuries?
Let us connect you with the right attorney and make it happen today!

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THERE ARE MILLIONS OF CASES FILED EVERY YEAR.                               Take YOUR share.According to a study done by...
U.S. Insurance Industry: All Sectors


Take YOUR share.

According to a study done by the insurance information institute in 2016, $502.6 billion worth of insurance premiums for property and casualty were written. Insurance disputes are on the rise with the tighter regulations being placed on insurance companies every new year to allow for more fair assessment of damage costs caused during accident or to one’s property. (1)

Insurance attorneys are needed more than ever in the world to protect the rights of those in need of it. The only problem is, that the field is very competitive at the moment with more and more attorneys dedicating their early tenures to the specialization for the foreseen rise in need for better representation. Understanding the importance of staying at the top of the ladder in your field is a must and in this day and age the only way it seems that your firm will reach this wide audience is via online. The large insurance law firms that are taking the majority of these potential clients are obtaining the calls primarily through one method..

They have placed faith in their website, built trust with the clients that are landing on them with the security and needed information held within them, and are using the proper SEO techniques to bring those leads to them first.

They are keeping this a large secret.

Referral marketing isn’t the only way that these big firms have soared to the top. They are leveraging the power of marketing to control how many leads they receive and when they receive them. More importantly, while many are searching for accidents being reported, expecting referrals, or hoping for a random hot lead to phone them, these large firms are taking advantage of their time and providing their services to these clients truly making a name for themselves in law.

Don’t let this discourage you…

You can use the same methods and better strategies to stay one step ahead of your contemporaries. You can better know your market and focus more on scaling your law firm instead of waiting for your next call. You can learn all of the methods by retaining our law firm marketing agency inclined to meet all of the needs that will arise in your market.

We will provide the right content to lead your clients to your law firm with better information right for them. We will leverage Google using our advanced analytics to draw the crowds towards your credibility. We will build trust with the potential clients that land on your page and keep them there to find your firm helpful and reassuring enough to call asking for more information and YOUR assistance in their case.

Don’t worry yourself with the headache and time commitment of marketing yourself when we will do it for your firm gladly and with pride. Let us make your firm our next success story by initiating a-one on-one call with us today.

Source: (1) Insurance Information Institute

Even 10 digits aren't enough! Check out our site so we can have you turning heads the way you're meant to.              ...

Even 10 digits aren't enough! Check out our site so we can have you turning heads the way you're meant to.

NEARLY 80% OF HOT LEADS FIND LAWYERS ONLINEPeople are moving towards the internet. This is just the easiest thing to do ...
Gent Solutions


People are moving towards the internet. This is just the easiest thing to do it seems for people trying to find well-priced deals, relate, and ultimately trust lawyers with their potential cases.

Referral marketing alone is not what the game changers are using anymore. Today, what matters is how long someone will stay on your website. Your work can better be seen amongst the entire world in a matter minutes by a brief overview of your website, which proves you that websites are essential in generating the leads your firm needs to grow.

Do you really want to lose 80% of the potential leads the internet has to offer?

Websites are what your clients are going to see and judge your law firm by. Creating a website is one thing, but keeping them on the page and preventing them from looking elsewhere is another. SEO mechanics of today are tricky and difficult to master.

You didn’t become an attorney to learn about the ever changing internet and market to potential clients in the hopes of bringing cases into your firm.

For every $1 you spend on marketing your law firm online, done right, you should expect nearly 5 times that back as an return on your investment. SEO tactics are very interesting in that there are immediate ways of generating better conversions and long-term, but more effective ways of generating the best of conversions. Proper SEO conversion should be seen as the marathon, not the 5K that quickly takes your breath. Small strides each and every month for a few months will prove most effective in scaling your law firm with better rankings on common search browsers and larger quantities of content being pushed into the public eye.

Online presence in the law industry today is true unmatched power. If you wish for you law firm to excel and meet the other larger firms at the top, then strategizing on how to bring traffic to your landing page and keeping the potential clients interested long enough to have them calling your offices within minutes is what you must constantly strive for. An online presence can be built over time with organic SEO strategies that lead people from larger search engines to your website.

That’s only one step of the marketing puzzle in that you have to also keep that interested client on your website long enough for them to build the trust and muster the courage to make the call. This requires a display of trust and hospitality to the potential client consistently every time that they come to the site. Why this is so important is because if your law firm is not doing this, then the client will find another site within minutes that does fulfill these picky requirements.

It’s all very simple when put into the bigger picture. People are finding what they need online in modern society. They no longer have the time nor the patience to travel place to place to search for someone to meet their needs and match their demands.

Of course, you’ve proven yourself an intelligent academic and could probably learn these skills with research and dedication. But why do that when you could let us take care of your firm by managing these affairs gladly and with pride? Your firm should be lead by the practice of the law and not concern itself with the matters of finding the clients necessary to fulfill that mission.

Let us make you our next success story by giving our agency a call to schedule a one-on-one call today.

Tailor Made Solutions

Content is King.Follow our 4-Step method to bringing fame to your law firm by scheduling a one-on-one call today.

Content is King.

Follow our 4-Step method to bringing fame to your law firm by scheduling a one-on-one call today.

But.. Are you winning?Check out our site to discover your stake in the game.


Are you winning?

Check out our site to discover your stake in the game.

Great lawyers are problem solvers that rise above their setbacks to win. Are you a winner?To keep winning, schedule a ca...

Great lawyers are problem solvers that rise above their setbacks to win.

Are you a winner?

To keep winning, schedule a call with us today in the link below>>>

Client Journey Mapping for Law Firm Marketing — Bigger Law Firm Magazine

The most powerful way to win an argument is by asking the right questions. What questions can be asked about your firm?

Too many law firms have a random approach to marketing: resources are applied haphazardly toward advertising or website development, and everyone hopes the phone keeps ringing. This method is obviously flawed. In order to improve, you need to know what works and what does not, and that is only possi...


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