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Robert S. Pope, PLLC Contracts, Real estate, Bankruptcy are just a few of the areas I specialize in.


Real estate investors/flippers, let me help protect your assets, maximize profits, find great lenders, and overall counsel on your business. I’m moving on from flipping myself but I’ve learned a ton about the process, what works and what doesn’t. Every real estate investor needs a great team behind them!

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4 years ago, Robert had the privilege of working with former VT QB (His Alma Mater) Sean Glennon. Robert is of course a ...

4 years ago, Robert had the privilege of working with former VT QB (His Alma Mater) Sean Glennon. Robert is of course a HUGE VT fan! HOKIES FOR LIFE!


Errors in public records – As crazy is this sounds, sometimes clerks in the county land records office make mistakes. True story, a title search came back clear, the transaction closed, and later, a previously unknown lienholder comes collecting on an old debt. But how could this have been missed? The seller had a judgment on the property, which listed an alias with the name. For example, John Doe, AKA Jim Doe. In land records, however, the debt was indexed as “AKAJIM DOE” meaning that unless the title searched specifically searched “AKAJIM” instead of multiple iterations of the seller’s actual name, the judgment would never be found. Buyer is protected with title insurance.


Mechanic’s Liens – A common question from buyers at settlement is “hey, you all at the title company do title searches all the time, you wouldn’t be willing to issue the insurance if title wasn’t clear, so where’s the risk?” The best title search can’t reveal something that’s not there yet. Picture this, your buyers (wisely) get a home inspection. The home inspection reveals a number of issues which the seller agrees to fix, and the seller hires a contractor to fix the issues. Problems fixed, settlement comes and goes, and a few weeks later your buyer gets a notice in the mail that a mechanic’s lien was filed on their new home. The seller failed to pay the contractor, and by statute, the contractor can file a mechanic’s lien months after work was completed. If the buyer has title insurance, this isn’t their problem to deal with, it’s covered by the enhanced owner’s policy.


Most of the people who know me know I do a lot of work with real estate and title work. I'm going to start posting some helpful reasons to get title insurance, beyond the dry examples usually provided.


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