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The Shelton Law Firm Lead by founder Joshua P. Shelton, The Shelton Law Firm represents the rights and interests of clien Mr. Meet the Business Owner: Joshua S. During this program Mr.

The Shelton Law firm has grown from humble beginnings rooted in business/corporate formation, business strategies, contract formation, and breach of contract claims. Shelton has extensive experience with all areas of corporate law, contract law, and business law. Currently acting as In-House Counsel for several large corporate clients, Mr. Shelton and his exceptional legal team continue to help co

nsult businesses in pursuit of increased profitability and decreased liability. With extensive experience in the entertainment industry, and a roster of clients including several award winning musicians and actors, Mr. Shelton is well-known for facilitating and finalizing endorsement contracts, licensing agreements, and production agreements. Attorney Joshua Shelton is a Southern California local, and received his law degree, as well as his undergraduate degree here in Los Angeles. Having attended the University of Southern California (USC) for his undergraduate degree, and Loyola Law School for his law degree, Mr. Shelton has spent his entire professional career learning from some of the very best in their respective fields. As a law school student, Mr. Shelton was awarded a highly sought-after judicial extern appointment with the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Shelton had the unique opportunity to work directly with several judges in the Business/Criminal courts. Additionally, and almost more important to his clients, Mr. Shelton was given a rare glimpse into the mind of the judge and their clerks, giving him an unparalleled understanding of the legal system. Prior to starting his own firm, Mr. Shelton has worked as Managing Attorney for several Nationally recognized law firms.

The G-Pen Is Rappers' Favorite Green Technology
The G-Pen Is Rappers' Favorite Green Technology

The G-Pen Is Rappers' Favorite Green Technology

The first rule of G-Pen pipes is don't stash them in your shoe. I learned this the hard way at this year's Coachella, when my foot accidentally pressed the "on" button to the tune of second-degree bur...

Strategic Partnerships - A Cornerstone Of BusinessIt's no secret that brand/name exposure is a fundamental necessity for...

Strategic Partnerships - A Cornerstone Of Business

It's no secret that brand/name exposure is a fundamental necessity for success as a modern business. All the big boys do it - Nike had Michael Jordan, Golf has Tiger Woods, and music, well it has Snoop Dogg. It's important to understand that although small businesses work on a smaller scale then the superstars above, the principles of strategic partnerships can still be applied for considerable growth and profit.

Many of my clients own and operate businesses smaller than 10-15 employees. The fact of the matter is that when you own and operate your own business, there is very little time to put into anything else other than the day to day. Any business owner will tell you that if they can get through the day with their sanity intact, the day was a success. Profit is nice, but sometimes secondary to keeping the business in existence for another pay cycle.

Knowing this, and appreciating the grind that all business owners call life, my recommendation is to start small. Sponsor little leagues, bowling leagues, PTA events, and fundraisers. Get out into your client base and network. I find that people like to do business with someone they trust, and trust is something that takes more than a phone call/meeting to build. Aligning yourself, or your business for that matter, with someone that is trusted by your potential clients is the first step. Although celebrities are great for recognition, local public figures and administrators can also help as respectable and noteworthy endorsers.

Start small, but stay constant. Put a little time every week into creating strategic partnerships in your business field, and your bank account will forever be thankful.


Probate Law: 5 Things You Should Know
The Shelton Law Firm

1. Is Probate Mandatory?
No. Probate is the legal process by which you can petition the court to have assets and property transferred to the heirs. It is only required for assets and properties which are held in legal title in an individuals name, and can be avoided if property is held in a living trust or bank accounts have a "payable on death"beneficiary.

2. Does Probate Start Automatically?
No. A probate proceeding must be initiated by the executor of the will, or a family member who seeks to gain an order from the court to transfer property and finances to the legal heirs. The court does not unilaterally begin the probate process after death.

3. Probate is Costly and Slow
The typical life of a probate matter is roughly 6-18 months. Given the current demands of the court, and the scope of work to be accomplished through the process, it is unlikely to bring a matter through conclusion quickly. Moreover, a standard statutory fee for the attorney (meaning court ordered fee) is about 4% of the estate value.

4. What if There's No Will?
A will is not required to probate a decedents estate. However, if a will does exist the court will evaluate the it for its validity and then attempt to honor its requests to the best of its legal abilities.

5. How do I avoid Probate?
The government allows several alternatives to the slow, long, costly probate process. The fundamental principle is to hold all title and assets in a trust which names beneficiaries, and has instructions for all of your assets upon death. Although probate is a process which serves a purpose, it is antiquated and easily avoided by those who prepare properly.

A former law school professor once told me, "Those who take the time and effort to acquire assets of such great value that the court must be involved in their transfer, should protect those assets in any way possible. The government will gladly profit from any transaction, it is always better to have control over your assets and create safeguards for your continued success."


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