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I know I'm terrible at keeping this up. But today we were reminded how important it is to go back and get your Commencement Date Agreement signed. Do not forget!


Happy New Year! Here's to a happy and healthy 2015.


With the update of the website we are thinking of changing our motto from "peace of mind before you sign". My husband's suggestion is "one stop, lease shop". I think we need to keep thinking!


Hope you are having a Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas! We will be checking email off and on this week but will be on vacation. See you next year!!!


We are planning to update our website. Besides helping tenants negotiate their leases we also draft leases for landlords and prepare lease abstracts. Finding the time is the hardest part!


After months of being crazy busy I am finally caught up. Whew it has been a long ride. Today I am helping a friend with a residential lease. A learning experience for both of us!


Sorry it's been so long since the last post. We have been so incredibly busy with due diligence projects. Juggling everything is hard!


Having a holdover clause in the lease does not automatically mean you can stay past the expiration date of the lease! I've gone a few rounds over this with coworkers.


Landlords may be unreasonable when requesting a very generous radius clause especially without giving the tenant an exclusive use clause. Be wary of allowing the landlord control over your future business plans.


Most costs associated with an ongoing lease are known. One of the big unknowns is CAM/Operating Costs. You can ask to have the costs "fixed" or put a "cap" on them to minimize your risk.

On a personal note - look who's getting a new LEASE on life. This is Buck our foster greyhound 2 weeks ago when we picke...

On a personal note - look who's getting a new LEASE on life. This is Buck our foster greyhound 2 weeks ago when we picked him up from the kennel. Hopefully he'll find a forever home soon.


April 30th just passed and 2013 CAM recons sent to tenants. Now is the time to do a desktop audit of the statement. Landlords make mistakes all the time.


If opening a store in a new retail center and you are one of the first tenants to sign, ask the landlord for a Grand Opening Co-Tenancy Clause. This way if the center isn't leased up by the grand opening date, your rent can be reduced!


Watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. Peter and Cynthia are talking about the bank foreclosing on their landlord and not knowing if the bank would honor the lease on their commercial property. Three words...non-disturbance agreement. Be careful especially if entering into a long term lease or a lot of money went into improvements.


When I have trouble sleeping I often think about what I can post that will be helpful. Last night it was all about the HVAC and other money traps. For a tenant preferably the landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance or at least a cap on costs.


If the property has never been used for the type of business you are opening there can be utility, ADA, fire and parking issues. Make sure your letter of intent reflects the right for you to walk away if these things become a problem.


Renewal Options are often "personal" to the original tenant. If you are taking over a lease from an existing tenant please review the lease for this language otherwise come renewal time you may not get the rate you expected.


Love reviews!!! This is from an estoppel project that we worked on. --- Great to work with, very professional and gave great answers to my questions. Would absolutely recommend!


Latest lease review lesson...We all have heard the statistics that 60% of new businesses fail within the first 3 years. Signing a longer term lease, with tons of penalties for not operating and a personal guarantee is a recipe for disaster. Do not sign!!!


Here's to a happy and healthy New Year!!


Merry Christmas! One of us is in Minneapolis and the other in Fort Lauderdale. Where would you rather be?


Our turnaround time is 24-48 hours but call and let us know if you need the lease back sooner. This is our most common question and on the list to add to our FAQ page.


When the landlord asks you to sign the standard is his standard lease prepared by his attorney that he uses for all his tenants. There is no standard commercial lease for any city, state or across the country. That's why it is so negotiable!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!


We have simplified our website and lowered our prices. Check it out at!


I've read thousands if not tens of thousands permitted use clauses over the last 15 years. Within the last few months I've seen 2 "vape" stores but have never seen that in a lease. Anybody know what are vapes?


While we are based in Georgia, we are familiar with leases from all states and have even worked on translated leases from all over the world. Friday we had a lease from Arizona. Only difference is sales tax on rent!


It's time to start working on the Halloween costume for my son which got me thinking. We are lease NINJAS! We come in silently, slice and dice a lease, and are back out before the landlord even knows what hit him.


It is amazing to me how many people focus solely on the rent when looking for commercial space. There is so much more that can decrease your costs.


Being a native New Yorker today is always hard. Even though I was far away here in Atlanta, I worked on a project moving displaced workers to other locations in the area. I will never forget.

We are making changes to our If you have time take a look and let us know anything you don'...
Do not sign a LEASE without us!

We are making changes to our If you have time take a look and let us know anything you don't like. We'll be lowering prices and changing some service offerings.

Fixed fee commercial lease consulting


I am working on a blog entry about the assignment clause. If anyone has any thing they'd like to see covered in this blog or a future blog entry please let us know!!!! Post here or email us.


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