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Kellie - Jayne Cox
Kellie - Jayne Cox

Kellie - Jayne Cox

Do not suffer in silence! This time of year can be particularly tricky for those in domestic abuse situations, this will be heightened enormously with the current lockdown restrictions. If you are concerned for yourself or anyone else during the festive period, please, please, please do not hesitate to contact me in confidence for advice.


A little thank you goes a long way. I am very grateful to all of those that have supported me this year. Mediation is gr...

A little thank you goes a long way. I am very grateful to all of those that have supported me this year. Mediation is great, I know I’m biased, but it really is a faster and cost effective way of resolving matters, particularly in the current climate. I look forward to making my Christmas delivery thank yous over the coming days...


My husband and I recently engaged in the SEND mediation process with the Local Authority to discuss their decision to grant our daughter, Phoebe, an EHCP. After 4 years of assessments and reports we made an EHCP application, following which, the LA agreed that Phoebe met the criteria for assessment. Following their assessment they accepted that she has Special Educational Needs but the outcome was that her School were meeting those needs. We appealed the decision in order to secure an EHCP for her transition to secondary school, next year. As part of that process, we undertook mediation with the Local Authority. Phoebe's Head Teacher and a Speech and Language Therapist also joined us. By the end of the meeting the Local Authority accepted that Phoebe very much needed an EHCP. This process genuinely reinforced to me, as a parent, the real benefits of mediation. It enabled Phoebe to no longer be a name on an application, but a young person whose educational needs were brought alive discussed in a way that could never be achieved on paper. It is an open forum for reciprocal communication! Being a mediator myself and going through the process on a personal level really does reinforce to me how mediation works. #mediation #specialeducationalneeds


Always lovely to get great feedback, here is one I have received from a recent family mediation. Mediation reaps rewards in such a fast paced manner, by simply getting together and communicating effectively.

'I just wanted to say thank you for your help during our sessions, it was very helpful that you always remained clear and managed to simplify matters, when they could have become complicated. This meant that we managed to reach some big agreements quickly. '


It is that time of year where we finalise our sons EHCP. It’s always hard reading in black and white the daily challenges that your child faces. However. We are so lucky to have an EHCP that provides the best education and care for our little Henry. Do get in touch if you are unhappy with your child’s EHCP or unsure of next steps or have been refused an EHCP by the local authority. Mediation is often the best forum to get these issues resolved.


As our world slowly resumes, the reality is that our legal system will inevitably take some time to catch up; dealing with only the most urgent of issues in the shorter term. The Judiciary are actively encouraging parties to consider alternative methods of resolution including mediation as it will very likely be a swifter way of dealing with matters at this crucial time. Now, more than ever, it is a vital and effective way to resolve legal issues. For any financial, children, civil or education issues, please do get in touch.

Hampshire Constabulary

Hampshire Constabulary

Here's our updated information on the partners and charities we are working closely with to make sure we carry on supporting domestic abuse victims & responding to calls for help during the #COVID19 pandemic.

We know these are difficult times for everyone, with families under pressure as we all stay at home to protect the NHS, so check out the info below 👇

Hampshire Constabulary

Hampshire Constabulary

We know that these are challenging times for us all but help is still out there if you need it.

We continue to work with our partners and charities to make sure those suffering from domestic violence get help during the Covid 19 pandemic.

One of those is the Hampton Trust, so please check out the latest information from them below 👇

Please remember though, if it is an emergency call 999.

Hooray Henry

I have trained as an SEND mediator as I am passionate about it. Here is why..........

I know that the world is in chaos and we are all experiencing unsettled times and new challenges. However, normal life still continues as well, which, for some of us, includes everyday challenges that existed before Corona.

This week is World Autism Awareness Week and for those that know me well, will know that I always strive to raise awareness throughout the year for ALL special needs, not just autism, but as this week is dedicated to raising awareness, I tend to make a particular effort with the lead up to World Autism Awareness day on 2nd April.

This year is particularly unique because of what is going on in the world right now. Us parents trying to home school is an incredible task, but believe me when I say from the heart trying to home school a child or children with additional needs. is a whole different ball game. So please forgive me this week as despite the world challenges, I am going to continue raise awareness for all of those families facing their usual daily struggles in these incredibly challenging times.

I am going to start with a little reminder of a video that our daughter Phoebe did last year and presented to her class. I do not think that there is anything quite as powerful as when a message comes from the heart and words of a child.

Have a good week everyone.
#staysafe #stayathome #savelives #autismawarenessweek

‘M’ is for Makaton!

I will end the week with the video below.

We are amazingly proud of our Phoebe who wanted to make her own contribution to Autism Awareness Week and present some makaton to her classmates.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has liked, shared and taken on board the posts from this week. I am truly grateful, It is just a small input into a much bigger world, but I hope makes a difference, even if to just one person.

Here’s to all those amazing children, adults and families who are on a special needs journey. #untileveryoneunderstands.

#workingfromhome #homeschooling #outdoorlearning #stayathome. Let’s be grateful for all we have.

#workingfromhome #homeschooling #outdoorlearning #stayathome.
Let’s be grateful for all we have.


Now, more than ever, we must strive to listen and communicate effectively. Communication and listening is key, to the general public, to our NHS staff, to our key workers, to our employees, to our loved ones. There are bound to be testing times among us all, but with a clear head and calm communication, we can and will get through this. We are fortunate to now live in a world where we can continue to communicate easily and positively. So let's do that. Stay safe everyone.

So true!

So true!

Really pleased to launch my new website, take a look and feel free to Share. https://kjcmediation.co.uk/services/
Services - KJC Mediation

Really pleased to launch my new website, take a look and feel free to Share. https://kjcmediation.co.uk/services/

Civil At KJC Mediation we cover all areas of civil disputes, not limited to, but including:- Workplace – between employer/employee or between colleagues; Debt and contractual disputes; Neighbour disputes; Business disputes; Landlord and tenant disputes; Inheritance disputes Family At KJC Mediation...

KJC Mediation

KJC Mediation

KJC Mediation's cover photo

KJC Mediation's cover photo


How easy is it to resolve conflict? It can feel like an impossible task when you are in the thick of it.
Who can remember the feeling of solving the Rubik's cube when you were a child? I can vividly remember being excited when I got mine and the mixed feelings of frustration, confusion and desperation in being able to solve the pattern. Trying relentlessly, then finally, it all false into place, you get the amazing sense of achievement and relief once all of those beautiful, shiny colours matched on each side of the cube!
What a great feeling to have finally mastered the Rubik's!
Now imagine that Rubik's cube as a visual metaphor of your personal conflict that you are currently experiencing. How great it would make you feel by finally resolving that conflict? Being able to move on with life and put the conflict behind you. All it takes is that same mindset and energy that you had as a child, to see the matter through until you have the desired outcome. It requires patience, determination, thought, strategy and above all a willingness to participate in solving the issue. With the right person to guide you through the conflict, it really can be that simple.#mediation #resolution #positive #outcome


Life is too short for conflict!

How often do we hear ourselves say that? Yet we live in a world where sadly we all experience some form of unwanted conflict during our lives. Whether it be a personal fall out, relationship breakdown, business differences or challenges getting the right education for our children, sometimes a mixture of them all!

We can lose focus as our energy drains and life can quickly become very overwhelming. These battles feel as though they will never end, but with the right person to guide you, they really can end - both effectively and quickly!

I am extremely passionate about helping people find the right solution to their situations so that they may move on and focus on enjoying life.

Over the next few weeks I will be gently welcoming you into the wonderful world of mediation and all of the benefits it can bring if you ever find yourself in a conflict situation.

Thank you for your time.

Kellie - Jayne

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KJC Mediation

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