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Section 30 (1) of the Succession Act provides that: ''No wife or husband of an intestate shall take any interest in the estate of an intestate if, at the death of the intestate, he or she was separated from the intestate as a member of the same household.'' This section was interpreted and applied by the Supreme Court in Elizabeth Nalumansi Wamala =Vs= Jolly Kasande & others SCCA No. 10 of 2015.


"It is an established practice however that, on appeal, a party is not entitled to raise a new point which was not considered in the trial Court except with leave of the appellate Court. And the Courts have consistently held that such leave would be granted only if the Court is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that if the facts had been fully investigated they would have supported the new point." Mulenga JSC (RIP) in Tiifu Lukwago =Vs= Samwiri Mudde Kizza & another SCCA No. 13 of 1996.


The Commissioner for Land Registration has no power to cancel a certificate of title on the ground of fraud. Fraud is a very serious allegation that must be proved before a Court of Law. Hilda Wilson Namusoke & 3 others =Vs= Owalla's Home Investment Trust Trust (EA) Limited SCCA No. 15 of 2017.


"Throughout the web of the English Criminal Law one golden thread is always to be seen that it is the duty of the prosecution to prove the prisoner's guilt subject to... the defence of insanity and subject also to any statutory exception. If, at the end of and on the whole of the case, there is a reasonable doubt, created by the evidence given by either the prosecution or the prisoner... the prosecution has not made out the case and the prisoner is entitled to an acquittal. No matter what the charge or where the trial, the principle that the prosecution must prove the guilt of the prisoner is part of the common law of England and no attempt to whittle it down can be entertained." Viscount Sankey in Woolmington =Vs= DPP [1935] AC 462

Welcome to my personal page

Welcome to my personal page


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