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William T Rice Attorney at Law has been providing professional legal assistance and representation throughout his local community for over 15 years! Areas of practice include Personal Injury, Federal Criminal, Family Law/Adoption, Insurance, Business Litigation, Small Business Formation, Wills & Estates, Real Estate Litigation, Condemnation Law & Emminent Domain.


Did you know that, with advanced estate planning, you can actually reduce your estate taxes? This can be done through the gifting of assets to loved ones, a charity, or a trust, such as highly appreciated stocks.


The goal of most corporate law firms is to offer its clients forward-thinking approaches and responses that involve recognizing and following emerging trends that may translate into business opportunities that help to meet a firm’s business objectives in that firm’s key focus areas.


If you are starting a business or already own a business, we can give you information about incorporating, if you have not done so. Our attorneys can provide you with detailed information on choosing the right corporate entity form for your enterprise.


If there is drilling taking place on or near you property, there may be questions about use, mineral rights, and other issues that fall under the governance of real estate law. If you think you are being negatively affected by a drilling project, speak with a real estate attorney.


We recognize that people in the early of stages of starting a new business have a lot on their plate. Let’s talk about which tasks – like the legal formation of your business – we can take off your plate so that you can focus on more pressing matters.


What happens if you are incapacitated due to an accident or illness? Take the time now, while you are healthy, to let us help you draft a power of attorney, so you can name a person who you trust to take over your finances and legal affairs if you are unable to do so.


While incorporating will add more administrative duties to running your business, the tax benefits of forming a corporation or partnership cannot be understated. Many tax breaks that are unavailable to you as a sole proprietor or unincorporated are available when you incorporate.


The corporate attorney provides a range of practical experience and legal knowledge for an array of business matters, such as general corporate advice; financial services, including project financing; corporate governance; mergers and acquisitions; executive compensation and employee benefits; and intellectual property.


Did you know that any money you keep in a retirement account goes immediately to the named beneficiary after you die? That means there is no delay while an executor files the legal papers required during the probate process.


It’s important to understand that you are not required to leave your home just because the lender has started foreclosure proceedings. However, if you don’t fight your foreclosure, then it will move forward on a schedule dictated by your lender.


Do you have a life insurance policy? There are many good reasons for an insurance policy, including the ease with which the proceeds pass on to your beneficiary. Death benefits from an insurance policy go directly to the beneficiary.


A closed head injury is a type of traumatic brain injury. They account for over 75% of the estimated 17 million brain injuries that occur annually in the United States. These types of injuries may result in lifelong impairment.


Don't think that estate planning is something for only older to people to do. Particularly if you have children, it's important to have a will and a plan in place should something happen to you and your spouse simulteneously and unexpectedly.


Not every attorney is equally skilled in particular areas. While any attorney may be able to give you simple advice, specialized training and experience are definitely the things you should be looking for.


The approach to starting a business can vary depending on whether the founder is a single individual or a team. How the business is structured and defined needs careful consideration, and the correct one must be used.


Corporate attorneys must have thorough knowledge of all aspects of contract law, tax law, securities law, and zoning laws; accounting, bankruptcy, and licensing; laws surrounding intellectual property rights; and any laws related to the business of the corporations for which they work.


Roles, responsibilities, and expectations for involved business partners are critical to any business. Profit sharing and any other terms and conditions must also be outlined to ensure there is no future confusion and no disagreements. A corporate attorney can assist in all of these matters.


Corporate lawyers specialize in corporation law, ensuring that commercial transactions are legal, advising firms about legal rights and duties, consulting on what duties and responsibilities the firm’s corporate officers are specifically responsible for, as well as other laws specific to the business.


If you were injured in a slip and fall accident on another’s property, they may be held responsible for your injuries if their negligence causes your accident to occur. For example, the property owner may have known of a missing stair but failed to post a warning sign or get it repaired in a timely manger.


If you don’t have significant experience dealing with real estate contracts, you may find that many passages are virtually indecipherable because of all the clauses and legal terminology. Working with a real estate attorney can help you ensure that you understand what you’re agreeing to before you sign anything.


Do you ever worry that your lender is taking advantage of you because they know you don’t understand your rights in a foreclosure or short sale? When you find yourself in this situation, it’s smart to bring in a real estate attorney to help you through the process.


If you are buying a house in a development where homeowner association rules apply, then having legal support is important. Your attorney can help you navigate the often complex rules and regulations to ensure that you remain in compliance.


If you are the significant other, child, or parent or someone who has died because of another’s negligence, you may have legal recourse. Call our office today, and let us help you receive the just compensation you deserve.


If you ever experience permanent incapacity, such as a coma, then the doctor and hospital will rely on the instructions you have provided in your living will regarding the nature and extent of your care. A durable power of attorney will be used when you cannot provide informed consent.


A bronze contract dated to 101 AD is an early example of real estate law. Discovered at Benevento, Italy, the contract defines the particulars of loans made to local landowners and includes descriptions of the parties involved, amounts loaned, and interest owed by each individual.


There can be a variety of environmental issues involved in purchasing or building property. This could include hazards (such as termites or harmful mold) or regulations that interfere with building. No matter the situation, a real estate attorney can help you deal with them.


It’s important to remember that you may be required to make certain disclosures about your house to prospective buyers. If you aren’t working with a real estate agent, it’s smart to get a lawyer’s guidance on what requires disclosure.


Did you know that you don’t have to be a millionaire to benefit from estate planning? If you have any assets at all, the estate planning we do today could keep your loved ones out of probate.


We recognize that your time is extremely valuable when you’re trying to run a business and manage employees. Let’s talk about how we can help you save time on real estate deals by ensuring the contracts you receive are what you agreed to before you sign them.


Owners of an LLC are not taxed as a separate business entity, which differs from corporate shareholders. Profits and losses are passed through the business to the LLCs business members, who report profits and losses on personal federal tax returns, in much the same way as partnership owners do.


It’s important to remember that there are several different kinds of trusts that we can set up for you. Let’s talk about the type of control you’d like to have over your assets and which kind is most appropriate for your needs.


With a living trust, you can choose the person you want as the trustee to carry out the instructions in your trust. A living trust is revocable, which means you can have complete control of your assets, and can even any make future changes and modifications to it.


It’s very important to define your goals for a personal injury lawsuit at the beginning. Since settlement offers are likely to be made, you may have to choose between the offer and having your day in court.


Limited liability corporations are typically creatures of state law, and feature many of the same attributes of a partnership. LLCs are popular because of their corporate-like limits on personal liability for debts and lawsuits, but offer the pass-through tax benefits and management aspects of partnerships.


It’s important to remember that employment law can vary from state to state and frequently changes. If you’re concerned that your actions could open you up to an employee lawsuit, let’s discuss the laws governing your business and how best to protect your company.


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