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William E. "Gene" Sollows I am an aggressive family law attorney practicing in Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, Denton, and surrounding counties. I invite you to call.

I handle adoption and contested divorce and child custody cases, and invite you to call. I am a dedicated family lawyer representing clients in divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family law matters in Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, Denton, and surrounding counties.


Parental Alienation -- the Time to Act is Now

There are few things as pervasive and frustrating in family court as parental alienation, the actions of one (or both) parents to try to harm the other parent's relationship with the child. In bad cases, it is simply awful for the other parent and of course for the child.

Strictly speaking, it is a form of child abuse.

Yet many alienated parents do nothing for too long, allowing the alienator to continue to work on the child, disparage the other parent, and ingrain the child in false and damaging beliefs. In time this becomes the child's "normal," and the child, fearful of the alienator's reactions, goes along with it and may even start to believe it.

So the time to act is now, before it's too late to alter the course of your child's life. If you are an active parent and the other parent in your child's life is provably engaging in alienation, call me and let's figure out a game plan to end it and keep your child in your life.


Drugs & Alcohol in Tarrant County Family Courts

Substance issues are unfortunately common in family law matters, particularly in child custody disputes and in cases involving family violence and criminal conduct. It is important to know that courts' treatment of these issues varies greatly depending on the judge and the circumstances.

The main thing to keep in mind is that courts are looking for parents to act in their children's best interests. When parents put their substance issues ahead of their kids, judges act to protect the children and appreciate those parents and relatives that bring the matter to the court to get control of the situation.

Alcohol is usually addressed differently than drugs by local courts. If a person's conduct while drinking is problematic (violence; DUI; public intoxcation; neglectful parenting), the courts will generally order that the offending parent not use alcohol while in possession of children and often order testing as a means of policing that order. Violations of such injunctions often lead to supervised possession by the parent that can't stop drinking while with the kids. Some courts will suggest (or even order) that the parent go to courses or treatment for their drinking issue.

Illegal use of controlled substances (including using legal prescription drugs without a prescription) are dealt with more harshly. Supervision of their parenting time is usually ordered until the person is clean on a hair strand drug test, often with monthly spot-testing to ensure compliance.

Alcohol testing is typically done with urine tests (with a roughly 72-hour lookback period) and breath tests, some of which require rental of equipment. Testing protocols can be expensive and embarrassing.

Drug testing is by nail (toe or finger), hair strand, or urine, and the lookback period for testing is generally longest (and most expensive) for nails, followed by hair, followed by urine. Some drugs (ma*****na, notably) stay in our nails and hair longer than others. Courts and drug testing facilities are very aware of the many methods people use to try to cheat drug tests; I have never seen a situation where a test was successfully cheated. Courts take a dim view of people that attempt to skew the results.

Hiring an attorney that understands how your particular court deals with these issues is a critical consideration. If you are dealing with these issues in your family law matter or would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 817-548-5696.


It is unclear whether the leaked U.S. Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs case will become the majority ruling of the Court. We'll just have to wait and see.

In breaking down Justice Alito's draft opinion, it is important to note that not only does he strike down Roe v. Wade, but all of its intellectual underpinnings found in prior precedents of the Court that have fundamental effects for many Americans. He expressly rejects the logic of many watershed cases including Loving v. Virginia (which struck down laws against in*******al marriage), Lawrence v. Texas (striking down so**my laws used to persecute non-heterosexual persons), and Obergefell v. Hodges (striking down laws against same-sex marriage). In Alito's opinion, if a right is not found in the Constitution (or its Amendments), then it is a matter left to the States.

Which is of course, what gave rise to Loving, Lawrence, and Obergefell in the first place.

Each of these prior rulings were based on the Court's establishment of fundamental rights to privacy and to make decisions for ourselves as Americans. This is the cascading potential effect of the Dobbs decision; in the long run, it will likely not just be about abortion, but also about all of the other cases establishing federal rights not found in the Constitution.

If Dobbs becomes the law of the land, then these issues would likely be addressed by state legislation once again and challenged through the federal judiciary. In Texas, our state legislature and governor's mansion are controlled by Republicans who are aggressively trying to roll back the clock on fundamental rights for a large number of Americans. It seems likely that many of our fellow Texans are likely to lose many of their protections they have increasingly enjoyed (with the rest of us) for the past 50+ years.

If you or a loved one need assistance with a family law matter and are concerned about your rights as a spouse or parent, I invite you to contact me at (817) 548-5696.


From a client ...

"Hello sir,
It was pleasure to work with you and your team. I am always thankful for your effort on this case. You worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf and assist me with my financial circumstances. As a foreign citizen, it was hard for me to understand some laws and order but you were always there to help me out. I am hopeful that your other clients will also be satisfied with your work."


**Manifesto; Associate Wanted**

(This is long. I apologize. Executive summary: growing Tarrant County Arlington/family practice looking for an associate. Drop me a private message if you're interested :)

About You

I am looking for a family trial associate, either a finished product or one in the making. You need to be the kind of person that is persistently advocating because it just who you are. I need someone with the moxie to be a courtroom lawyer. Because you absolutely can’t do this job unless you believe in your soul that you can, and that you are unfulfilled when you are not in court doing your thing.

I need you to genuinely care about people and their families, and have an interest in the subject matter of family law. I need you to bleed a little for our clients. I need you to treat other people like human beings. I need you to hate losing. I need you to go home and put this job to the side every night. I need you to be honest when you screw up. I need you to be cocky enough to believe you can actually do this for a living, but not be a know-it-all or insufferable egomaniac. I need you to understand that the firm getting paid is what enables me to pay you. I need you to listen and learn and speak up and shut up as necessary.

I need you to be creative, but also grounded in reality. We’re going to have our hearts broken, we’re going to get stiffed from time to time, and we may have our faith in humanity crushed occasionally. It’s part of the deal. Because we get to ride the white horse and do the right thing and be the righteous instrument of justice here and there. That's right, I said that. We are the good guys. Which is why you went to law school, yes?

Because there is nothing like the glory and personal satisfaction of winning a hard case for a deserving client.

I need you to want to be the best version of you possible. I need you to want to become a better attorney than me.

On a scale of 1 to 10, you are:

**Confidence **8+ -- You gotta believe you can do it, because if you don't, you can't.

**Ego **5-8 -- A healthy amount, but not too damn much

**Communication **7+ -- We are in the explanation and persuasion business.

**Fashion sense **4+ I simply need you to (a) look like a lawyer and (b) not be the subject of Walmart memes.

**Fire in the Belly /Moxie** 8+ where the rubber meets the road. You do want this, right?

**Integrity & Reliability 10** this is non-negotiable. I need to trust you with our client's lives; you gotta bleed fiduciary duty

**Empathy** 7+ We do this for other people. It's not about us.

Does this sound like you? https://www.1000manifestos.com/the-eight-virtues-of-bushido/

About me

I am loyal, goofy, honest, earnest, over-analytical, excitable, straightforward, a little thin-skinned, and sincere.

I'm a trial lawyer. I take winning cases to court. I believe that the quickest path to resolution (either in settlement or in court) is by preparing for trial and advancing the case forward.

I promise to be straight with you and honor my commitments to you. I’ll pay for your dues and books and normal CLE. I don’t care if you take off from work occasionally as long as our clients are handled and the firm is making money. I will always have your back. I will spend as much time with you as you need to make sure you succeed. We will have meetings here and there and go to lunch when we can.

I hate losing. This starts at the beginning; I try to take good cases for good people, and give sound advice and effective strategy. When I have a strong hand, I play it. When my hand is weak, I settle if possible or try to minimize the damage in a valiant effort. I am persistent.

When you win, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. When you get your ass kicked, I’ll commiserate and plot revenge with you. I promise to leave you alone so you can work. I will bleed for you and when you hire on with me you become part of my family.

I promise to be as good a boss as I can be and to listen when you tell me that I’ve gone astray. I'm right a lot, but I've got my blind spots like everyone. When you tell me I’m wrong (and you better), I will laugh and listen.

About the practice

My clients are largely normal people. They spend what for them is a huge amount of money trying to resolve a serious family problem. My clients come from all walks of life, from different nations and faiths and orientations. We show them respect. They keep the lights on and you’d be surprised what you can learn from them about human nature, and why people do what they do.

I practice in Fort Worth and a little in the surrounding counties. People here value straight talk and showing up on time and being reasonably polite and dropping the bu****it. People here usually call each other before filing crazy motions and apologize when they lose their temper. Once you are accepted and trusted here, the judges will believe you when you tell them the dog ate your pleadings and opposing counsel will take you at your word. Our brothers and sisters in the Bar are our respected colleagues and adversaries and we mostly leave the drama and personal animosity at the door. You will absolutely have another case with your opposing counsel, and we all know who the (very few) jerks and liars are. I need you to not be one of them.

This is how we roll in Tarrant County. People here actually practice like those mythical lawyers did in the old days. It's true.

I try hard to be on the right side of my cases. I turn away bad cases, mostly. I do not apologize for being honest with people about their situations. They are paying me for my opinion.
Fortunately, most of the folks with bad cases don't care for straight talk and they usually go elsewhere, to eventually lose and then stiff their attorney. I try to not let that be me.

If you're a fit, I'd love to hear from you.



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I am a compassionate, determined family lawyer representing clients in divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family law matters in Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, Denton, and surrounding counties. I invite you to call.

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