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Uganda Public Rescue Foundation Un-conditional access to justice, cost effectiveness, completeness, quality and
Constitutionality, are key values that guide our work.

The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation was established in the year 2008 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the Uganda Public Rescue Foundation (UPRF) fights for human rights and offers legal aid to the indigent persons in all matters civil and criminal. The organization’s mission is fighting for human rights and improving access to justice for the poor people charged with criminal offences in

fulfillment of constitutional requirements. Our overall goal is to fight for human rights and improve mechanisms for effective legal aid services in Uganda and the purpose is to offer professional and standardized legal services to the disadvantaged, charged with offences that carry a sentence of 2 years imprisonment or more or where there is a serious human rights issues, particularly in the higher courts and the Chief Magistrate’s courts. UPRF VALUES
• Equality of all persons before the law
• Passions for justice
• Respect for human dignity
• Accountability
• Integrity
• Service excellence
• Efficiency and effectiveness


• To provide high legal aid services to indigent men, women and children.
• To promote the respect for rights and the rule of law in Uganda.
• To provide legal aid services to prisoners or persons who due to financial constraints
• To promote universal respect for human rights, implementation for the provisions of the universal declaration of human rights in Uganda.
• To carry out investigations through registered private detectives agencies and therefore give reports to the concerned authorities on matter of human rights in Uganda.
• To act as arbitrators between the offenders and the victim
• To provide a forum for discussion through a close exchange between human rights organizations, community, individuals and government officials.
• To offer free legal representation to especially under privileged persons including appeals and other procedural process that may require legal representation at all levels.
• To encourage and promote observance of the rule of law and legal protection of human rights and sensitize masses on HIV/Aids.
• To participate in internal Human Rights law seminars, conferences, regulars conferences and even other related issues. The organizations’ scope of work covers Human rights issues, free litigation, legal advice, prison visits, human rights sensitization, counseling, behavior change communication, research, advocacy/lobbying and mediation for the poor charged with criminal offences with a focus on poor people charged with capital or serious offences: murder, kidnapping, r**e and defilement and civil matters. The foundation strives to realize this important goal by offering legal services to poor people, especially those charged with serious and complex criminal offences in the higher courts and the chief magistrate’s courts. The jurisdiction for UPRF is based on evidence that the majority of people who are held in Uganda’s prisons charged with criminal offences and those in police cells on suspicion of having committed crimes are not only indigent but also ignorant of their rights. Many of those on remand lack knowledge of how to apply for bail. In some instances police investigations are allegedly carried out for unnecessarily and often unconstitutionally long periods. The living condition of many prisoners leaves a lot to be desired. These prisoners are poorly fed and lack uniforms and blankets. They are subjected to have labour and other forms of violation of prisoners’ rights like living in congested cells. To be assured of justice under the above circumstances, the prisoners need legal services. However, available legal services from the private bar are expensive and therefore beyond the means of these poor people.

Uganda Public Rescue Foundation (UPRF)

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Uganda Public Rescue Foundation (UPRF) was Established in the year 2008 as one of the new models for improved administration of justice and human rights. It has its major objectives fight for human rights and improving access to justice for all those charged with criminal offences in fulfillment of…


"Uganda Public Rescue Foundation (UPRF) a legal aid Service Provider and human Rights Organization Secured a release of 350 prisoners n Bail



a non-profit, Non-Governmental Human Rights organization that offers Legal aid to indigent persons in Uganda, Established in the year 2008 in the context of justice law and order sector (JLOS) reforms as one of the new models for improved administration of justice in Uganda.



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