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Davtyan Law Firm - Employee Rights Experts California’s top law firm representing employees throughout the state in every industry against both large corporations and smaller sized companies.

Based in Los Angeles, with satellite offices in Northern and Central California, the Davtyan Law Firm focuses exclusively on employment law, protecting employees’ rights. We handle a broad range of employment disputes including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour issues, among others. We represent employees throughout the state of California in every industry against mega size corporations to smaller sized companies.

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You have the right to leave work to vote on Election Day! If you plan on using voting leave, you must notify your employ...
Voting Leave | Davtyan Law Firm, Inc.

You have the right to leave work to vote on Election Day! If you plan on using voting leave, you must notify your employer THIS WEEK (two working days in advance of Tuesday). Click below to learn more.

What Is Voting Leave? Voting is a fundamental right and a civic responsibility and no employee in California should be denied the right to vote by an employer who refuses to grant a protected leave of absence for such purposes. In fact, it is against the law in California for an employer to prevent....

The two most common wage and hour laws are minimum wage and overtime. Your employer must follow both federal and state e...

The two most common wage and hour laws are minimum wage and overtime. Your employer must follow both federal and state employment laws. There is also a fair pay law that ensures equal pay for equal work.⁠

An experienced wage and hour lawyer can guide you through these standards and determine if your rights have been violated. If so, you may be able to recover back pay and other monetary damages from your employer. Questions? #championsforworkers⁠

California has more protected leave laws than most of the country. Employees have the right to take time off work for mu...

California has more protected leave laws than most of the country. Employees have the right to take time off work for multiple reasons like: ⁠
🔵 To serve in the military⁠
🔵 Pregnancy-related disabilities⁠
🔵 To donate an organ or bone marrow⁠
🔵 To care for a sick relative⁠

If an employer refuses you paid or unpaid leave due to any of the above reasons, contact us.

Discrimination should never be tollerated. Workplace discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee or job ap...

Discrimination should never be tollerated. Workplace discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee or job applicant less favorably than other employees or applicants because of a specific personal characteristic, such as race, gender, color or marital status. ⁠

In many cases, #California employers are not allowed discrimination against employees by firing, refusing to hire, demoting, refusing to promote, or taking other negative employment actions against members of a protected class. Questions? Contact us for a free consultation. ⁠

Workplace retaliation happens when an employer fires, demotes, refuses to promote, or otherwise takes negative action ag...

Workplace retaliation happens when an employer fires, demotes, refuses to promote, or otherwise takes negative action against an employee for exercising or attempting to enforce his or her rights. ⁠

As a #California employee, you can’t be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim for a workplace injury, requesting or taking time off for qualified family or medical reasons, or filing a complaint of workplace harassment against your employer. Questions? We’re here to help! ♥️💪 #ChampionForEmployees

Davtyan Law Firm - Employee Rights Experts

Davtyan Law Firm - Employee Rights Experts

Davtyan Law Firm - Employee Rights Experts

Davtyan Law Firm - Employee Rights Experts

Misclassification of Employees and Independent Contractors - https://www.davtyanlaw.com/misclassification-employees-inde...
Misclassification of Employees and Independent Contractors – Davtyan Law

Misclassification of Employees and Independent Contractors

- https://www.davtyanlaw.com/misclassification-employees-independent-contractors/

What Rights Do Independent Contractors Have? The misclassification of employees as independent contractors is a serious and ongoing problem in California, one that often results in employees being unfairly stripped of the rights afforded them by California labor laws. In the state of California, wag...

Davtyan Law Firm - Employee Rights Experts

Davtyan Law Firm - Employee Rights Experts

Knight Truck Drivers Get Cert. In $25M Calif. Break Suit - Law360


A California federal judge has certified a class of several thousand truck drivers accusing Knight Transportation Inc. of not affording them with mandated meal and rest breaks, saying questions about whether state law even applies to the drivers can be answered on a classwide basis “in one fell sw...

Security Co. Strikes $2.5M Deal In JFK Worker Wage Row - Law360


A proposed class of security guards and other workers hired by a security and facility services company to work at John F. Kennedy International Airport has reached a $2.52 million deal to resolve allegations class members had to do off-the-clock work.

Health Co. Coughs Up $1.75M To End EEOC Pregnancy Suit - Law360


A California federal judge on Wednesday signed off on a $1.75 million deal ending the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s suit accusing the Family HealthCare Network of illegally discriminating against pregnant employees.

Walmart's Revised $65M PAGA Seating Deal Gets Green Light - Law360


A California federal judge on Thursday preliminarily approved Walmart Inc.’s revised $65 million settlement that would resolve a Private Attorneys General Act lawsuit alleging the retail giant violated California's suitable seating statute by failing to provide cashiers with seats, according to th...

Acosta Sales Unit Agrees To $3M Deal To End OT Suit - Law360


An Acosta Sales & Marketing unit has agreed to pay $3 million to end a class action alleging it stiffed thousands of workers on overtime pay for work they did before and after their shifts, according to a document filed Friday in California federal court.

Airport Food, Retail Workers Win $2.2M In Class Action - Law360


A staffing company for food and retail service locations in airports has agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle claims that it failed to pay workers for all of their performed work, give them proper breaks or provide accurate wage statements, according to filings in California federal court Friday.

EQT Gets Final OK For $2.8M Wage-And-Hour Deal - Law360


A Pennsylvania federal judge gave his final approval Wednesday to an up to $2.8 million settlement resolving class and collective action claims that natural gas production company EQT Corp. misclassified employees as independent contractors to avoid giving them overtime pay.

Rice Energy's $2.9M Wage Settlement Gets Final Nod - Law360


A Pennsylvania federal court provided final approval on Wednesday to a $2.9 million settlement that resolved class allegations by a former employee of Rice Energy Inc. who accused the company of failing to properly pay overtime in violation of state and federal labor laws.

FedEx Paying $2.1M To End OT Underpayment Suit In NY - Law360


FedEx will pay $2.1 million to end a suit by the New York attorney general alleging the shipping company underpaid hundreds of workers by misclassifying them as independent contractors, according to a settlement agreement filed Thursday in New York state court.

Farm Owes Worker $850K After Firing Her For Reporting Rape - Law360


A Florida federal jury on Wednesday sided with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, finding that a farm allowed one of its workers to be sexually harassed by her supervisor and then fired her for reporting that he had raped her, and awarding the woman $850,000 in damages.

The Wine Group's $6.8M Wage Deal Gets Final OK - Law360


A California judge on Tuesday approved The Wine Group LLC's $6.8 million deal resolving a proposed class action accusing one of the world's largest winemakers of violating multiple state labor statutes, including shorting workers overtime pay and denying them meal and rest breaks.

T-Mobile Cuts $1M Deal With Field Technicians In Wage Suit - Law360


T-Mobile USA Inc. has agreed to pay about $1 million to put to rest claims brought by a proposed class of field technicians alleging that the telecom giant stiffed them on off-the-clock wages as well as meal and rest breaks, in a deal filed in California federal court Thursday.

Home Care Co. Inks $7.7M Deal Over Driving Pay Policy - Law360


Southern Home Care Services Inc. agreed to pay $7.7 million to resolve allegations that it stiffed workers by not setting an hourly pay rate for time they spent driving between clients in a class action with more than 9,000 estimated members, according to filings Friday in Georgia federal court.

Dollar Tree Workers Try Again With $1.3M Uniform Deal - Law360


Dollar Tree employees have urged a California federal judge to approve a $1.35 million settlement ending claims that the discount chain required workers to wear a uniform without reimbursing them for the cost, saying it's better than an earlier settlement rejected by the court and puts nearly twice....

Home Depot Gets Approval Of $2.6M Deal Ending Seating Suit - Law360


A California judge on Wednesday signed off on Home Depot USA Inc.’s $2.6 million deal that resolves allegations the home improvement retailer violated the state’s Private Attorneys General Act by failing to provide suitable seating to more than 26,747 cashiers and store workers.

Customer Support Co. To Pay $8.75M To Settle Wage Row - Law360


IQor Holdings US Inc. has agreed to pay $8.75 million to settle a suit brought on behalf of almost 17,000 call center agents who were allegedly underpaid because the company's timekeeping system didn't account for all the hours they worked.

L-3 Inks $2M Deal Over Military Reservist Bias Claims - Law360


L-3 Communications Corp. has agreed to pay $2 million and adopt certain policy changes to resolve claims that it discriminated against noncareer members of the U.S. National Guard and Reserve while hiring for certain pilot positions, according to filings in Washington federal court Tuesday.

Contractor Pays Workers $2.8M In DOL Fringe Benefits Row - Law360


A New York-based contractor that provides services at federal buildings has paid more than $2.8 million to resolve U.S. Department of Labor accusations that the nonprofit didn’t properly pay various workers fringe welfare and health benefits, the agency said.

Virgin America Flight Attendants Ask $85M In Wage Class Win - Law360


A class of flight attendants asked a California federal judge Wednesday to make Virgin America Inc. pay $85 million in damages, penalties, and interest following a summary judgment that the airline failed to pay for hours worked and shorted their overtime pay.

TFI, Delivery Drivers Ink $4.75M Deal In Misclassification Suit - Law360


Logistics company TFI International Inc. has agreed to pay $4.75 million to end a suit alleging it stiffed hundreds of couriers on overtime and mileage reimbursement by misclassifying them as independent contractors, according to a settlement motion filed Friday in California federal court.

Stanford Accused Of Flouting FCRA With Consumer Reports - Law360


Stanford University flouted the Fair Credit Reporting Act by obtaining consumer reports to verify job applicants' background and experience without getting the proper authorization from them, it was alleged in a proposed class action filed in California federal court Tuesday.

Petco's $1.2M Deal To End Hidden Credit Check Case OK'd - Law360


A $1.2 million settlement that will end a class action against Petco for surreptitiously running credit checks on job applicants has been approved by a California federal court, which called the deal a "good result" for the nearly 40,000 class members and the company.

Mich. City To Pay Over $4.25M To End Retiree Benefits Suit - Law360


A federal judge approved a settlement Monday under which Pontiac, Michigan, will pay $4.25 million, in addition to up to $1.5 million per year going forward, to end a suit from city retirees who said their health benefits were nixed in violation of a collective bargaining agreement.

Advocate Health Reaches $1.5M Deal In Nurse Wage, OT Row - Law360


Advocate Health and Hospitals Corp. has reached a $1.5 million deal to settle unpaid wage and overtime claims in a suit brought on behalf of hundreds of current and former emergency room nurses who worked at a Chicago hospital.


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Tired of the favoritism here I've had it
The villa restaurant in Sonoma County has major issues and did a lot Of this stuff
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I worked at United health care full time 401k medical all that full career then the dam in my town causes am evacuation and even tho I put in for fmla they terminated me for not working we were advised to be ready to leave with our families at a moment's notice. The office is 35 min north of my home and the only route back gets shut down in event of dam failure. I let them know offered to work from home since it's a regular thing for my position to do anyways would not work with me period. And they the whole.time I worked for them they removed 475 a from my check for child support even tho I have and support all 3 of my children with no of the mother. They Are monsters and no one is making them accountable please help.
Alice Kianaki Cristov
I was terminated for racial remarks. They claim a second occurrence happened and appeal and won the appeal. I appealed that decision on the grounds of not being afforded time to properly defend myself and was denied that appeal. Told had to go to court to further my defense. Can anything be sone in this matter. The Facebook post that was supposedly the second occurrence. Dis not happen as they explained.