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Recon Security PRIVATE SECURITY IN OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (405) 510-0201 We protect individuals, families, property, visiting dignitaries, celebrities, and more.

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Security Services And Protection
We provide private on-site security services for large and small businesses, special events, parking lots, and much more! ARMED TRANSPORTATION
When yo

u need discreet, defensive protection for yourself or valuables, contact us for armed transport services. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR
From in-depth background checks to searching for missing persons, our private investigators are committed to your case. PERSONAL BODYGUARD
Our thorough and professional personal bodyguard services will give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve. Private Security Services in Oklahoma City, OK
When you need professional, on-site and personal security services in Oklahoma, choose Recon Security. Our expertly trained personal security guards provide comprehensive security services so you can achieve peace of mind. Trained in a variety of tactics as well as customer service, our staff also provides process server and private investigator services. Contact us today if you need a private security guard in Oklahoma for:
Armed Transport Service: An armed transport service is helpful for delivery or transport of valuable goods as well as people. Contact us today for strategic armed transport services in Oklahoma. Bodyguard Service: When you need a personal private bodyguard, look no further than Recon Security. We’ll keep you safe from physical harm as well as mental anguish from stalkers and paparazzi. Corporate Private Security: Looking for a private security service for your corporate building? At Recon Security, we work hard to devise personalized security plans to accommodate each client’s unique needs. Executive and Personal Bodyguard Service: Whether you need bodyguard services for a special event or other instance, we are here to provide safety and peace of mind. From paparazzi to overzealous fans and more, our trained bodyguards will provide you with a safe environment. Family Bodyguard Service: Keep your family safe and secure with our devoted family bodyguard services. With us, you can get the peace of mind you’re looking for. On-Site Security Services: Though security cameras and alarm systems can provide some level of protection, on-site security is a more effective criminal deterrent. Recon Security provides on-site private security for all types of industries. Government Private Security: If you need a private security contractor to protect government property or personnel, choose Recon Security. We work with you to determine the best possible security solution. Healthcare Facility Private Security: Medical and healthcare facilities present unique security challenges, and Recon Security can help. We are specially trained to handle a variety of problems and will devise a plan that provides your healthcare facility with a safe, secure environment. Oil & Gas Security: Prevent oilfield theft and other criminal activity with a trusted gate guard or private security guard on your site. We provide excellent on-site private security for any energy, oil, and gas job site. Parking Lot Security Officer: Keep your employees and their vehicles safe and secure with a professional parking lot security officer. We can help prevent theft, deter criminal activity, and patrol your parking lot or garage at night. Private Investigator Services: A private investigator can help search for missing persons, runaways, and much more. From a background check to skip tracing, we do it all. Process Server: When you need to ensure that someone receives legal documents, let our experts deliver and document the process. Our professional process servers can also work to track down someone who might have fled the area. Residential Private Security: Whether you need security for you individual home or an entire apartment building or subdivision, we can help. Our specially trained guards can serve at gate guards, patrol officers, or as a stationary security guard for your estate, home, condo, and more. Small Business Private Security: If you’re concerned about the safety or security of your small business and employees, call today! We understand that small businesses have unique security needs and will devise a solution that works for you. Specials Events Private Security: Hosting a concert, gala, or other special event and need a private security solution? We handle any size event, public or private! We have over 20 years of experience and work 24/7 to ensure your needs are met. Call us today at (405) 510-0201 for premier private security services in Oklahoma City, OK. BODYGUARD SERVICES
Bodyguard Services
Do you need personal protection from paparazzi or a stalker? Concerned about your family’s safety after threats made online? Whether you’re a high-profile figure in the community or not, Recon Security is here to help with our personal bodyguard services. If you need a bodyguard in Oklahoma City, make us your first choice. Our bodyguards are professionally trained to handle all types of threats and situations. We know that you want to ensure the safety of yourself or your family, so we work with you to create a personalized security plan. You want peace of mind. Recon Security can help you achieve it. Call us at (405) 510-0201 for more information about our bodyguard services in Oklahoma City, OK.


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