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Notary Public Mentor, by All States Notary Increase your Notary Public business and work more efficiently and effectively All States Notary, Inc. (ASN). Having started out as a Nationwide Notary Public Signing Service in 2003, we are also committed to helping fellow notaries to build a successful business Our clients include title & escrow companies, financial institutions, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, attorneys, and various other businesses that use the services of a notary public.

Changes are coming to our industry, just like they have to the whole lending and Real Estate industry over the past several years. How is it affecting you? How are you coping with it? And last but not least: HOW do you feel about all of it. The latter will have a major impact on your business!

Mission: We are committed to helping our clients and fellow Notaries to succeed in business work together and reduce stress
Notarizing mail-in ballots: Preparing Notaries for the November 2020 election

As the 2020 presidential election draws near, election officials are preparing for a massive surge in mail-in and absentee ballots — and in some states, voting by mail requires Notary services. Here’s what you need to know if you’re asked to notarize ballot-related items.

Happy Tuesday :)

Happy Tuesday :)

Transformation Tuesday:
You can't change your future with your current habits.
What is one habit that is no longer serving you and needs to be replaced by a different one?

Notary Supplies And Courses

This business has been very good to me. After becoming a Notary Public in 2003 and starting my signing service around 2005, I have been mentoring and coaching Notaries ever since. I have shared with them how to build their business, how to work with Escrow companies and given them lots of tips on what to do and what NOT to do.
It was before FB, and I had to figure it out myself and ask Escrow officers along the way:)
That evolved into a webinar series that I recorded a few years ago.
In the mean time, this group has grown to an amazing place for new and experienced notaries to exchange ideas and learn from each other.
Although I now mostly coach other people, I still work with a few notaries one on one, my time is just very limited 🙂
In the past, I have made my online webinar training available, so that all of you have an opportunity to get more ideas on how to build a successful business. It is actually fairly easy to do!
This time, I am doing something that I have NEVER done before, and I won't do it again!
I am bundling it with a 3- and 6-hour California state approved online renewal course. Your choice! Even if you don't live in California or you aren't renewing your commission right now, but you'd like to have access to these business building webinars, you may want to consider getting the course anyways!
I only have a limited amount available and you need to get it before Wednesday.
If you are interested, click on the link below for more info.
To a successful finish in 2020 and a lucrative business to all of you!

All States Notary, Inc. is a nationwide notary public loan signing service. We have certified mobile/traveling notaries for all your loan document, real estate, mortgage, re-financing needs. We also provide Apostille Service and Live Scan Fingerprinting.


Happy Friday :)
Today, I challenge you to look at your daily activities... Being busy, does not automatically mean being productive...
Take a look at the 80/20 rule, which states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
What that means for you and your business is that 80% of your success comes from only 20% of what you are doing!
Be mindful of your activities.

Take a look at your daily tasks, so that you can determine what kind of impact they have on building and growing your business.

Transformation Tuesday Quote.

Transformation Tuesday Quote.

The Future is a Replica of the Past.
If you want a different future, when is now a good time to do things differently than you did in the past?
What daily habits might be preventing you from achieving different results?

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Believing in yourself and your ability to build your business is paramount!There are a lot of opportunities waiting for ...

Believing in yourself and your ability to build your business is paramount!
There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. If you don't seize them, someone else will....

Believe in yourself!
Believe you can change your life!
Believe you can make a difference!
Believe it is worth your effort!
Believe you can do it!
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What is the most important trait for a Notary Public?
Comment below:

We are all more or less affected by the current pandemic. What is ONE advise you would give a new Notary on how to build...

We are all more or less affected by the current pandemic. What is ONE advise you would give a new Notary on how to build or expand their business in the current situation?


Are you spending more time working IN your business or working ON your business?


SYSTEM: Save YourSelf Time, Energy and Money.

How is your system for your business working for you?

Something to do over the weekend :)

Something to do over the weekend :)

Who would have thought that 2020 presents us with quite a few challenges along the way... If you like FREE, checkout this 4 session training series:

We have had quite a few new notaries following this page and joining our group. Below is a link to a complimentary webin...
Areli Coaching | Notary Public Mentor

We have had quite a few new notaries following this page and joining our group. Below is a link to a complimentary webinar, recorded earlier this year:

Building a lucrative Mobile Notary Public business can seem quite overwhelming. Not only do you have to work in the business -“being” the Notary who performs a service-, but also working on the business -finding clients, marketing your service and becoming the person you need to become in order ...

Hartmut Eggert

Hartmut Eggert

You can not manage time.
You can however manage how you spend your time.
Make sure it is worth it :)


What is ONE thing you would really like to do today if you had the time for it?


What is ONE advise you would give a new Notary if they would ask you?

Let's inspire and motivate our followers

Motivation Monday:I am always being asked "How do I get started", and a very simple way to actually get started is with ...
Areli Coaching | Notary Public Mentor

Motivation Monday:
I am always being asked "How do I get started", and a very simple way to actually get started is with the first step!
The very first thing should be to create a (business) plan.
In a simplified way, be clear about the following:
-What services are you (specifically) offering
-Who is your client (be very specific)
-How much are you planning on earning AND working
-What is your income from each service you are offering...

Once you have completed this first step, the next step is to market and promote your service...


How are you reaching out to potential clients at this time?


-Social Media

-Networking Events (online)

There are still ways to connect with your future clients who are in need of your service...


1010 N. Central Ave.
Glendale, CA


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Is adorama a secure site to purchase a printer? I see a brother HL-L5200DWT available, is this suitable for loan docs?
I would like to find s NSA mentor in the Washington metropolitan area. Is this the correct place to inquire?
hi everyone ive been notary over a year now and with this pandemic i decided to purse my notary servica as NSA agent would anyone reccommend NSA BLUE PRINT? for cerification????
Looking for the best options for the laser jet dual drawer printer, anyone have any recommendations? Thank you in advance!
Don't forget, see below. A few of us in the Central Texas area are trying to coordinate meetups mid week next week and/or the week after to support each other, share best practices, newest trends. Who's interested? Just give me a text or call at 5124415552. NNA 2020 is going digital. While we can’t be together this year, the National Notary Association will bring Conference to you as “NNA 2020 Online!” Starting June 15, we will begin releasing exclusive workshops on our YouTube channel for you to experience anywhere, on any device, and on your own time. Don’t miss out on the inspiration, learning and industry insights that NNA Conferences are known for. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive all NNA 2020 Online notifications.
Is there a mentoring company or individual in southeat Michigan you could refer? Im new to the business and or an online mentor ?
Stand Your Ground Notaries!!! Yesterday, I was on a Reverse Mortgage Signing and while getting ready to start signing the docs, I noticed one of the borrower's name did not match her ID (she never changed her name after getting married nearly 50 years go). All docs had the last name of her husband. I asked for ID that shows her name with husbands last name. She had nothing. The couple went into semi-panic mode because they really did not want to go through that 200+ page packet from the start (😀). I asked if there were 2 witnesses around (CA law) who can sign as witnesses. Initially I was told no because the borrower didn't want people in their business (I understand). Anywho, this was a 6pm signing so you know people weren't answering their phones. The borrower managed to get her loan officer on the phone and explained what was happening. The LO started to get a little upset saying she refinanced in the past with using their Marriage License. As I explained, that is not a pictured government and I pulled out my Primer to explain the forms ID that can be used, the LO and borrowers kept saying "well the last Notary used the marriage license". After back and forth of this, I finally said, "I'm not the last Notary and if my commission is revoked behind using a marriage license, that Notary is not going to prevent the revocation of my commission nor pay my bills. The LO was on speaker phone making his smart a$% comments which I had to say, LO's ask for Notaries not to do their job which I don't, so now as a Notary, I'm asking the LO not to tell me how to do my job. Let's all stay in our lanes. I was finally able to get someone from title on the phone who also explained a marriage license is not an acceptable form of ID. The LO on speaker phone from another phone heard titles comment, chuckled, got mad, and got off the phone. This is where the borrowers started to back down and decided to call her brother. While on the phone asking her brother if he and his wife can join in on the signing, the brother stated yes and it's like when he signed as a witness for them the last time. Hah, the brother knew and remembered the routine! The brother had to remind the borrower this was a problem before and he signed as a witness and came right over to our signing and signed as a witness. Had I let the borrowers and LO bully me into notarizing using a marriage license, I could have ended up in trouble and their reverse mortgage would not have been valid nor their previous refinance. Bottom line Notaries, all money isn't good money! Stand your ground and don't help others gain their commission and you are left out! HAPPY SIGNING!!!
ISO Notary Mentor in West Virginia
Does anyone rent office space
Hi, my name is Wendy and I am a newly certified Public Notary in Texas. I don't have anyone to work with, and I am very nervous. I have a question: I have been asked to notarize a will which I believe is Self Proving (two witnesses). As I am researching to make sure I perform the notarization correctly, I am reading a lot of recommendations that a novice Notary should not notarize wills, too much liability. But how am I supposed to get experience?! I'm torn.
Any mentors in the Columbia, TN or surrounding counties area?
I'm in the state of Delaware and I know most of us live/work in different states but I would like to know what my fellow signing agents consider reasonable/acceptable prices for the following packages: Loan Modifications? Purchase - Buyer & Seller, Purchase - Buyer Only, Purchase - Seller Only, Home Equity? Refinances? Piggyback Signing (1st & 2nd Mtg)? Thank you in advance.