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Arden Law Firm, LLC The Maryland law firm of Arden Law Firm was founded by Attorney Cedulie Laumann, a University of Maryland Law School grad. Located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland the firm offers advice and representation to individuals and small businesses.

Real Estate, Business, Civil & Estate Law (including litigation in these areas)


Arden Law Firm just processed its first entity conversion under Maryland's new statute.

Maryland recently changed the law to allow businesses to switch or "convert" entity type. This means that a corporation can become an LLC and so forth. It also means that some out-of-state entities can become Maryland entities.

Call 410-216-7000 to find out more about whether entity conversion makes sense for your business.


Tax Sales... Foreclosing Rights of Redemption.

In an ideal world, no one would owe back taxes. However for whatever reasons sometimes people can't or won't pay their property taxes. If you face high property taxes, be aware of programs that can reduce your taxes based on income.

At some point, though, property with unpaid taxes gets sold.
Each county has a collector of taxes that does these Tax Sales on a given date. In Anne Arundel County this happens in June.

So what if a property was sold at tax sale? The purchaser owns what they bought... sort of. In most cases the tax sale purchaser gets interest and doesn't actually get the property.

Even after tax sale, Maryland has a process where the owner can buy back or "redeem" their property by paying back owed taxes, interests and costs. Some properties aren't redeemed and the tax sale purchaser wants to foreclose.

Arden Law Firm assists tax sale purchasers with the process of foreclosing the rights of redemption which involves a legal action in the circuit court.


What to do when a loved one dies... administering the Estate.

At the outset, allow yourself the first week or so to grieve, deal with the funeral arrangements and so forth. An estate should be opened promptly after death, but it can wait until after the most pressing matters are dealt with and you've taken a few days or so.

Oftentimes a funeral home will help order death certificates.

To open an estate, the Personal Representative named in the will (or closest family member if no will) should gather the death certificate, any will and a list of all surviving relatives. Other information will be needed later.

The process starts with filing a petition to probate the estate. This gets filed in the county where the decedent regularly lived when they died (their place of domicile). It can take as little as 6 months but more often 10-18 months to fully administer the estate.

The law gives certain time frames and certain formalities that must be followed. For instance, notice must get published in the paper and a bond must usually be secured (even if the will waives a bond, a personal representative often needs to get a $10,000 or $25,000 bond to cover taxes and administrative costs).

An attorney can assist with the process and coordinate filing the petition, securing bond, obtaining necessary appraisals, liquidating the estate, settling creditor claims, preparing required accountings and so forth.

Working with counsel can ease the stress of dealing with all these items but not every estate needs full lawyer's assistance. Maryland offers a streamlined estate process for very small estates. If the decedent left no real estate or business interests and most property went to a surviving spouse or sole child, a personal representative may feel comfortable managing an estate on their own. However, a PR working without an attorney should be very familiar with the law -- for instance, the law gives a specific order for paying claims if the estate doesn't have enough money to go around and set time frames to do various things like notify creditors.

Arden Law Firm offers a no cost brief telephone consult (generally up to 10 min) on estate matters.


Arden Law Firm offers complimentary notary services to both clients and non-clients alike. So if you need something notarized, feel free to call or stop by!

(Note that real estate settlement packages will not be notarized unless the firm is conducting the settlement or contracted by an outside title company who is).


Should I do a "Quit Claim Deed?"

A quit claim deed can legally pass property to someone else, but it is NOT the preferred method for transferring real estate. A quit claim deed basically contains no assurances that the giver owns the property they are giving away. It also can raise red flags on a title search whenever the owner ever attempts to transfer property down the road.

In rare instances, a quit claim deed might be considered, such as when the person granting isn't sure what they own in the first place, but in almost all cases it should be avoided.

If you're contemplating a deed transfer, why not get advice before you do so? Arden Law Firm offers a no-cost attorney consult of up to 10 min on any real estate matter. A licensed attorney can usually prepare a deed for a modest flat fee as well as coordinate necessary stamps/recording.


Small Business "PrePaid Legal" Plan


Family Deed Transfers $199


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Legal Answers & Representation Relevant to Your Needs. Call 410-216-7000 for a no cost initial phone consultation (up to 10 min.) Arden Law Firm provides dedicated and quality legal representation at affordable rates. The firm serves individuals & businesses in the areas of Real Estate, Business, Estate and Civil Litigation. Located near the waterfront Arden on the Severn community, the firm is convenient to Annapolis, Baltimore and surrounding areas. The firm serves clients throughout Maryland, including Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Catonsville, Columbia, Crofton, Crownsville, Davidsonville, Ellicott City, Gambrills, Hanover, Millersville, Odenton, Severn, Severna Park and Pasadena. This website is advertising material. Contact through Facebook or any other online medium does not create an attorney/client relationship. Attorney Cedulie Laumann. Licensed in MD only.

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