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Jason and Jen Whitewing - LegalShield Independent Associates LegalShield provides the BEST, most COMPREHENSIVE and most AFFORDABLE Legal and Identity Theft protection available in America $19.95/mo Affordable, high-powered legal protection for you and your family.

LegalShield believes everyone deserves legal protection. Which is why we offer affordable access to experienced attorneys. They can help with all sorts of issues from the trivial to the traumatic like traffic tickets, wills, financial issues, IRS audits, contracts, family law, and much more. Over 1.4 million families are able to talk to a dedicated, experienced attorney about whatever they want, as often as they want, for less than $20 a month. So no matter what happens, you're protected and empowered to worry less and live more. Identity theft continues to be the top consumer complaint as again reported by the Federal Trade Commission. Because of this, LegalShield partnered with Kroll, the worlds leading risk consulting company, to provide our members access to their expertise in restoring identities. Our Identity Theft Plan includes personal credit score with analysis, continuous monitoring with activity alerts, identity RESTORATION services and more. We will be happy to give you a side by side comparison against any other company for you to make the best decision for you & your family.

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From employment law & your income to shelter in place mandates & identity theft, you can find real answers to real quest...

From employment law & your income to shelter in place mandates & identity theft, you can find real answers to real questions in our free Coronavirus Legal Resource Center. Learn More:
#LegalShield #coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has raised several legal questions and concerns. Getting sound legal advice and support at a time like this can go a long way in reducing your stress and protecting your rights. LegalShield lawyers have been working around the clock to provide 4.4 million people and business...


“Used LegalShield twice this week. One… for concert tickets (event cancelled); company refused to reimburse me, law firm wrote a letter, pending result. Two… for a hotel room; my travel plans canceled due to COVID-19, hotel was threatening to keep my money, called the law firm, got great advice, called back the hotel told them exactly what my lawyer advised me to say, and they released me from my contract without penalty or charge.”

— Another Happy Member

Are you struggling in your real estate job? Perhaps you’re making decent money, but the long hours are starting to wear ...
We are LegalShield

Are you struggling in your real estate job? Perhaps you’re making decent money, but the long hours are starting to wear on you. You know something else is out there, but you don’t know what. Look no farther than LegalShield! When you become a LegalShield Associate, you can decrease your real estate hours while earning residual income on the side. Create your own legacy with LegalShield’s successful, flexible business model. Learn more www.jwhitewing.com #LegalShield #LeadTheChange #Dare2Lead

Protect your family, your business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield.

It’s important to be proactive and prepared. I encourage you to read this article on the legal documents you may need if...
If coronavirus hits your family you'll need to have these documents and this information ready

It’s important to be proactive and prepared. I encourage you to read this article on the legal documents you may need if your family needs medical attention. LegalShield lawyers can help you prepare all of these documents easily from home. Under normal circumstances it’s important to do. Now, more than ever, it’s a really smart thing to do for you and your family.
Check out this Link: https://ls-info.com/res/1737/3427?source=mobile

Getting your information and wishes together can help ensure that if something happens, you aren’t left without the key information and documents you need.


"My child was being bullied and the police wouldn't do anything about it. We called the District Attorney's office, and nothing changed. Our child was still being relentlessly bullied by the other neighborhood children. Finally, we called our LegalShield law firm and the attorney we spoke with immediately called the Police Department, demanded badge numbers and informed them of impending suit if the officers continued failing to do their jobs! The bullying stopped and our child's safety and right to comfort was secured. We would never think to call or pay for an attorney to know what to do, or how to handle this situation. Being a member of LegalShield, we didn't have to think about anything. We just called in, spoke to an attorney, and they took action for us! Thank you, LegalShield.”

— Another Happy Member


“Just hung up from a phone call with my attorney in Minneapolis. I was on that call for 33 minutes and I will not be receiving a bill. In fact, my attorney is in the process of writing two demand letters because I was wronged by Verizon and again by GM Financial - he told me that we have a ton of pull here, especially with the evidence I have. He was blown away when I told him what occurred with my situations and I was grateful I had the ability to reach out to an actual attorney for help. It is times like THESE in life that having attorney in your back pocket (without needing a retainer or worrying about additional bills owed) is absolutely life changing. If I didn’t have LegalShield, I would have had a good cry figuring I had NO rights, I would have complained to friends then tried to brush it off. Instead, now when I say I am getting my law firm involved, I can actually mean it.”

—A. Reynolds, Minnesota


"So, yesterday I was visiting my doctor's office, which is attached to a strip mall. The strip mall security targeted me and gave me a ticket for trespassing! I suppressed my urge to scream, yell and kick up a fuss - instead, I just pulled out my phone, opened my LegalShield app, took a picture of the ticket and uploaded it directly to my Law Firm. It was after hours yesterday, so a very friendly lawyer called me today to inform me that the ticket has no merit and I have no obligation whatsoever to pay. 😀 I totally would have paid it! And, I wonder how many other people have just paid that $250?? That paid for my membership for the rest of the year!"

~ A. Njie, Happy LegalShield Member


"My husband purchased a Harley Davidson several years ago. He paid close to $25,000 for it, and it was just about paid off. While in the middle of moving, we left the motorcycle at his mom's summer home. When we went to retrieve it, it was gone and she had returned to her home in Florida! We reported it stolen, only to find out that the cosigner decided to take it back without notice. This left our hands tied; the police were no help as they both had claim to the Harley on paper ... but, my husband was primary owner, and had less than 1 year of payments left at $388 a month, while the cosigner only had the motorcycle for approximately 8 months and was not making any payments. The situation became very hostile and financially detrimental, as we did not have it in our possession. We called LegalShield. One letter is all it took to have the cosigner work it out, and that letter cost us nothing! Not only do we have the title now, but we have the Motorcycle and a lot of peace of mind. Thank you LegalShield!"

-- Another Happy Member



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