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The Office will be closed on the 4th and 5th. Hope you all enjoy your Independence Day.


Legal Tips of the Day

Legal Tip of the Day: The most important thing to remember about the free advice you get from your friends on social media is that it's almost worth what you paid for it.

Oklahoma Bar Association

Oklahoma Bar Association

Scam alert ⚠️ “The scammers say they’re with the U.S. Marshals Service, county sheriff’s department, or another law enforcement agency. They accuse the call recipient of failing to appear for federal or local jury duty and warn that an arrest warrant has been issued.” Then, of course, they ask for money.

Oklahoma Bar Association

Oklahoma Bar Association

From the OBJ: "There is a common misconception among the public that a child who is 12 or older can determine his or her custody in all situations. A practitioner should caution a client that it is not that simple."


Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Please join us in celebrating the legacy of Dr. King today!

Column: How to handle a bully in divorce court

Column: How to handle a bully in divorce court

It seems like bullying is such a hot topic these days. With frequent news stories about cyber-bullying, kids being bullied at school and even adults being


Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office

***CHECKPOINT AHEAD*** This Saturday from 10 PM to 3 AM we will hold an Impaired Driving Checkpoint in Oklahoma County. Please choose to NOT drink and drive. It makes our job much easier when you don't. But if you do choose to drink and drive we have a message for you. We're paraphrasing here, but we believe the award winning actor Liam Neeson said it best:
". ...what we do have are very particular sets of skills, skills we have acquired over very long careers. Skills that make us a nightmare for people like you. If you use a sober designated driver, that'll be the end of it. We will not look for you, We will not pursue you. But if you don't, We will look for you, we will find you, and we will arrest you."


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Oklahoma Bar Association

Oklahoma Bar Association

Have you volunteered for Ask A Lawyer yet? We can always use more volunteer lawyers! Two-hour shifts available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. this Thursday, April 27. In Oklahoma Coutny: [email protected]; in Tulsa County: [email protected]. More contact info (and the online registration link for Oklahoma County) available online.


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Oklahoma county courthouse closed today.. Stay warm our friends!


Timeline Photos


Thanks to all who have served!

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

Arnold Palmer, golf icon, has died.


Oklahoma City Police Department

Early this morning, rescue crews were called to a two-alarm apartment fire near N.W. 28th St. and May Ave. Officer Anthony Glover and Sergeant Dave Hollis ran to the back of the complex where they encountered a privacy fence blocking access to the building. Sgt. Hollis breached the fence, literally tearing it open with his hands. Once making it through the fence, the officers located a mother and baby who were trapped on the second floor of the apartment. The mother told officers that she felt it was too perilous to attempt an escape with her baby by using the stairs. In a race against time, the mother made the difficult decision to lean out of the window and drop her baby to the officers below. Officer Glover successfully caught the infant. The mother was later able to escape safely. The rescues of several citizens out of the apartment complex were the combined efforts of several other police officers, police lieutenants, fire personnel, and even members of the media not specifically named in this post. We are thankful, no one was seriously injured in the apartment fire. Many thanks to these two brave and quick-thinking police officers who helped rescue these fire victims.



BREAKING: OCPD Chief changes mind and will allow officers to carry personal rifles.


Happy 4th friends...

Oklahoma Bar Association

Oklahoma Bar Association

“'I think he has given dignity, honesty and integrity to the judgeship. He was a trailblazer and is a role model to hundreds of young people,' longtime Oklahoma City civil rights activist Clara Luper told The Oklahoman."


Senate GOP

Thank you to all those who served.


Oklahoma Bar Association


We now can prepare a GUN TRUST for our clients. This is designed to hold all of your fi****ms including those with certain restrictions, such as suppressors and silencers. As an owner of guns I have designed this to deal with pistols, revolvers, shotguns, antique guns and silencers.
Protect your family members now by properly creating a GUN TRUST to control gun possesion now and after your death.

Julie DelCour: 50 years past the scandal: Remind us again why we had judicial reform.

Julie DelCour: 50 years past the scandal: Remind us again why we had judicial reform.

Oklahomans forget - or some never knew -- what came before our present judicial system -- a dark era when justice was for sale and bribes flowed to fix votes on the Supreme Court.It's been 50 years since the scandal broke -- a half-century since a wide-eyed William Berry started trembling after Step…


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