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Caruso, Caruso & Branda P.C. Caruso Caruso and Branda are located in Brooklyn and have been around since 1979 providing legal advice for New York City.

We specialize in Real Estate Law, family Law, Prenuptial Agreements, Wills Trust and Probate. Estates, Administration Proceedings, Living Wills


If you’re planning to turn your rental property into a “seniors-only” complex, it’s important to follow the letter of the law precisely. You’ll want to consult a real estate attorney for help in structuring contracts, rental advertising, and a plan of action.


While an accountant handles business tax filings, a business attorney handles registering of the business for federal and state tax identification numbers and understanding the tax consequences of basic business transactions. Businesses in creative industries such as media and design should register products and services for federal trademark and copyright protection.


Corporations must meet specific requirements to qualify for S Corporation form. Those requirements include being a domestic company, having qualified shareholders (no partnership, corporate for foreign investors), meeting the limit of 100 shareholders, and issuing only one class of stock.


We understand how easy it can be to omit small words in business documents – and what a large impact their omission can have on your business dealings. Let’s talk about how we can help you ensure that your contracts and other legal documents mean exactly what you meant for them to.


Real estate transactions are business deals, and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, both buyers and sellers can get caught up in the proceedings and take things personally. Real estate attorneys are dispassionate about the deal, working only for the interests of their clients.


Your small business attorney can help you make critical business decisions such as whether to create your business as a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC). Your business attorney can also help negotiate contractual details that are in the best interest of your company.


Unfortunately, what you don’t know about real estate law could hurt you when it comes to selling your house without an agent’s help. If you need to ensure that you’ve made all the necessary disclosures, we’re always ready to help.


Do you always feel like you have to walk on eggshells around a former spouse because you don’t want to lose visitation with your children? Let’s talk about the details of your custody agreement so that you can gain a better understanding of under what circumstances your visitation can actually be cancelled.


If you are considering setting up a corporation, the advice of a small business attorney is invaluable. The corporate structure has many benefits for new businesses but is both costly and complex to set up.


Do you know what intellectual property is? Anything that is the result of a creative process becomes the intellectual property of the creator. An experienced small business attorney can use patents, trademarks and other means to ensure no one else copies your idea.


There are several benefits that well-thought-out estate planning with the help of a lawyer can offer your beneficiaries. Not only will this minimize the time needed to settle your estate, but it can also reduce the risk of lawsuits or any contesting of the will.


So what’s the difference between an annulment and a voidable marriage? While an annulled marriage pretty much never existed, a voidable marriage may have the same issues (such as one party already being married), but it continues to be valid until it’s annulled.


It’s important to remember that the way you legally form your business matters. If you want to ensure that you’ve set up your business in such a way that you’re protected if things go wrong – or become a major success – it’s a good idea to work with a business attorney.


Some of the most common grounds for annulment throughout the include lack of consent or dishonesty. For example, if a one or both spouses were drunk when the marriage took place that can qualify as lack of consent.


When it comes to real estate deals, having a title search run can be important, as this helps you make sure that there aren’t any liens or other encumbrances on the property you are buying. Have an attorney handle this will make the process go much faster.


Are you concerned that a decline in the value of part of your assets will leave one of your heirs feeling neglected? Regular reviews of your will or trust can help to keep all your information up to date.


If you want to provide for a special needs child, it’s particularly important to seek legal guidance from an estate planning attorney. Why? Some popular DIY will software packages have a glitch that inadvertently excludes special needs children from inheritance.


Incorporating your business will protect your personal assets in the event your business faces a lawsuit, because if legal action occurs, the corporation is viewed as a separate entity from your personal life and belongings.


Another area of expertise that a small business attorney can assist with is establishing protections for unexpected natural disasters. And, if disasters do occur a small business attorney can help to facilitate the financial and physical recovery process.


Different states have various laws that apply to situations when there is no will involved. To avoid having the state make certain presumptions about who will inherit your property, make sure your personal wishes are recorded.


Have you been contemplating having new higher-level employees sign employment contracts that spell out what they can do after leaving the company? Since employment laws vary from state to state, it’s smart to these reviewed for enforceability before having an employee sign one.


It’s important to remember that you may be required to make certain disclosures about your house to prospective buyers. If you aren’t working with a real estate agent, it’s smart to get a lawyer’s guidance on what requires disclosure.


Issues involving property lines and boundaries can lead to expensive litigation if one party acts before knowing the laws governing the issue. Before you move a tree, restrict access, or make any changes along potentially disputed lines, it is a good idea to visit with a real estate attorney.


While the early years of your company may be a time of figuring things out as you go along, the mistakes you make early on can come back years later in the form of lawsuits. Working with a business attorney from the beginning may help you to avoid some of the most common legal errors.


It’s important to remember that there’s really no winning when it comes to family law and divorce cases. Rather, it’s often better to look for fair and equitable compromises that all parties can live with instead of seeking to gain a victory in name only.


Do you ever wonder whether the way your business was originally established is the best way to manage things as your company evolves? Let’s talk about the changes that are in the works for your business and whether there are any necessary changes to your legal filings.


The easiest way to change your name legally is through marriage, but if you need to change your name for other reasons-as long as you're not dodging legal proceedings-we can help with the court and other legal paperwork.


If you have acreage that you need rezoned to expand the possibilities for its use, work with a real estate attorney to help with the planning and proposal process to present to the governing bodies in order to help secure this change.


Angel financing has become a viable financing avenue for many entrepreneurs, but it involves more than people giving you money and your repaying the debt. Contracts are involved and their wording determines everything that happens once they are signed. An attorney experienced in corporate law will protect your interests.


Unfortunately, not every family gets along or continues to do so after a funeral. Putting your wishes in a legal document now will help to curb any potential fighting between family members.


Why enter a battle unarmed? If your business is facing a court matter, you can be sure your adversary will have hired legal representation, putting you at a disadvantage. If the opponent does not have an attorney, legal assistance gives you a decided advantage.


Don't believe the myth that wills are only for people who are married or own a large amount of property. The only way to ensure your special wishes are carried out after your death is to set them down in writing in a will.


One of the worst aspects of being a landlord is knowing you can’t evict a nuisance tenant because of a loophole left in the rental agreement. Whether you’re leasing commercial or residential property, a real estate attorney may be able to help you close those loopholes.


The Title to a property is one of many complicated legal documents, and a trained eye is needed to understand everything associated with the title. A real estate attorney knows how to review the Title for problems that could have a negative impact on the transaction.


In any custody decision, the court is going to look at several factors. This includes all aspects of the child’s life, including his or her education, safety, health, comfort, and happiness.


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