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Think too much and you will create a problem that wasn’t there in the first place.

Russell Brunson


Do I meet you selling?


The cost of ignorance is always greater than the cost of knowledge!

Choose knowledge!


You may need this!

Happy new month friends.This is how you can milk December detty!You've heard and seen so many people make a lot of money...

Happy new month friends.

This is how you can milk December detty!

You've heard and seen so many people make a lot of money this year and you're hoping to be one of them.

You can too, in the next few days!

Now there are several ways you can make money legitimately which I will continue to share throughout this month, but this is the hottest one at the moment.

This is your last chance of getting in on some of the money flying around in 2022!

Toyin Omotoso (you can Google him) is doing a final price slash promo on the 72IG program from today, December 1 to December 7- a whopping 20k off the normal price!

This could be the opportunity you need to learn and join the train as well as start selling as an affiliate.

Let me show you why and how:

✅ It's easier to sell with promotional offers, leverage on this.

✅ If you're already an affiliate, and you already know the basics, milk this opportunity to the fullest.

✅ Nobody turns down a 20k discount on a product he needs and wants

✅ If you're not an affiliate marketer yet, the one thing you need is to sign-up to learn, and learn fast!

✅ Then use the promo period to implement.

Now because you don't have much time, concentrate on the following:

1️⃣. Having a mind tune. As a man thinketh, so he is! Your mind must be tuned to do 2 things:
✅First, to believe in yourself, that you can and will be successful.
✅Second, to commit to "doing". You will get access to a lot of information, you need to be committed to doing them!

I can't overemphasize this.

2️⃣. Finding what Akin Alabi calls a 'starving crowd' and a way to reach them, i.e. a workable traffic strategy.

3️⃣. Choosing products and crafting offers that sell. There are hot products that are easy to sell for newbies, e.g. the 72IG course is an all-time hot product.

I can help you with a shortlist of hot products if you ask in the DM.

4️⃣. Learning how to take advantage of the consumer psyche to sell. Basically, learn why and how people buy, e.g. most people buy what they want, not what they need.

5️⃣. Understanding the importance of continuous exposure to selling. Most people don't buy things the first time they see it, you need to continually put it in their faces!

You can Google Akin Alabi if you don't know who he is 😎

6️⃣. Optimizing your real product- yourself via continuous improvement, tinkering and creating value especially through great contents. You are your most important product.

7️⃣. Sales closing. After all the atotonu - content, marketing and paraphernalia, how can you make your prospects take out their hard-earned money to buy what you're selling.

✅This is the real deal.

👈🏽I hope this helps you.

May you find what you are looking for.

PS: If you want to start your affiliate marketing journey, and would want me to help you in some way, reach out here:

✅ PPS: If you serious-minded and wants to start but don't have enough money to begin, also reach out here:

✳️ This promo ends on 7th of December
✳️ In addition to the price slash, I will be giving 10 people:

✅ 10% instant cashback

✅ Daily data for the duration of the promo

✅ Free customized landing page

✅ Free personal mentorship throughout December and lifetime access to mentorship community

Remember getting in early helps you to also use this promo to start selling, and the promo ends on December 7th.

Don't sleep on it!


I want to give out 50k to those who want to get Toyin Omotoso's 72IG today to start their affiliate marketing journey with Expertnaire

10k for 5 people or 5k for 10 people?


When you see any business doing well, find out what they are selling and how!


There are a million and one legitimate ways to make money, find yours!


I don't care what you do, your business is to sell!


When it comes to business, with all thy getting, get marketing!


Consistency is key to success in business and entrepreneurship, you can't afford to only work when you feel like it!

I'm giving out 10k Each to 5 People who want to begin their affiliate marketing journey with Toyin Omotoso's 72IG progra...

I'm giving out 10k Each to 5 People who want to begin their affiliate marketing journey with Toyin Omotoso's 72IG program

To get the 10k, you have to:

1. Be ready to learn affiliate marketing

2. Get the 72 training program by Toyin Omotoso here or here It costs N62,500; so if you don't have. It, don't bother

3. Send me proof in DM or via WhatsApp use button on page, or 08162679440

4. Send account details via DM or WhatsApp to get 10k

The giveaway is to encourage people who are ready to invest in themselves to learn affiliate marketing and be financially self sufficient, that's all.

Good luck!

Oluwaloni Peter

Complete newbies are using this NEW smartphone income technique to legally make as much as N750k a month - No Capital Needed.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business; without it, business dies!

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business; without it, business dies!

THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT WHY ENTREPRENEURS FAILMaking 6 figures monthly or even weekly as an affiliate or entrepreneur is wh...


Making 6 figures monthly or even weekly as an affiliate or entrepreneur is what everyone wants, but only few manage to do it.

This simple quiz will help find out if you can be one of them.

Because the truth is that many people don't make that much, in fact many people don't make anything at all.

The reason is simple. I will show you why in a minute.

In my 8 years of teaching digital entrepreneurship, I have discovered one fundamental truth about people.

I've seen it happen over and over and over again.

People are not ready to put in the little efforts and follow simple guidelines to succeed in business or as entrepreneurs.

And even when they do, they don't have the consistency and patience to see it through.

They treat every business like those schemes where they just sign up, fold hands and expect to get paid.

Many affiliates only remember about affiliate marketing when someone in their contact list or on social media shares is or her earnings.

That's when they start desiring to make such money too.

After a while, they fizzle out again.

See, the work of an affiliate marketer is easy, too easy if you asked me.

You only has to do 3 simple things:

1. Find a valuable or hot product (that solves a problem).

2. Find a starving crowd in need of product.

3. Recommend problem solving product to starving crowd.

That's it.

Nothing more

I always recommend that my students find a starving crowd before looking for a product that they are craving for.

This is why.

Your job is easier when there's a starving crowd waiting for the product and you won't have to do much to convince them to buy when you recommend the product.

It might not be that easy is you find a good product first and then start looking for who may need it.

But the real issue is this.

As simple as this sounds, this business model may not be for everybody.

That's the bitter truth

Some people may be more suited to some other business models.
..And that's not a problem.

This is why I decided to share this simple method of knowing if this business model is for you or not.

You need to be sure you too can make 750K a Month like many of us are making.

CLICK the following link to find out where you stand and what suits you in two minutes.

Whatever happens, I'm rooting for you.

Oluwaloni Peter.

We are looking for highly motivated, creative, and passionate individuals to join our team. If this describes you, then ...

We are looking for highly motivated, creative, and passionate individuals to join our team. If this describes you, then you can use the registration link below:

Why wait till 2021 to start trying to get in shape when you can be in great shape for the family pictures on new year's ...

Why wait till 2021 to start trying to get in shape when you can be in great shape for the family pictures on new year's day.

Click the following URL for a FREE Video to discover The NEW Way To Slim Down & Get Rid Of Excess Belly Fat Using A Special Nigerian Diet with the 28 Days Body Tansformation Program and start seeing results in only 3 days!

Don't miss out.


Don't be afraid of failing, be afraid of not trying. Men who have not failed have not tried!


You can make excuses or you can be successful, you can't do both!


There are a zillion ways to make money, doing nothing isn't one of them!


If people can't find you, they can't reach you. Visibily and traffic is the lifeblood of business. How visible is yours?


It doesn't matter how many times you've gotten it wrong, doesn't matter how many times you've failed, when you get it right, it will be worth it. Success is the antidote to failure!


Dont let someone else create your world for you, for when they do, they will make it too small.

THE TRUTH ABOUT ENTREPRENEURSHIP EVERYONE SHOULD KNOWThe job of an entrepreneur is straightforward.There are three major...


The job of an entrepreneur is straightforward.

There are three major things involved:

Number One: Find a need.

Number Two: Create or find products or services that satisfy said need.

Number Three: Bring product or service to point of need.


Seems simple and easy right?

Whichever way you see it, you're probably right.

There are hundreds of business models that been developed and will still continue to be developed by adapting these three basic steps, I will share two broad categories with you.

The first category are those entrepreneurs who focus on creating the products or providing the services that satisfies an identified need.
These are product creators or service providers. Let's call them producers.

So you can choose to create a product that satisfie

Tesla, Samsung, Dangote company, MTN, glo etc are producers.

The second category are those who help the producers take their goods and services to those who need them.
These are traditionally called middle men, but I like to call them connectors.

Companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Expertnaire, Uber etc. operate in this category.

Note that there are different levels of operation in both categories.

So you don't have to create a product, you can look for a good product that people need and would want, connect them with such products and get paid for it.

Details on this later.

Now, whether your line of business is as a producer or connector, there are certain truths you need to know if you will be successful. Let me share just three with you.

1. People ALWAYS choose what they want over what they need.

Do not try to give people what you think they need, give them what they want!

There is no overemphasizing this point. If you get this right, you are halfway guaranteed of success.

So what do people want? Whatever makes them happy, rich, beautiful or healthy!

Sell what people want!

2. Excellent marketing on a decent product or service is better than little marketing on an excellent product or service.

The more people who know about you, the better. This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

Traffic is the lifeblood of you business!

3. People trust specialist over jacks-of-all-trades.

You will have more chances of success as an entrepreneur when you are known as an expert in one niche rather than in several unrelated niches.

Choose a niche, and a sub-niche, be known for something!

Niche down!

Like I said earlier, as an entrepreneur, you don't have to start creating products from the scratch to satisfy the needs you identify.

You can look for existing products or services that satisfy such needs and recommend them to people and get commissions.

If you are like me, who like to be able to work from anywhere, it would be better if the products you choose are digital.

This means you can work from anywhere, even on your phone and earn commissions without the hassle of deliveries, theft, damage of good and so on that happen with physical products.

You can make a lot of profit in a few weeks and have a deity December if you use the proven system I use.

Click of the following link for access to Toyin Omotoso's (you can Google him) guide to making N750,000 a month with your phone.

Don't miss out.

Good luck.

Complete newbies are using this NEW smartphone income technique to legally make as much as N750k a month - No Capital Needed.



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