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Law Office of Gregory A Stuck Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or are facing drug charges, call the attorney from the Law Office of Gregory A. Stuck in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, for the legal services you need.

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Even in a low-temperature divorce, it's a good idea to let us look through the divorce documents before you sign anything. Sometimes, an inadvertent mistake is as much of a concern as an angry former spouse.


Attorneys are skilled in helping accused people - they understand how people feel if they are charged with a crime. Because of this, they are able to act objectively while working to secure release from custody, and planning a defense.


Your attorney is your best asset if you have been charged with a crime. His or her expertise is in understanding the laws and protocols of the legal system and is able to use that knowledge to create your defense.


If your court case will involve your children, patience is critical. Since courts consider the factors dealing with children and their chief concern, the judge won't rush to a judgment until they're sure they have all the facts they need for the decision.


A plea of "no contest" (nolo contendere) is not an admission of guilt, but a statement that you do not contest the charges. However, it does empower the court to impose a sentence.


Felonies often fall into two categories: violent crimes and white-collar crimes. Although people sometimes think white-collar crimes as lesser offenses, they can still carry stiff penalties, probation and jail time.


If you're considering hiring us to begin divorce proceedings, it's important to take a step back and ask yourself if you're really ready to end the marriage or if you're just angry right now.


Do you know the difference between agency and private adoptions? With a private, or independent adoption, there is a third party involved who helps the birth parents find a suitable prospective family.


The arraignment is the first step in the criminal process. The accused appears in court after being served with a criminal complaint or an indictment, is formally charged, and enters a plea.


Remember, our goal in family law cases is to work out all the details with the other party outside of court. Ironing out all the details prior to seeing the judge can make for faster and smoother proceedings.


If your divorce involves children, it's important to have the expertise of a family lawyer who has worked out a number of different custody relationships. We can steer through a 50-50 arrangement, or fight for your rights if the other side pushes for full custody.


Remember, the police are only allowed to continue questioning you until you ask to have an attorney present. At that point - whether it's prior to or after an arrest - the police must stop their questioning until we arrive.


Try not to worry about determining which witnesses will be the most helpful to your case when compiling your list for us. It's our job to sort through the information and conduct interviews to figure out who goes on the stand.


At the first sign that a former partner, spouse or co-worker may be stalking you, we can go to court to obtain a restraining order that makes it illegal for the stalker to get too close to you or your family members.


Remember, violating any of the terms of your probation can land you back in jail to serve the remainder of your jail time, plus any additional time for the new offense. These cases need the same level of representation as the original offense.


Remember, you have the right to remain silent, regardless of whether you're being interrogated or arrested. If you're arrested, you only have to provide police with your name, birthday and address.


A grand jury is charged with hearing the presentation of facts from the government to determine if there is probable cause that a crime has been committed and to sanction formal criminal proceedings against a person.


Do you ever think it makes people look guilty when they refuse to talk to police without a lawyer present? In actuality, it ensures that you give the police the information they need, without extra details that are irrelevant.


A Petition for Non-Disclosure, if granted, prohibits certain completed deferred adjudicated sentences from being made available except to law enforcement. One condition of the Petition of Non-Disclosure being granted is that it be presented properly - something your lawyer should handle.


Generally speaking, there are two types of adoptions - an agency adoption and a private adoption. With an agency adoption, the state agency handles every aspect of the adoption process.


Deferred judgment and deferred adjudication are two types of deferred resolution to a charges and each has different conditions. Your attorney will discuss the differences and make a recommendation as to which one is better for your situation.


Are financial difficulties one of the main issues that have led to your decision to seek a divorce? It's important to understand that a divorce will not change your legal responsibility for debts, such as the family home. We can discuss issues including bankruptcy and ways to get rid of debt without losing all your property.


Remember, it's best to keep your cool during family law court proceedings, even when you feel attacked. Remaining calm and treating the proceedings with respect can make a favorable impression with the judge.


In an adoption, one of the key elements is the visit to your home to assess your worthiness as a parent. We can tell you what to expect and the things you should and should not be doing to prepare for that visit.


When you know someone may give damaging testimony about you on the stand, it's natural to want to leave them off your witness list. Including them on your list with information about why they would testify against you can help us build your defense.


Remember, it's our job to be on your side, so honesty is important. Whether you know you're going to fail a drug test or a past infidelity is going to come up, it's critical we know so we can mitigate the damage.


Remember, your 5th Amendment rights protect you from being forced in to providing testimony against yourself. Any statements you make of your own free will to the police are fair game during trial.


Being charged with a felony of any kind can lead to significant penalties, like jail time, lengthy probation periods and monetary fines. Depending on your line of work, it may also preclude you from working at your job.


Because sentencing options vary among offenses, your lawyer will work to secure the least severe penalty possible, trying to keep you out of prison or keeping your sentence to a minimum.


Child support is commonly involved in divorce cases that involve children under 18. Generally speaking, child support is paid to the parent with custody of the children, and support is determined by the amount both parents earn.


The notion of spousal support, also known as alimony, is involved in some divorce cases. Either spouse can be required to pay alimony during and after the divorce depending on the need of their spouse and their ability to pay.


Although you have the right to represent yourself in court, it's usually not a good idea. Even seasoned attorneys on trial for a crime can benefit from what their defense team brings to the table.


No matter how guilty you may be, do not go before the judge without your attorney - you are just asking for the maximum penalty. The rules of the court system are such that only an attorney can successfully navigate them.


Some of the legal language in custody battles can be very confusing. We'll make sure you understand the difference between things like partial physical custody and shared legal custody.


If there is a warrant out for your arrest, and bail has been set, you can post bond without being arrested if you work through an attorney or bonding agent. Many law firms have the ability to post bond for you.


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