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New measures to address Canada’s labour shortage -

As Canada continues to recover from the pandemic, employers are actively looking to fill hundreds of thousands of vacant positions in all sectors across the country. Immigration is more important than ever to fuel Canada’s economy, as our strong economic growth is now outpacing our ability to find...

New immigration plan to fill labour market shortages and grow Canada’s economy -

Our immigration system has helped shape Canada into the country it is today – one that is prosperous, diverse, and welcoming to those in need. Newcomers enrich and better our communities, and they work every day to create jobs, care for our loved ones, and support local businesses. Throughout the ...

Find an IRCC application package or form -

⚠️To help avoid delays or a refusal, make sure that you carefully follow the instructions as per the application guide for your immigration category.
Ensure that the forms are properly filled. Sign and date the application forms.
Declaring your previous visa refusals from Canada or any other country is MANDATORY.
Incorrect/false/hidden information on your application can lead to a 5-year ban on entering Canada.


Find application forms and guides

📢 Starting November 30, 2021, 3 AM EST (1:30 PM IST), three additional COVID 19 vaccines approved for use by the World H...
COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada - Travel restrictions in Canada –

📢 Starting November 30, 2021, 3 AM EST (1:30 PM IST), three additional COVID 19 vaccines approved for use by the World Health Organization will be accepted for travel to and within Canada 🇨🇦

Additional vaccines to be accepted are :
- Sinopharm (also referred to as Covilo)
- Sinovac (also referred to as Coronavac)

For more info:

Exemptions from testing and quarantine for eligible fully vaccinated travellers who meet specific conditions.

Greetings from AIR ARABIA UGANDA!Welcome Onboard. We are glad to inform you that Air Arabia is starting its operations i...
Air Arabia

Greetings from AIR ARABIA UGANDA!
Welcome Onboard. We are glad to inform you that Air Arabia is starting its operations in Uganda with its first flight arriving on 10th October 2021 touching Entebbe Airport. Be the first to enjoy our best fares and services. For any bookings and ticketing, you can book and ticket with

At Air Arabia safety is paramount for us. We are continuously monitoring all the guidelines provided by GCAA, ICAO, WHO and relevant Health Authorities to ensure our passengers' safety.


19 જુલાઇના રોજ જાહેર કરાયા મુજબ, કેનેડા સરકાર 7 સપ્ટેમ્બર, 2021 થી શરૂ થતા વિવેકાધીન (બિન-જરૂરી) હેતુઓ માટે કેનેડામાં પ્રવેશવાની શરતોને પૂર્ણપણે રસી આપનાર વિદેશી નાગરિકોને મંજૂરી આપશે.

7 સપ્ટેમ્બર, 2021 ના ​​રોજ સવારે 12:01 વાગ્યે EDT થી, સંપૂર્ણપણે રસીકરણ કરાયેલ વિદેશી નાગરિકો પ્રવાસન જેવા વિવેકબુદ્ધિ (બિન-આવશ્યક) કારણોસર કેનેડામાં પ્રવેશ માટે પાત્ર બનશે; જો કે, આ વ્યક્તિઓએ:

Fully સંપૂર્ણ રસીકરણ કરાવવું: પ્રવાસીએ રસીની સંપૂર્ણ શ્રેણી - અથવા રસીઓનું સંયોજન મેળવવું જોઈએ, અને તેનો પુરાવો બતાવવો જોઈએ - કેનેડા સરકાર દ્વારા કેનેડામાં પ્રવેશવાના ઓછામાં ઓછા 14 દિવસ પહેલા સ્વીકારવામાં આવ્યો હતો.
✅ હાલમાં, તે રસી Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD અને Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) દ્વારા બનાવવામાં આવે છે.
-માન્ય પૂર્વ-આગમન COVID-19 પરમાણુ પરીક્ષણ પરિણામ તેમની નિર્ધારિત ફ્લાઇટ અથવા લેન્ડ બોર્ડર ક્રોસિંગ પર તેમના આગમનના 72 કલાકથી વધુ સમય પહેલા લેવામાં આવ્યું નથી, અથવા કેનેડા જતા પહેલા 14 થી 180 દિવસો પહેલા લેવાયેલા અગાઉના સકારાત્મક પરીક્ષણ પરિણામ. એન્ટિજેન પરીક્ષણો, જેને ઘણીવાર "ઝડપી પરીક્ષણો" કહેવામાં આવે છે તે સ્વીકારવામાં આવતું નથી
As એસિમ્પટમેટિક બનો
ArriveCAN (એપ અથવા વેબસાઇટ) મારફતે તેમની ફરજિયાત માહિતી સબમિટ કરો, જેમાં અંગ્રેજી અથવા ફ્રેન્ચમાં રસીકરણના પુરાવા અને સંસર્ગનિષેધ યોજનાનો સમાવેશ થાય છે.
The ઇમિગ્રેશન અને રેફ્યુજી પ્રોટેક્શન એક્ટ હેઠળ સ્વીકાર્ય રહો, અને
Arrival પસંદ કરેલ હોય તો આગમન પર એક પરીક્ષા આપો


It has been confirmed!!!

As was announced on July 19, the Government of 🇨🇦Canada will allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals meeting the conditions to enter Canada for discretionary (non-essential) purposes starting on September 7, 2021.

Beginning at🕛 12:01 am EDT on September 7, 2021, fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be eligible to enter Canada for discretionary (non-essential) reasons, such as tourism; however, these individuals must:

✅ be fully vaccinated: a traveller must have received, and show proof of, the full series of a vaccine — or combination of vaccines — accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada
✅ Currently, those vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
✅ have a valid pre-arrival COVID-19 molecular test result taken no more than 72 hours before their scheduled flight or their arrival at the land border crossing, or a previous positive test result taken between 14 and 180 days before departure to Canada. Antigen tests, often called “rapid tests,” are not accepted
✅ be asymptomatic
✅ submit their mandatory information via ArriveCAN (App or website), including proof of vaccination in English or French and a quarantine plan
✅ be admissible under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and
✅ take a test on arrival, if selected
Government of Canada announces easing of border measures for fully vaccinated travellers -

The Government of Canada is prioritizing the health and safety of everyone in Canada by taking a risk-based and measured approach to re-opening our borders. On September 7, 2021, provided that the domestic epidemiologic situation remains favourable, the Government intends to open Canada’s borders ...

Student Direct Stream expanded in the Americas -

International Students: Our Student Direct Stream (SDS) is now available in 7 more countries:

• Antigua & Barbuda
• Brazil
• Colombia
• Costa Rica
• Peru
• St. Vincent & the Grenadines
• Trinidad & Tobago

More info:

In total, eligible international students in 14 countries may now be able to get their study permit faster through the Student Direct Stream. Learn more about how SDS works:

Get the latest information about how and related travel restrictions may affect study permit applicants and international students here:

As we emerge from the global pandemic in the months ahead, Canada’s International Student Program can play an important role in our economic recovery.

🇨🇦 Express Entry Draw 🇨🇦

🇨🇦 Express Entry Draw 🇨🇦


WASHINGTON— U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will celebrate Independence Day this year by welcoming more than 9,400 new citizens in 170 naturalization ceremonies between June 30 and July 7. These ceremonies demonstrate our commitment to welcoming immigrants. USCIS is proud to welcome people from all over the world as our newest U.S. citizens during this celebration of Independence Day.

“This year marks the 245th birthday of our Nation,” said Acting USCIS Director Tracy Renaud. “We are committed to promoting policies and procedures that ensure we operate fairly and efficiently, and continue to encourage and embrace the full participation of the newest Americans in our democracy.”

Each July 4, we celebrate the day the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, declaring that the 13 American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation—the United States of America—and were no longer part of the British Empire. USCIS commemorates this momentous occasion by hosting special Independence Day-themed naturalization ceremonies across the country.

This year’s Independence Day activities will include two special ceremonies. This includes a naturalization ceremony with President Biden at the White House on July 2.


Guide for travellers entering Canada during COVID-19

At the beginning of the week, the federal government announced that fully vaccinated travellers will be able to enter Canada and not need to quarantine. This measure, that will begin on July 5th, is part of Canada’s first phase of easing border measures.
In this article we’ll tell you the steps to follow if you are a fully vaccinated traveller and want to travel to Canada.
• Pre-border
• ArriveCAN
• At the border
• After entry
First you need to know if you are eligible for the eased border measures, and if your vaccines are approved by Canada. If you meet the specific requirements and have received the full series of a vaccine (14 days prior travelling), then this post applies to you.
In this stage you need to:
– Plan your quarantine. You need to be prepared to quarantine in case it is determined at the border that you do not meet the necessary requirements. In your plan, you’ll need to confirm that you have a suitable place where you can stay for 14 days or longer, and access to the necessities of life (water, food, medication) without leaving quarantine.
– Register for your arrival test in advance to save time at the airport.
– Within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada you need to take a COVID-19 molecular test and enter your information on ArriveCAN. The app will provide you with a receipt which you must present upon arrival.
– Have your ArriveCAN receipt and test result ready. The proof of vaccination must be in English or French, otherwise, you will need a certified translation.

What you need to enter into ArriveCAN:
As a traveller, you must use ArriveCAN to add your: contact & travel information, 14-day travel history, quarantine plan, confirmation of a negative pre-entry test (or positive test taken 14-90 days prior to travel), proof of vaccination, and COVID-19 symptom self-assessment.
At the border:
This part it is not too difficult. You just have to provide all the information that you collected before, including proof of vaccination, if requested. You also need to:
– Answer all eligibility, vaccination, and health screening questions.
– Complete your arrival test on-site if services are available. Otherwise, collect a home test kit to use when you arrive at your destination.
– If you have symptoms or do not meet the exemption requirements, you need to follow the instructions provided by the government representative at the border.
Remember! The final decision on who gets to enter Canada rests with the border official. Preparing in advance can prevent unwanted surprises.
After entry
If you meet all the entry requirements and are fully vaccinated, you are exempt from:
– Quarantine
– Government-authorized hotel stay (air travellers)
– Day 8 test
If you got a home test kit, you need to complete it and send it to the lab. If your arrival test is positive, you must follow the instructions of your local public health authority, including quarantine or isolation.
– Keep your proof of vaccination.
– Foreign nationals who are not eligible for entry under the current Orders in Council will continue to be denied entry to Canada. This means, fully vaccinated or not, foreign nationals cannot enter for discretionary (non-essential) travel.
– The Government of Canada is extending the temporary travel restrictions on discretionary (non-essential) international travel, including the US, until July 21, 2021,11:59 p.m. EDT.

more info: [email protected]


Government of Canada's first phase to easing border measures for travellers entering Canada

From: Public Health Agency of Canada

June 21, 2021 | Ottawa | Public Health Agency of Canada
The Government of Canada is taking a responsible, precautionary approach at the border by continually monitoring available data and scientific evidence to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

Today, the Government of Canada is announcing the details of the first phase of its approach to easing border measures for travellers entering Canada. These cautious adjustments are now possible because of the successes of the vaccine roll out in Canada and Canadians following public health measures.

Beginning July 5, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, fully vaccinated travellers who are permitted to enter Canada will not be subject to the federal requirement to quarantine or take a COVID-19 test on day-8. In addition, fully vaccinated travellers arriving by air will not be required to stay at a government-authorized hotel.

To be considered fully vaccinated, a traveller must have received the full series of a vaccine — or combination of vaccines — accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada. Currently, those vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). Travellers can receive their vaccine in any country, and must provide documentation supporting their vaccination in English, French or with a certified translation.
For these new measures to apply to them, fully vaccinated travellers must still meet all other mandatory requirements, including pre- and on-arrival testing. Continued testing will allow public health experts to keep monitoring positivity rates at the border, monitor for variants of concern, and make further adjustments to border measures as needed.
Fully vaccinated travellers must also be asymptomatic, have a paper or digital copy of their vaccination documentation, and provide COVID-19-related information electronically through ArriveCAN prior to arrival in Canada. They must still present a suitable quarantine plan, and be prepared to quarantine, in case it is determined at the border that they do not meet all of the conditions required to be exempt from quarantine. As with all other exempt travellers, they will be required to follow public health measures in place, such as wearing a mask when in public, keep a copy of their vaccine and test results, as well as a list of close contacts for 14 days after entry to Canada.

For travellers who are not fully vaccinated, there are no changes to Canada’s current border measures. They must continue to adhere to the current testing and federal quarantine requirements, which have been effective in reducing importation and transmission of COVID-19 and variants in Canada, and provide COVID-19-related information electronically through ArriveCAN before arriving in Canada. Unvaccinated air travellers must also book a three-night stay at a government-authorized hotel before their departure to Canada.

The Government of Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to prioritize the health and safety of Canadians. As vaccination, case counts and hospitalization rates evolve, the Government of Canada will continue to consider further targeted measures at the borders—and when to lift or adjust them—to keep Canadians safe and the economy running.
New pathway to permanent residency for over 90,000 essential temporary workers and international graduates -

Today, the Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced an innovative pathway to permanent residence for over 90,000 essential workers and international graduates who are actively contributing to Canada’s economy.


Extension of public policy allowing visitors to apply for work permits inside 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦 during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ottawa, March 29, 2021—A temporary public policy that allows visitors to apply for and receive a work permit without having to leave Canada will be extended to August 31, 2021. The criteria will also be modified to allow any visitor who has a valid job offer to apply for an employer-specific work permit, regardless of the date they initially entered Canada.

Effective April 1, 2021, an applicant looking to benefit from this temporary public policy must

-have valid status in Canada as a visitor on the day they apply
-have remained in Canada with valid status
-have a valid job offer
-submit an in-Canada application for an employer-specific work permit that is supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an LMIA-exempt offer of employment, no later than August 31, 2021
-meet all other standard admissibility criteria

This temporary public policy also provides the opportunity for applicants who meet these criteria and who had a valid work permit in the past 12 months to begin working for their new employer before their work permit application has been fully approved.

More than 1,000 people with visitor status have applied for a work permit through this public policy since it was launched in August 2020.

Since March 2020, visitors have been prohibited from coming to Canada unless they are exempt for a specific reason, like reuniting with a family member.


Express Entry: Lowest CRS requirement ever in new CEC draw
Canada held an unheard-of Express Entry draw inviting tens of thousands of candidates to apply for Permanent Residence.

Canada invited 27,332 candidates to apply for Permanent Residence in its latest Express Entry draw— you read that right.

Immigration 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦 invited candidates from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) on February 13. This unprecedented Express Entry invitation round only required candidates to have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of at least 75— the lowest CRS requirement ever.

On Wednesday, Canada also held an Express Entry draw inviting 654 Provincial Nominee Program candidates to apply for permanent residence, that makes a total of 27,986 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) issued this week.

Immigration Canada implemented the tie-break rule, meaning candidates who had the minimum score of 75 were only included if they submitted their Express Entry profile before September 12, 2020.


Travel Restrictions When Arriving in 🇨🇦 Canada

As of Feb 3rd, these new travel restrictions will take effect. Along with the negative COVID-19 test that is required before boarding your flight to Canada and 14-day quarantining there are a few new travel restrictions to stop the virus spread.

1. Direct flights to and from Mexico and the Caribbean are suspended
2. Flights will only land in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver airports
3. Mandatory PCR testing at the airport for people returning to Canada (as soon as possible in the coming weeks)
4. With limited exceptions, isolate up to three days at a government-approved hotel for their test results, at travelers own expense (expected to be more than $2,000)
5. Finish their 14-day quarantine at home, with increased surveillance
6. Swabbed on day 10 of quarantine
7. Non-essential travelers to show a negative test before entry at the land border (coming soon)

You may be exempt from the mandatory quarantine requirements under certain conditions, including if you:

- provide essential services
- maintain the flow of essential goods or people
- are receiving medical care within 36 hours of entering Canada (non-related to COVID-19)
- regularly cross the border to work
- live in an integrated trans-border community


🇨🇦 CANADA 🇨🇦 12,416 Invitations Issued to Immigrants to apply for PERMANENT RESIDENCY both under Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program between 1st January to 26th January 2021

19TH JAN NOVA SCOTIA (number not given)
TOTAL 12416

🇨🇦 Newfoundland and Labrador 🇨🇦
Priority Skills NL – Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism

🇨🇦 Newfoundland and Labrador 🇨🇦 Physician, Nurse Practitioner (NP), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Personal Care Attendant (PCA), Clinical Psychologist, Medical Physicist, Radiation Therapist, Dosimetrist, Software Developer, Biomedical Engineer, UI/UX Developer, Electrical Engineer, AI Developer, Mechanical Engineer, Python Developer, Web Developer, .NET Developer, Infrastructure Engineer, Security Specialist, Cloud Specialist, Bioinformatician, Computer Network Support, Research Associate, Data Analytics, Offshore Technician, ROV Operator, Ocean Mapping Specialist, or Technical Writer
These are the skills they have added and people can apply now without job offer.

Warning: It seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Please enable JavaScript to improve your experience.


Effective January 1, 2021, Canadian Immigration renewing a temporary public policy that provides more time for temporary residents to apply to restore their legal status in Canada.

Visitors, students and workers whose valid temporary status expired, or expires, between January 30, 2020 and May 31, 2021 will have until August 31, 2021, to restore their status.




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