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R&Y DUI Defense R&Y DUI Defense is a criminal defense law firm founded by former prosecutors with an insider's perspective on how to keep clients from getting convicted.

Our criminal defense attorneys focus primarily on vehicle and drug offenses like DUI, as well as white collar crimes such as embezzlement. We routinely persuade prosecutors - our former colleagues - to have our clients' charges reduced or dismissed in the pretrial bargaining process by using our extensive experience as prosecutors in the arraignment and trial courts of Los Angeles. We're also not afraid to go to trial when we know the prosecutors' hands are tied, and have obtained numerous not guilty verdicts at trial.

Mission: To protect every client from the machine of the criminal justice system.


BEWARE CA Driver's License applicants:
If you have previously applied with fraudulent information at the DMV, they will have it in their system.
If you have any record of failure to appear or any action taken against you, any outstanding tickets, the DMV will have it in their system even if it was twenty years ago.

However, they are NOT arresting applicants. They say they don't have officers waiting around and they don't have the manpower to worry about it. So if you're not sure if you have a ticket on your record, there is no need to be afraid to go in and make your appointment.

If you KNOW you have an outstanding ticket, pay it ahead of time to save yourself the hassle of having to go back a second time!


Attention would-be drivers: Review the entire booklet before you take the test and don't skip any questions. If you skip 3 or more the system will fail you!

2/3 of test takers are failing the driving test, so be prepared before you go in!


Driver's license applicants - you need to have the most recent version of the consulate ID from your country because they are not accepting old IDs!

Also, make sure to study hard for the DMV test - they are using any excuse to fail people, and the test gets more expensive if you fail too many times.


Remember to resolve your outstanding tickets before heading into the DMV to get your license! Unpaid moving violations in particular mean you have a warrant for your arrest, so don't risk it.

Starting Monday, January 12, R&Y is available to help resolve your LA-area unpaid tickets/warrants for a small fee. Private message us for details.


Make your appointment NOW to get your driver's license! You will need proof of identity and proof of residency. Luckily, the DMV is accepting a fairly wide range of documents to fulfill this requirement.

The list of acceptable documents can now be found on the DMV's website:

Police Caught by Their Own Dash Cam Framing Citizens For Another Cop's Crimes

FL police caught on camera planning to frame citizen with DUI after he collided with her vehicle.

"We're gonna spin this a little bit. ... As far as I'm concerned... I'm going to put words in his mouth... I'm gonna word it that she's in the left hand lane... she abruptly cut over to this lane and slammed on her brakes."


Police Caught by Their Own Dash Cam Plotting to Frame A Citizen For A Cops DUI Crime Police Brutality: 21 years of DUI convictions by two officers now have t...


1pm - meet us at LAPD HQ to protest the death of Eric Garner, the illegal chokehold by Officer Pantaleo, the callous indifference of multiple NYPD cops who let this happen, and the calculated incompetence of prosecutors everywhere when forced to prosecute their other half, the police.

This is a national shame.



UNLICENSED IMMIGRANT DRIVERS - don't forget to reserve your appointment online with the DMV for after January 1! Appointments are now open! Every day you delay making your appointment is another day you risk being pulled over for misdemeanor driving without a license, so don't procrastinate!

While the DMV has not yet clarified what documents will be necessary to obtain your driver's license, start collecting proof of residency and identity now. These might include a foreign driver's license, your birth certificate, a passport from your country of origin, lease agreement at a US address, utility bill sent to you at a US address, car registration here, a checking account here, tax returns filed here, a change of address form you filed with the Post Office showing your new address to be in the US, etc.



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VAN NUYS checkpoint tonight at Sepulveda and Vose (south of Sherman Way) (8pm-2am)

This is an excellent video that sums up what happens to innocent people who believe in the Constitution. We as a society...
A Hidden Camera During DUI Checkpoint Exposes the Vileness of the American Police State

This is an excellent video that sums up what happens to innocent people who believe in the Constitution. We as a society have to make this young man's reaction to a police stop the norm - only then will cops stop treating those of us who insist on our rights like dangerous criminals.


"He's perfectly innocent, he knows his rights, he knows what the Constitution says." mutters the power tripping jackboot cop as he tears apart this innocent man's vehicle for no other reason than to flex his "authority." "It wasn't a very good alert...." brags the other jackboot about the drug dog "…

Informative chart confirms what many of us in the criminal defense field already suspected: putting everyone in prison i...
Chart: More prison doesn’t mean less crime

Informative chart confirms what many of us in the criminal defense field already suspected: putting everyone in prison isn't the answer.

Mass incarceration is expensive — and it doesn't even accomplish its goals.

Great article. In its haste to be seen as "doing something" to prevent the next terrorist attack, the nation allowed its...
Stop and seize

Great article. In its haste to be seen as "doing something" to prevent the next terrorist attack, the nation allowed its police forces to begin cracking down on average citizens in a legally and constitutionally questionable way. When a citizen's rights can be violated in a way that benefits police departments so dramatically, those rights become tenuous and rarely upheld.


Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes http://wapo.st/stopandseize


Know someone who got arrested Labor Day Weekend at a checkpoint?


R&Y DUI Defense is the ONLY firm in Los Angeles that can show your judge that this weekend's checkpoints were illegally operated. Contact us for a free consultation and the best opportunity to have the charges dismissed entirely.




Like our page and share our posts to get checkpoint updates and help your friends stay safe!
Private message us today for a phone number to call for instant legal advice whenever you are stopped by the cops - don't risk incriminating yourself when you could have a lawyer helping you.

CHP is at max deployment all weekend for DUI enforcement, so be on the lookout when on a freeway.

Tonight's LAPD Checkpoint Locations:

Sunset and Laveta Terrace (just east of Echo Park Ave.) (8pm-2am)

Sherman Way and Yolanda (just west of Reseda) 8pm-2am

Olympic and Blaine (just west of the 110 fwy) (8pm-2am)

Avalon and Opp (7pm-1am)

Undisclosed location (5pm-midnight)

Undisclosed location (7am to 3am)

DUI Saturation Patrol (7pm-2am)


Do you qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?
Be aware that any felony, multiple misdemeanors, or even a single DUI will DISQUALIFY you.

***Like our page for 10% off all legal services and important updates like DUI checkpoint locations.***

If you are pulled over by the cops or charged with any crime, call (213) 995-3935 for free advice instantly to protect your clean record!


Miranda Issues in DUI Cases


Most Common DUI Defenses (California)


Party safe tonight - and avoid the three danger zones for DUI patrol:

1. Glendale 6pm-2am (DUI checkpoint at unknown location by Glendale PD)

2. 77th Street Division in South LA 5pm to 1am (LAPD will be patrolling Athens Park, Chesterfield Square, Crewnshaw, Gramercy Park, Hyde Park, South Park-51st and Menlo, Vermont Knolls, Vermont Park, and View Heights heavily in search of drivers under the influence)

3. Checkpoint in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd. at Columbus from 8pm to 2am.

Stay safe, appoint a sober driver or grab a Lyft, avoid the patrols, and don't worry about DUIs!


In need of a driver's license?

Don't forget that starting January 1, 2015, you can get your driver's license with just your country's consulate ID card if you are over 18 when you apply. There could be a massive waiting list, so be ready to schedule your 2015 appointment as early as September so you can be licensed ASAP. We'll update you when spots in 2015 become available!


Ricketts & Yang obtains another reduction in charges on a DUI! From a first time DUI to an exhibition of speed, the reduction will mean no jail time and a significantly reduced fine for the client, as well as no mandatory alcohol program and substantially reduced probation time. Congratulations!

Good (concise) article reminding attorneys to check the metadata available in digital photos, and instructions on how to...
Metadata in Digital Photos -- Should You Care? - Atkinson-Baker Court Reporting

Good (concise) article reminding attorneys to check the metadata available in digital photos, and instructions on how to remove it.


We are hopeful that you are familiar with metadata, especially as it exists in e-mail messages and word processing files. If not, then a brief refresher is in order. There are a couple of different types of metadata, but most regard the common definition to be data that is stored internal to the fil...


Another all-out victory for Ricketts & Yang!! We just obtained a settlement of ZERO - yes ZERO. Not a PENNY to the other side. (This post is not a prediction or guarantee of results in future cases.)


Every now and then in my research, I come across this case (Nazir v. United Airlines) in which the appellate court expresses its incredulity in reviewing the trial court's agreement with 763 out of 764 defense objections. I always get a kick out of it:

Beyond all this, many of the objections were frivolous. Two illustrations should suffice. First, plaintiff testified that “[s]ome of the names [he] was called by [his] co-workers ... were ‘sand nigger,’ ‘sand flea,’ ‘rag head,’ and ‘camel jockey.’ ” Defendants lodged four objections, two of which were lack of foundation and hearsay. No adjective is adequate to describe an objection that one who is called names lacks “foundation” to testify about them. And one does not need to be Wigmore to know that plaintiff was not introducing the names for their truth.

(For non-lawyers, the last sentence refers to Wigmore, an evidence expert, and the rule that it is not hearsay if you are trying to prove that the statement in question was made; it is only hearsay if you want to prove that the statement is true.)


Success: plaintiff is willing to walk away (we rep defendant)!!! One of the best results we've ever seen. Only way it could get better is if the plaintiff ends up paying our client something!


Thanks for all the likes, everyone!


Thanks for all the likes, everyone!


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